The 10 Most Bizarre Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of


Users and abusers, expand your degenerate horizons with this handy guide to a whole lot of things that people could do without. From fermented human feces (#5), to hallucinogenic cheese (#3), there’s enough potentially lethal experimentation here to keep any daredevil busy. Seriously though, drugs are bad…except for the cheese. We love cheese.

1. Scopolamine
Also called Devils Breath, and dubbed by some as the “scariest drug in the world” Scopolamine is the main ingredient in a popular Colombian rape concoction that supposedly turns its users, or victims, into zombies. But it looks so pretty…

2. Krokodil
Because apparently Heroine isn’t quite dirty enough for some Russians. Krokodil is primarily derived from readily available codeine, and regularly causes gangrene in its users because of harmful byproducts. Check out the horrible effects below.

3. Stilton Cheese
In order to officially qualify as Stilton Cheese, the cheese must be produced in one of three counties in England. Oh yeah, and it has to cause you to have weird and vivid dreams. This isn’t some sort of urban legend like smoking banana peels, ingesting Stilton cheese shortly before bedtime has been shown to produce these strange dream effects in 75% of women, and 85% of men. It’s pretty easy to get a hold of, with several knock off varieties like Garstang Blue. It reportedly smells something like a foot, which lends a bit of credence to the old adage “who cut the cheese?” But if that’s the sort of thing that’s going to stop you from getting your kicks, I know a Zambian kid I’d like you to meet (#5). Here’s a video of a guy testing out cheesy dreams.

4. Wet
Hey, want to try out a new drug cocktail that occasionally compels people to murder children? We hope not, but for some reason Wet, essentially PCP laced marijuana, is on the rise. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like this guy?

5. Jenkem
Perhaps the most authentically bizarre of the drugs on this list, Jenkem is a hallucinogenic inhalant created using fermented human waste. Supposedly it’s popular among Zambian children, who obtain it by scraping sewer pipes and storing the refuse in a bottle for a week or so. Stop all the charities. Redirect all funds to Zambia. Not since the holocaust have children got such a bad lot. Absolute rock bottom is nothing short of huffing from a bottle full of your own shit. Alternately known as Butt Hash, it first popped up on the western radar when it became the center of a mild media scandal in 2006, after it was wrongfully reported that American high-schoolers were using the drug. Yeah, right. You can’t even get American kids to eat vegetables.

6. Benzo Fury
Called a “research drug” by its manufacturers, Benzo Fury is a dangerous designer drug that uses legal loopholes to keep its self in business. Though those gaps are closing as lawmakers struggle to catch up. Of course the only people that know for certain what’s in it are the producers, but users report similar effects as powerful drugs like MDA and Ecstasy. Feeling stupid and/or risky? (Emphasis on stupid) Pick some up here, before its illegal.

7. Dipt
Or Diisopropyltryptamine (just rolls right off the tongue) is a hallucinogenic that’s interesting because it’s specifically auditory. Users report a significant perceived change in pitch and sound perception. It’s illegal in the U.K and much of Europe, but falls into a grey area in the United States. Though a user could still potentially get into trouble because of an annoying provision called the Federal Analog Act, which essentially bans chemical compounds that are similar to controlled substances. Lame. Below is a re-creation of what the DiPT experience is supposedly like.

8. Carbogen
Alias Meduna’s Mixture, so named for it’s creator, Ladislas Meduna, is a simple concoction of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. Basically it works by tricking your body into believing that it’s suffocating, caused by the sudden increase in Carbon Dioxide…it seems counter intuitive to think that this would be anything short of terrifying, much less euphoric, but users report a range of pleasant effects like vivid colors and a general calming sensation. At one time it was used by psychologists to assess a patients reaction to psychoactive substances.

9. Ayahuasca
Dubbed by some as “the most powerful hallucinogenic drug on Earth” Ayahuasca is not for the frail or easily frightened. In other words, if you’re the type of person who starts feeling weird after a bit of flu medicine: stay away. Originally a herbal concoction used by Amazonian shamans to phone the spirit world, this stuff gets the job done.

10. iDosing
iDosing refers to using sound to get high. No, seriously. It’s a thing. Supposedly, and this is entirely unverified by scientific studies, different combinations of sounds at certain frequencies can induce different psychological states. This would explain why people who listen to Nickleback tend to be so douchey. That’s close enough to science for us. Here’s a video so that you can try it out for yourself. But be warned: Heavy can’t be held accountable if something weird happens like your eyes spontaneously explode or you find yourself at an I.C.P concert. Though it’s much more likely that you’ll just end up listening to some amateur producer’s shitty trance music.

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