Over 10,000 new Poke Stops and gyms are being added to Pokemon Go. Here’s how you can find the new ones.

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An analysis of the new Pokemon Go update suggests that a holiday event is coming, in addition to genders, costumes, and shiny Pokemon.

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The latest Pokemon Go update finally adds a mass transfer feature, which allows players to transfer more than one Pokemon at one time.

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Pokemon Go has been updated to Version 1.19.1 for iOS and 0.49.1 for Android. What’s different this time around? What new features are there?

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New Pokemon are officially on the way for Pokemon Go. What new species are being added in December?

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Dominate this match three puzzler as much as you can with this helpful developer made tips guide for Puzzle Royale.

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Details about an upcoming Pokemon Go Starbucks event may have leaked. Are new Pokemon headed to the game this week?

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Niantic has altered the amount of prestige Pokemon Go players gain from training in friendly gyms. What’s the new formula?

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Yet another Pokemon Go nest migration has taken place. What spawns are different this time around?

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Today is the beginning of Advent 2016 in anticipation of Christmas on December 25. What are the best websites and smartphone apps to use for an Advent calendar for kids and adults?

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Go to war in collectible card form with these developer crafted tips/cheats for Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

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Check out this developer produced tips guide and ascend to the top of the world as a worthy dungeon crawler in Arcane Dragons.

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Improve upon the legendary kingdom of Camelot with this developer crafted tips/cheats guide for Cube Knight.

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Many Pokemon Go players are experiencing a glitch where the game’s graphics do not load properly upon opening the app. Here’s how to fix it.

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Rumors are begin to spread that the second generation of Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go in December. Are the rumors true?

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Here’s our review of the 4th episode within Telltale Games’ Batman series.

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