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11 Best Pop It Fidget Toys for All Ages

Fidget spinners are out, and pop it fidget toys are in. Thanks to a rise in TikTok stardom, almost every store on the planet sells pop its. But what are the best of the best? Which fidgets are the best for kids or gamers or adults? Below you’ll find everything you need to know and this new craze along with our picks of the best pop its out there right now.

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Is Silicone a Good Choice for Toys?

If you're worried about whether silicone is safe toys, don't be. Silicone is both safe and will not react with other materials. That's why you see it so often in cooking utensils. 

The reason for silicone in pop it toys is mostly down to it being pliable and capable of returning to its previous shape. Not only that, it's also one of the closest materials (after TPE) to human skin, which sounds weird, but when you think about child bonding, skin to skin contact is comforting, so toys emulating that connection - albeit on a much smaller scale - makes a lot of sense. 

Do Fidget Toys Really Help with Autism? 

Fidget toys have been known to help people with autism. According to Pacer, fidget toys can be beneficial to not only people with autism but also those with ADHD. 

Notice the use of the term 'people' there instead of 'kids'? That's intentional. Not only can kids benefit, but so can adults. Fidgeting isn't a way to not focus on what they should be doing, it's a way to focus on one specific task, which in turn lets them transfer back onto whatever it is they should be doing.  

Fidget toys can also have a calming effect when they're out and about. I went on a train journey recently, which my wife hates, but before hopping back on the return journey we picked up some fidget toys. The difference in anxiety between the journey there and the journey back was like night and day. If you haven't tried out fidget toys yet as a way to manage anxiety, you absolutely should. They won't be for everyone, but given how affordable they are, you not losing much if it doesn't. 

What Are Pop Fidget Toys Made From?

Although there isn't a set list of materials every toy follows, broadly speaking, most will be a mix of silicone and ABS plastic. That's because both materials are non-toxic, affordable, and safe for kids. 

When selecting a fidget toy, it's always worth have a little read of the description to find out what's in it. If it's something you don't recognize, feel free to hit 'close' and move onto something more child-friendly. 

Can Pop It Fidget Toys Get Wet?

Due to the materials used in the majority of toys (silicone and TBS plastic), pop it toys can indeed get wet without any concern to parents.

You can even wash them in warm water should they become a little grimy, which I know is going to be great to news to parents of younger kids.