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7 Best Clarinets For Sale For Newcomers

Looking to get your little one into a new instrument? If so, you’re in luck, because we’re about the show you the best clarinets for sale you can buy right now.

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Clarinet Brands

Whenever you're picking up a clarinet, you want to go with a trusted brand. Cheap clarinets will break, and when you're trying to get someone into playing an instrument, the last thing you want is to put them off.

Playing a new instrument isn't easy, so anything that makes it harder should be avoided at all costs. 

While the big name brands do cost a little more, the extra cost is worth it if you don't want the person playing to end up disillusioned.

When looking at clarinet brands, the best for newcomers are Jean Paul, Cecilio, and Kaizer. All three of those brands produce high-quality clarinets you won't go wrong with.

Clarinet Parts

Whether it's mouthpieces, a new ligature, or clarinet pads, thankfully there is a selection of parts available to buy online

Great news, right? Delivery is fast, too, so you won't be without a replacement part for long. 

Different Types of Clarinets

There are quite a few different types of clarinets available, but which is the best for people who've never played before?

For newcomers in their teens, you absolutely want to stick with B flats (stylized as Bb), that is, unless they're really young.

As JohnPacker notes, the E flat clarinet is shorter in length, making it easier to handle and more suitable for younger players.

Of course, for teens, they'll be fine with the regular-sized B flat, but for younger kids, it's worth giving them a helping hand. 

Buy E Flat Clarinets Here

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