Moji the Lovable Labradoodle: Everything You Need to Know

Moji the Lovable Labradoodle


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Is your child asking for a dog but you’re not so sure? If so, you’re in luck as Skyrocket has created Moji the Lovable Labradoodle, the closest you can get to the real thing without needing to worry about cleaning up after them.

How realistic is it? Surprisingly so. Moji is all about interactivity. Things like popping down the included dog bowl in front of them and they’ll bend over and start feeding or how Moji will start bouncing excitedly if you give them fuss all help to create something that truly feels alive. It’s not just a handful of features either. All together, Moji boasts 150 sound-and-motion combinations, meaning kids are going to have a lot of fun discovering what type of dog Moji is.

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Moji the Lovable Labradoodle is also able of communicating in more ways than just movement. They come with an interactive dog collar, which kind of looks like a Tamagotchi, to communicate how they’re feeling – be it tiredness, excitement, or when they need to take a bathroom break.

Rounding out the whole package are three accessories designed to get kids role-playing – a feeding and drinking bowl, a chew rope, and a brush.

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Is It Worth Picking Up?

Interactive toys are huge right now. In previous years we’ve seen items like Boppi the Booty-shakin’ Llama or more recently gifts like Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron become must-have toys due to how interactive they are. Combine interactivity with caring for an animal and you can imagine just how much kids are going to love Moji the Lovable Labradoodle.

Can Moji Learn Tricks?

I honestly didn’t expect this, but yes, Moji can in fact perform different tricks. There are 10 tricks in total, including shake, lay down, and protect, and Moji will react whenever someone says the corresponding word. If you haven’t checked out the video above, I’d recommend it. Seeing this pooch in action really brings home just how true to life this thing is.

What Batteries Are Needed?

As you can probably guess, Moji does need batteries to operate. Unfortunately, batteries aren’t included. Boo.

What you’re after are four C (L14) 1.5-volt batteries. In some better news, Amazon has a 12 pack of batteries for around the $13 mark.

How Much Does Moji the Lovable Labradoodle Cost?

Moji retails for $99.99, which given the tech involved, seems like a fair price for what it’s capable of.

Where to Buy Moji Right Now

Moji is available to purchase right now on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Advice for People Picking Moji Up for Christmas

Moji the Lovable Labradoodle packshots


This is the important part. I’m already seeing the big-sellers selling out ridiculously fast. The aforementioned Magic Mixies Cauldron is getting harder and harder to get a hold of, simply because everyone’s buying it and stock isn’t flowing in and around the country as speedily as it has in previous years.

The advice I’m giving to everyone right now is to buy any of the larger gifts as early as possible and hide them away until the big day. You do not want to leave the bigger gifts until the last minute because they will either be sold out or suffer from inflated prices.

If you’re still struggling to get your hands on the bigger items, setting up a stock alert and having the money for it spare is a good way to do things. Stock alerts will email you the moment the item comes back in stock, giving you a much-needed heads up and an advantage over other shoppers. Just don’t tell the people who can’t get it where you got the advice from, yeah?

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