5 Best Fortnite Cyber Monday Deals – Toys, Clothes, Games, And More!


Looking to grab some killer bargains? We’ve tracked down the best Fortnite Cyber Monday deals that are sure to save you some money on gifts you probably needed to buy anyway.

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Fortnite Cyber Monday

While we don't know for certain what else will be added to a Fortnite Cyber Monday deal, but, as you can tell from this gift guide, there are several deals happening right now that shouldn't be ignored. 

Given how popular the video game Fortnite is right now, you can almost guarantee Fortnite gifts will be the top of many a wish-list. 

So any money off you see, snap it up, because these things will sell out closer to Christmas. 

It's also worth remembering, I'm here all week. Hi. So if you're holding off until Cyber Monday proper, feel free to bookmark this page and check back daily. I'll be here keeping an eye on Amazon for all the best deals worthy of your consideration.  

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Cyber Monday

Right. Last year saw the release of the Nintendo Switch Double Helix Bundle. However, don't buy it. It's great, but given it's no longer in circulation, you'll be paying way over the odds for it. So much so, at the time of writing, you could buy four Switch Lites for the cost of one Fortnite bundle. It's mad.

I'm not saying we definitely won't see a Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle for Cyber Monday, but the chances are slim. 

As I say, there's no use paying over the odds. Instead, either wait until Cyber Monday or go with the following: 

Either the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite Console

Then add the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle.

There isn't a saving in buying the console and the Darkfire bundle, but buying that is money better spent than the over-priced Fortnite bundle. 

Also, and at risk of bringing bad news, there most likely won't be any massive price drops on new Nintendo hardware.

Consoles, broadly speaking, aren't sold for profit, the games are, meaning if it were to get a massive discount, the retail store would be losing money. 

Again, that's not to say there 100 percent won't be any discounts on hardware, but as I say, the chances are slim. 

Fortnite Toys for Sale

There are a lot of Fortnite toys for sale. It is the biggest video game in the world, after all. 

What are the best Fortnite toys for sale?

"Best" is obviously subjective, so instead of telling you the best Fortnite toys for sale, let's think budget. 

If you're looking to save money, the Fortnite Battle Royale Collection is super affordable and a lot of fun. The only drawback being they're quite small (though they are very durable). 

For the mid-range, there's the Jazwares Legendary series. Those figures vary in size and price, and while I'm not massively into the four-inch figures, the seven-inchers are great. 

For a more premium feel, there's the McFarlane Fortnite range. These figures are the most realistic, come with the best articulation, but cost a few bucks more than the Jazwares offerings. 

(All of the above-mentioned toys are on this gift guide for you to check out, by the way)

All of the figures are great for their own reasons, so it all really comes down to how much you're looking to spend or save. 

Fortnite Lego Sets

Fortnite is a game about building, so you'd expect there to be hundreds of Lego sets by now. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. 

For some reason, Lego hasn't made any Fortnite sets.

This could be for a number of reasons. The most likely being Lego vowed to create family-friendly toys, and as Fortnite features realistic real-world weaponry, rather than the fantasy style of Star Wars, it's possible Lego doesn't want to put off parents. 

Should that change, you can be sure we'll let you know. 

Fortnite Action Figures

As I mentioned above, the best Fortnite action figures all come down to how much you're looking to spend. 

Me personally? I'd have to go with the McFarlane range.

Those figures are the most realistic, come with killer accessories, and while they do cost a little more than the Jazwares range of Fortnite action figures, they're worth it, and perfect for Birthday or Christmas gifts. 

Just check out the Skull Trooper on this gift guide to see what I'm on about. The likeness is uncanny. 

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