Top 5 Best Android Apps of June 2014

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Looking for the hottest new Android apps? We round up the top five apps you need on your Android device this June. All of these apps are new, newly updated, or just essential for getting you through the summer.

1. Secret

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Learn more about this app in the video above.

We’ve talked a bit about Secret in the past. For those of you not in the know, Secret is a confessional app where people share secrets about their personal or work lives.

The Android version of Secret was last updated on May 31, making June a great time to try out this app if you are a newbie. The app lets you divulge your innermost thoughts anonymously, so it’s a great way to vent.


  • Anonymous
  • Interesting
  • Use both text and images
  • Customize further with blur, textures, and moods
  • Unique avatars for conversations

  • Cons:

  • App can feel mean-spirited or fake to some
  • Requires your device to be running Android 4.1 and up
  • Some users experience very few posts at first
  • Not password protected
  • Some users have complained of poor language localization in content

  • 2. Ultimate G3 Launcher Theme

    android apps, best android apps, top android apps, android apps june 2014, new android apps, android app updates, cool android apps

    (Ultimate G3 Launcher Theme)

    With the LG G3 due to hit the US and Europe in about a month’s time, the time is right to grab the Ultimate G3 Launcher Theme.

    Updated on June 1, Ultimate G3 Launcher Theme was inspired by the latest flagship LG device. It includes a completely custom-designed icon pack, wallpapers, dock bars, folder enhancements, and full launcher elements. This launcher will tide you over until you can get your hands on the real thing.

    Download it here.


  • Built-in icon search with categories
  • Includes help section
  • Automatically send missing icon requests
  • Includes 2,400 custom-designed stock style icon
  • Updates done daily, more content on the way soon

  • Cons:

  • May not assuage your cravings for a G3
  • Launcher theme may not appeal to non-LG fans
  • Even with help guide, some technophobes may feel nervous about installing correctly
  • Relatively new offering on Google Play, may have undiagnosed bugs
  • Icons may not be to your taste

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    3. Hot or Not for Android

    People of a certain age remember when Hot or Not was just an ugly old website. These days, the Hot or Not experience is a lot more sleek. The Android version of this hottie judgement app was updated at the tail end of May, making June a great time to give this app a first (or second) look.

    Buy it here.


  • Judge the attractiveness of other people
  • Easy Facebook log in
  • See how hot other people think you are
  • Multi-picture upload
  • Chat within the app

  • Cons:

  • Some users have experienced issues with uploading images
  • Experience feels shallow to some
  • Some issues with notification accuracy
  • Some users have reported images of naked people
  • A few users are experiencing bugs related to their scores disappearing

  • 4. Fronto: Cash Making Lockscreen

    Fronto is a lockscreen app that lets you earn points for completing certain tasks, such as reading an article, following someone on social media, or downloading a game.

    Swiping right will bring you right to your home screen. Swiping left will take you to a mobile webpage, or to Google Play, depending on the type of content shown on your lock screen. It’s a cool way to earn a little extra cash, and stay current on news, entertainment, celebs, and tech.

    Buy it here.


  • Turns your lock screen into a sort of newsfeed
  • Earns you free cash
  • Interesting way to learn about new stuff
  • Relatively attractive UI
  • Works great on older Android phones (app only requires Android 2.0+)

  • Cons:

  • Topics may not interest all
  • Somewhat low approximate exchange rate of 2,500 points per $1 (USD)
  • Number of points varies per task
  • Some users have reported freezes
  • Some users have noticed repeats (app keeps suggesting they download the same sponsored apps over and over again)

  • 5. IFTTT

    CNET How To – Use IFTTT to automate your The new IFTTT Android app makes your phone work for you, automating common tasks.2014-05-08T20:02:35Z

    Check out the CNET video above to learn all about the IFTTT Android app.

    IFTTT is an app for automating your life. Using basic “If this, then that” rules, you can program your phone to automatically complete certain tasks. You can use it to set conditions in your home based on time or location (assuming you have some cool connected devices).

    Recent updates to IFTTT’s functionality include a Fitbit channel. Some of the most interesting “recipes” you can set up with IFTTT include automated Fitbit tracking in Google Sheets, getting a text when you get an email marked “urgent,” or automatically sending a SMS to someone after you miss their phone call.

    Download it here.


  • Works with services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, as well as devices like Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, and UP by Jawbone
  • Simple interface
  • Saves you time and effort
  • Great community
  • Useful for both business and personal needs

  • Cons:

  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • May require a little extra brain work for technophobes to wrap their heads around
  • Some users have reported bugs
  • Some users have reported delays on their recipes
  • Takes up a surprising amount of space

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