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5 Best Fall Guys Toys: Your Ultimate Guide (All Official)

As we head into fall, it’s the Fall Guys who are leading the pack. Fall Guys toys are set to be some of the hottest Christmas toys available this year, so if you’re looking to find out which gifts should be on your radar, read on to discover our top picks.

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What Is Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a hugely-popular video game created by Mediatonic that features up to 60 players all competing in different chaotic mini-games until only one player remains. 

Think avoiding hammers that would yeet you into space, balancing on beams, memory games, and annoying wind-up penguins that you need to grab but keep running away from you. Stupid penguins. 

It's a violence-free video game that's become a go-to game for kids and adults who want something challenging-but-chill.  

What Is the Best Fall Guys Plush?

This is a tough one to call, but as someone who has spent far too many hours playing Fall Guys, for boys it's most likely to be Pigeon, and for girls, the Fairycorn

What About Other Fall Guys Toys?

There are lots of other Fall Guys toys around. We have, however, avoided mentioning them because they're not officially licensed. 

And if we're being honest, they're rubbish. If you like overpriced tat that falls apart, go for it. But we'd rather stick with the official stuff, from brands we trust, that we know have been tested for safety issues.