Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The full size version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (pictured above) is about to get a pint-sized sister: the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

The upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini has Android fans drooling. Here’s what you need to know about the S5 Mini.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Will Be Waterproof

Pocketnow reports that, like the rest of the Galaxy S5 line, the Mini will have waterproofing. It is assumed that the dust and waterproofing rating will be IP67, the same as the rest of the S5 line thus far.

IP67 rating means that the phone should not be submerged in water for more than 30 minutes, nor should it be submerged at a depth greater than one meter.

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini May Lack Heart Rate Monitor, Fingerprint Scanner

GSMArena notes that leaked images show there is no heart rate monitor on the S5 Mini.

It’s looking like the S5 Mini will also lack the regular S5’s fingerprint scanner, at least according to Yahoo! News. PC Advisor’s assessment jives with these reports.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini May Be Called Galaxy S5 Dx

The podcast above dishes about the various S5 variants, as well as other recent tech topics.

MobileSyrup, along with multiple other tech sites, has reported that the S5 Mini may be released under the name Galaxy S5 Dx. It is not clear whether that name is an alternative to the S5 Mini, or a name that might only be used in certain markets.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Expected in Multiple Colors

The Android Authority video above offers some tantalizing info about the S5 mini.

According to GSMArena, there is a very real chance that the S5 Mini will come in tons of color options. These options will be a bit different from the standard S5 offerings. Colors will include white, black, blue, yellow and gold.

5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Release Could Be June, Sporting Reduced Specs

BGR says there is evidence that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini could debut in June. Also expected to debut in June is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

The S5 Mini is expected to sport a smaller screen and a lower MP count on the camera. According to GSMArena, the Mini will have a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 720p, alongside an 8 MP camera.

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