Top 5 Best Tips & Tricks in iOS 8

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While iOS 8 does have some big problems, it also has some cool features. Here are some things you didn’t know you could do with iOS 8.

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1. Scan Your Credit Card for Easy Shopping

Scan your credit card in iOS 8 for faster purchasesUploading your credit card information to Safari in iOS 8 removes the pain of typing in the numbers. CNET's Dan Graziano shows you how.2014-09-24T18:35:45Z

The how to video above from CNET shows how easy it is to scan your credit card or debit card with your iOs device. This makes it easy to set up payments and make the most of your mobile shopping apps.

2. Refresh the App Store

TRICK: How to Quickly Refresh the App Store in iOS 8Retweet: Description: This handy little trick lets you quickly refresh the App Store in iOS 8 without force closing the app. ~Gear I use~ Camera I use: New favorite lens for it: Other great lens: ^But you need this adapter: BEST affordable lens: Microphone I use: Mic stand/boom…2014-09-24T16:38:42Z

App Store running slowly, or just waiting for that hot new game to finally get released? The handy trick above will show you have to quickly refresh the App Store, without having to force quit the app. It’s a great time saver. This is also a great trick to use when you know an update for your favorite app has been pushed, but it just isn’t showing up in the App Store for some reason.

3. Boost Your Productivity

iOS 8 Handoff (Calling Between Mac & iPhone) – Hands On ReviewThis video is to show the speed of the Handoff feature for iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite. iOS 8 Handoff (Calling Between Mac & iPhone) – Hands On Review OSX Yosemite Beta 3 – MacBook Pro iOS 8 Beta 3 – iPhone 4s OSX 10.10 Beta 3 – MacBook Pro2014-07-09T09:52:20Z

Go hands-on with Handoff in the video above.

Handoff is a great feature in iOS 8 that lets you start a task on your iPhone, and finish it on your computer. For example, if you are walking in to your office while composing an email on your iPhone, iOS 8 will notice that you are approaching your desk, and let you have the option to finish that email on your desktop computer. Note that this iOS 8 feature is designed to work with Mac computers. If you aren’t running OS X Yosemite yet, this may not work for you. OS X Yosemite is in public beta, with a full public release expected sometime in October or November.

4. iOS 8 Keyboard Tricks

VideoVideo related to top 5 best tips & tricks in ios 82014-09-25T15:13:03-04:00

Alright, the voiceover in this video is a little grating, but the video itself is an awesome overview of four little tweaks you can make to the keyboard in iOS 8 to make it more to your liking. Tips covered include dealing with multiple keyboards, as well as how to hide those annoying “auto suggestions.”

5. Prolong Your Battery Life in iOS 8

Save Battery Life in iOS 8 – Top 10 Tips & TricksSee the Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks on how to Save Battery Life in iOS 8. Use these easy tricks to help you Save Battery Life & use your iPhone Longer!! iOS 8 Hidden Features: iOS 8 Custom Keyboards: This video is brought to you by FeaturePoints  Get Paid Apps & iTunes…2014-09-18T01:39:14Z

Check out the video above to see some tips for improving battery life in iOS 8. Battery drain has been one of the biggest annoyances in iOS 8 so far. New versions of iOS often come with battery problems until people mess around in their personal settings. You can find more tips about preserving battery life in iOS 8 devices in our article below.

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