Looking for the best iPhone 6 accessories? Here’s a guide to all the essential accessories that you need to make life with an iPhone even better.

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Shopping for a new iPhone 6 Plus case? From wallet cases to waterproof cases, there’s something on this list that’s suitable for your unique needs.

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Keep your iPhone 6 safe with one of these great cases.

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Some Bank of America customers have been double-charged for transactions made with Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay went live on October 20. If you want to try using this new payment platform the next time you go shopping, just follow this simple guide.

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It’s so easy to download iOS 8.1.

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Starting October 20, you can use your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to pay for purchases at participating retailers.

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Which smartphone is best?

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These battery cases will extend the life of your iPhone 6, and protect your phone from getting damaged.

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Apple is once again under the scrutiny of another scandal. iPhone 6 users have dubbed it “Hairgate” after complaints surfaced that the phone pulls out hair.

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Check out these videos to see if #Hairgate is a legit problem with the iPhone 6, or totally overblown.

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Hairgate is the new Bendgate.

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Try out Apple Pay at any of these great stores.

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You can save a ton of money by fixing your broken iPhone 6 yourself.

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We love these iPhone 6 wallet cases for both men and women.

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iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.1 both had major problems. Does iOS 8.0.2 fix these issues, or is this yet another iOS update users should avoid?

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