Hatchibabies: Where to Buy the New Hatchimals (Updated!)

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It looks like Spin Master Toys has a brand new line of Hatchimals on the way for 2018, as we’ve been told that Hatchimals Hatchibabies are coming.

What Are Hatchibabies?

Hatchibabies are going to be even bigger than last year’s wildly popular Hatchimals line (which virtually soldout everywhere).

They’re large speckled eggs that contain magical creatures hidden inside. And although we don’t have any details regarding what creatures will be available, we do know that your kids could hatch either a boy or a girl this time around.

We also know that there will be secret compartments in these new Hatchibabies that will provide new opportunities for play once the Hatchibaby is out of its shell.


The new surprise eggs will release on October 5th, which is being dubbed the official Hatchimals Day 2018.

Each of the Hatchibabies has an MSRP of $59.99.

There are currently three different Hatchimals Hatchibabies listed on Amazon for pre-order: Ponette, Cheetree, and Chipadee (which is an Amazon Exclusive).

Target will also have the Monkiwi Hatchibabies as an exclusive.

Walmart also has Hatchibabies listed for slightly cheaper, at $54.88. But they’ll undoubtedly sell out the quickest.

Kids in the Los Angeles area will also be able to join Spin Master in celebrating the new Hatchibabies launch by visiting pop-up Hatchery Nurseries where they could be the first to meet the brand new Hatchibabies as they hatch.

Where to Buy Hatchibabies

You can actually preorder Hatchibabies right now on Amazon, and they’re also available for preorder at Target and Walmart (we’ll update with a link when they’re listed online).

We highly recommend ordering them now, as last year’s sold out before November even started.

Here’s to hoping we’ll get more stock this year. We’ll keep this post as updated as humanly posted with stock information and where you can actually still buy them. For now, the floodgates are open, so good luck!

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Hatchimals HatchiBabies | Hatching October 5th! 🐣💖🍼We’re hatching a HatchiBaby! These adorable new HatchiBabies are SO EGG-CITED to meet you! Will you hatch a boy or a girl? Find out on Hatchimals Day, October 5th, 2018! 🐣💖 🍼 WHERE TO PRE-ORDER: 🐣💖🍼 Amazon: amzn.to/2OCwGhc Spin Master: bit.ly/2DbpmaZ Target: bit.ly/2Oxj4DH Walmart: bit.ly/2xooDOt Follow us to see what’s hatching next! 🐣💖🍼 Instagram: instagram.com/hatchimals…2018-09-17T12:30:01Z

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