Nancy Mack, Chad Smith’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nancy Mack, Scott Baio attacker, Chad Smith wife

Scott Baio’s wife Renee posted this photo of Nancy Mack on her Twitter page. (Twitter/MrsScottBaio)

Actor Scott Baio claims that Nancy Mack, the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, assaulted him during an elementary school function on Saturday, December 10. Mack allegedly cursed at Baio over his support for Donald Trump. Mack hasn’t been arrested.

Mack is Smith‘s second wife and the two share three young children. He also has two children from previous relationships and was married to Maria St. John from 1996 to 1997. Mack is also famous for his friendly rivalry with actor Will Ferrell, since they look remarkably alike.

Here’s a look at what we know about the incident between Baio and Mack, and her life.

1. Baio Claims Mack Yelled ‘Grab ‘Em by the Pussy’ at Him During an Elementary School Function

Nancy Mack, Chad Smith wife, Chad Smith Nancy Mack

Nancy Mack posted this photo of herself with her kids on a roadtrip in 2014. (Twitter/Nancy Mack)

Although the alleged incident happened on December 10, it wasn’t until December 15 that TMZ reported that Baio filed a police report.

During an elementary school function with his daughter in Thousand Oaks, California, Baio claims that Mack confronted him over his support for Trump. TMZ’s law enforcement sources say that Baio told police he asked her to be quiet because of children. He claims she refused to stop, instead asking him repeatedly how he could support someone who said “Grab ’em by the pussy.” Baio told police that Mack even yelled the phrase at him.

According to Baio, Mack kept yelling the phrase so everyone at the event could hear it. The actor claims that Mack then started pushing him and grabbing him, TMZ reports.

People linked to Mack told TMZ that she only wanted to show Baio how Trump hugs women, based on the president-elect’s comments. She denied getting physical.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is investigating, but Mack has not been arrested.

TMZ later reported that other parents at the private school where the alleged incident happened are angry with Mack and filed complaints to the school administration, asking that she be banned from future events.

“Our highest priority is the safety and privacy of our children and their families,” a school official told TMZ, without explaining what action the school might take.

TMZ adds that the alleged incident happened during a school play where children say “Merry Christmas” in multiple languages.

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2. Renee Baio Claims She Has Video of the Incident & Says Mack Pointed Her Finger Right Into Her Child’s Face

Scott Baio wife, Renee Baio Scott Baio, Scott Baio family

Renee and Scott Baio. (Getty)

After TMZ published the story, Baio’s wife Renee took to Twitter to complain about how they reported on it. “Hey @HarveyLevinTMZ @TMZ How many times did U call @ScottBaio yesterday 2speak knowing DA told him not 2 w/pen case,” she wrote.

Renee Baio wrote on Twitter that Mack yelled at their nine-year-old daughter, “asking if SHE WANTS SOMEONE 2 GRAB HER PUSSY.” In another tweet, Renee claims to have video of the incident and says that Mack’s sons told her that they are “used to her vile behavior.”

She also posted a photo of Mack, adding, “Hey @HarveyLevinTMZ @TMZ does this look like a sane mother/lady 2 you?”

“I’m not sure why me, my husband or child is getting bashed. Scott & BB were the victims.I was a witness. Hard to stand back & do nothing,” Renee wrote in her most recent tweet.

TMZ reports that the image of Mack Renee shared was a screenshot from the video of the alleged incident. She still has not shared the video.

As for Baio, he has acknowledged the alleged incident on Twitter by retweeting his wife’s posts.

Renee has also retweeted messages from a woman named Barbara Mack, who claims to be Mack’s sister. Barbara Mack writes that she is not surprised by her sister’s behavior and suggested that they press charges. However, it’s worth noting that before this incident, this Twitter page hadn’t sent out messages since January 2015 and all of those messages were spam links.

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3. Mack Made Her Anti-Trump Stance Clear on Her Twitter Account

Mack’s Twitter account, which she has since deleted due to the controversy, made it clear that she is not a Trump supporter. “I pretty much don’t feel like speaking to any white working class American men right now….#youfuckedusall,” she wrote the day after Trump was elected president.

“The only people I know voting for Trump are white men. #ImWitHer,” she wrote the day before the election.

In September, she posted a photo with Raymond Santana, a member of the Central Park Five, who Trump still thinks are guilty.

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4. Smith Went to Washington to Lobby for Music Education Funding in Public Schools

Nancy Mack, Chad Smith wife, Chad Smith Nancy Mack

Chad Smith. (Getty)

Smith has also dabbled in politics as an advocate for music education in public schools. In March 2013, he went to Washington DC on behalf of the National Association of Music Merchants.

“Right now, [music education] is in jeopardy, and they have the power to change it and do something good here for everybody and every kid,” Smith told Rolling Stone in 2013. “If I didn’t have music education in school, I probably would have ended up in jail or dead. And instead I ended up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Smith also performed at a White House talent show organized by Michelle Obama in May 2014, Rolling Stone reports.

“I didn’t give a shit about science, math or English when I was in school and music was the only reason I wanted to go,” Smith said in a 2014 Rolling Stone interview. “It got me interested in other subjects and I would’ve never graduated without it. If kids can connect with some sort of art in some way, it will enrich their lives in ways they probably can’t fully comprehend at the time.”

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5. Mack & Smith Have Three Sons & Smith Has 3 Children With Other Women

Mack and Smith share three sons, Cole, Beckett and Dashied. Smith also has three other children, Manon, Justin and Ava, from other relationships. Smith was previously married to Maria St. John from 1996 to 1997 and she is Manon’s mother.

