One Direction and The Wanted Call a Truce: Will it Last?

One Direction, The Wanted

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Our favorite boy bands One Direction and The Wanted have been at it again over Twitter recently. After dirty talk between Zayn Malik and Max George escalated to a worrisome level, both group’s management teams stepped in to save the day. Once talk of a full-blown fight between the boys surfaced all over the Internet, the bands have been forced to put aside their differences and agree on a truce. Looks like fans aren’t the only ones sick of the drama between the bickering duo!

Here’s a quick peek of the nasty tweets they’ve been spewing back and forth:

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A source tells OK! Magazine that both management teams have been in contact and agreed that each of the boys should get together in New York and “smooth things out”:

With all the boys in the same city for a few days, it makes sense for them to meet up and have a drink together to prevent the feud from escalating.

A drink and a laugh or two exchanged between the groups might be nice … but a sing-off would be so much better! Talk of a “singing fight” was brought up by One Direction to replace the earlier (and more risky) idea of a physical match between the two. Now that’s a solid exchange. One Direction told

It looks like this battle of the Boy Bands might be up once and for all.

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