These are undoubtedly the top 10 best mobile game offerings available across iOS and Android platforms!

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‘Smack a Celebrity’ on Android encourages people to beat up caricatures of President Obama, Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber and other celebrities.

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Make good use of the Jump Spells you’ll be granted with casting with our cheats and tips guide for “Clash of Clans!”

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“World of Warriors” is going to introduce 30 new warriors that you’ll want to take into battle!

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Amass your team of Marvel Comics super heroes and become the best at the newest mobile fighting game, “Marvel: Contest of Champions!”

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Take a peek at this cheats and tips guide that delves into the tactics needed to fully utilize your Healing Spells the right way!

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Freeze up your rival army opponents and make sure you use this awesome magic spell to its full ability in “Clash of Clans.”

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This “Clash of Clans” spells guide takes a look at the always useful Rage Spell!

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Here’s our latest “Clash of Clans” cheats and tips guide, which takes a look at the Lightning Spell ability!

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Here’s the tips and cheats guide for the brand new mobile endless runner/arcade racer, “GO!GO!GO! RACER!”

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Our next “Clash of Clans” cheats and tips guide delves into the best methods on how to use Clan Castles!

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This “Clash of Clans” delves into the best methods on everything you need to do when it comes to utilizing Town Halls!

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Take down more zombies with your outfitted ride by using out tips and cheats guide for “Earn to Die 2!”

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This “Clash of Clans” guide gives you the necessary advice needed to utilize your Laboratory.

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Here’s all the advice you need to know in order to progress faster and easier in “Kingdom Rush Origins!”

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Are you looking to make good use of your “Clash of Clans” Spell Factory setup and management? This cheats and tips guide will show you the way, folks!

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