Equip yourself with the proper tools needed to grab some wins in the Warcraft card battler, Hearthstone.

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The Weather Channel is well known for bringing up to date weather information to people’s homes but now you can take it with you. Learn how to use the free app.

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Download the Yahoo Weather app and get daily notifications and entire weather breakdowns so you can be prepared for anything even a big storm.

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Weather Underground is known for its accurate forecasts and accessible website, and now they have an app. Learn how to use all the features in this walk through.

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Accuweather is a straight-forward and accurate weather app. Just plug in your location and you will get a breakdown of how cold it will be and how humid.

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My Radar is a different kind of weather app. Using radar technology instead of graphs and written descriptions, it brings real-time forecast information.

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Weather is extremely unpredictable, but you can try to get a jump on it with weather apps. Download these free apps and feel empowered to plan for the day.

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Master your party of zany characters in this Cartoon Network licensed mobile RPG, Attack the Light – Steven Universe RPG.

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Check out or newest mobile game tips & cheats guide for the mega fun comic book brawler, Marvel Mighty Heroes.

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Translate conversations in real time with Voice Translator. Record yourself in English and pass the phone to someone else to speak in a different language.

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Google Translate is one of the most complete translator apps you can get for free. You can type, draw or say a word into your phone and it will translate it.

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A fast way to translate Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Waygo is great for travel. Take a photo of a sign or menu and the app will translate it in real time.

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iHandy Translator isn’t fancy but it is a good translation app. Plug in a word and the app will translate it quickly and accurately on the same menu.

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Download these translator apps and communicate with people of different languages. Plug in a word or phrase and get a translation in no time.

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Mortal Kombat X is just as gory and intense as its console brethren. Here’s our tips and cheats guide for this mobile fighter.

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Navigate the tough battles thrown your way in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Record Keeper with our new tips and cheats guide.

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