The year before he married Mack in 2004, Smith told The Guardian that he had struggled to stay in long-term relationships. “I’m the dumper. I fall in love easily, but… I get restless. I’ll figure it out one day. Can we talk about something else?”

Obviously, his relationship with Mack is much different, since they’ve been married for 12 years.

Smith also looks remarkably similar to Will Ferrell. In 2014, the two even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon together, wearing the exact same clothes. They even performed “Don’t Fear the Reaper” together on the show.

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  1. Nancy and Chad were introduced by none other than Donald Trump. She has praised him in the past for having done this when she was his employee and RHCP played at one of his venues.

    • Well crap Anna (pseudo Anna) the truth is being exposed. Do you not get what everybody else gets: THIS IS THE ERA OF TRUTH! If you don’t and if you continue down the road of the lost then the big TRAIN is going to run over you because you are not on board.

  2. “I pretty much don’t feel like speaking to any white working class American men right now…”

    Ah yes, typical liberal/progressive trash, so angry, so hateful, so racist, so vile……that is a liberal/progressive.

  3. I’m on Smith’s wife’s on this one. Mainly because Trump is a bullshit hurricane that is funnelling into a fascist black hole. I felt Baio himself needed to be slapped across the face, but his wife took it actually. If you disagree, I am sorry- I will be much better to Exxon big oil and Putin in the future; I know your anger was directed towards the fact that Exon didn’t have enough power in this world. You all have LIVED in a communist state, so You would know Exactly what you are talking about.

    • Mark…is that what the last 8 years have felt like to you “A Communist State”? Me too with Chairman MoaBama at the helm. Hopefully you can finally opt out of the blue pill for a Red Pill and come out to the light. (and no its not a freight train heading your way). But somehow my gut doubts it since you feel like its OK to slap trump supporters. I think you’ve already taken too many blue pills.

    • that creature us a liberal/progressive spammer. It’s the only ‘job’ they can hope to get in their life, going to where adults are, farting and leaving.

  4. Baio is a pathetic coward hiding behind his wife’s skirts when not wearing them.
    She attacks anyone that goes after him while he smugly smiles.
    His whole TRUMP thing was based on Obama Care, (which doesn’t even affect him)
    Don’t expect an adult exchange from that psycho. She has come at me viciously when I questioned her about her hideous “Chanel” Xmas tree. I said that the cost of each of those black and silver Chanel ornaments would have been better utilized on the questionable charity they have founded.
    She came back at me and said “I made them myself, so stuff that in your etc” (she only knows how to fight like a 12yo mean girl on a playground, its hilarious yet sad)
    I asked her if she got Chanel’s permission to use their logo as they are one of the staunchest copyright designers.
    She blocked me.
    This woman (who insists she is married to the dreamboat of every girl in the world even though no one even knew who he was before all this) was one of Hefner’s live-in “Girls Next Door”. She wanted to raise her then 14 yo daughter in Hefner”s mansion and decided to take her grandma to court who had custody of the child where she was informed she didn’t even have custody and hadn’t had it in years.
    If you type Renee Sloan nude, you can get an eyeful of her porn.
    Scott is a pig, actually worse than Donald and only dates blond playboy bunnies. The dumber the better. She got her ass pregnant and then gave him an ultimatum, so yeah she’s a gold digger. But that will be over soon. Baio is worth 3mil, which isn’t much when you look at his lifestyle and the fact that his opportunities have all dried up. He golfs with celebrities free of charge under the guise of Charity Golf Tournament he started based on his daughter’s nonexistent birth defect. I believe the charity is 8 years old and to date only shows a collection of $28,000. yet he donated hundreds of thousands to his rich buddy to run for president
    He had a plane.
    He lies out of convenience. He said his parents had to learn English to go to school, (his nastiness about learning the language) which I found strange since they went to school in Sicily. I questioned him on it…yep..blocked.
    He needs incidents like this to keep him in the forefront, so yeah, the media is really serving him well.
    Mack represents all of us who have had our day with Baio. She is one courageous tough lady and my twitter site will start a crowdfund for her defense if need be.

    • Calling someone a coward while hissing behind a few fake name on a Twitter account. Just another example of violent liberals doing your thing. Also you and Nancy need to start doing your homework on who voted for Trump and why. It’s idiots like you two that cause those people to come out of the woodwork.

    • Thank you for bringing the matter of the imposter Chanel ornaments to our attention. The only thing Chanel despises more than talk of grabbing women by the hoo-hah is copyright infringement. I will personally look into this matter after our legal settlement with China comes to a conclusion.

      -Alan Wertheimer

    • Nahhh Talk Soup, (pseudo name) your rant above exposes who you are. This is too funny, please keep posting or try another phony name remember it is all traced right back to you…Oh please keep posting, we are having so much fun.

  5. Um, ALLEGED assault. I’m going to need proof that she actually assaulted him, until then I don’t believe this story and scott baio is probably lying and just wants attention.

    • Jan, if you touch anyone in an unwanted way it is assault… That is what she did, it is very simple.. Plus like an idiot, you failed to mention all the other complaints from other parents of students, that want Nancy banned from all other school events.. It isn’t just Scott.. I am sure that some of the other parents are democrats, and are not happy with the election, lets face it, losing sucks…But violence at in front of children is only acceptable to liberals.. True democrats are not the liberal dribble, but rather a hijacked party..