Cat Lady: Why I No Can Haz 100 Cats?
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Cat Lady: Why I No Can Haz 100 Cats?

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Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Cats are great and all that, but when you have 67 dead ones in your freezer and another 99 of them running around your house, you might just be considered a crazy cat lady. Authorities in upstate New York, though, may have come across one of the craziest.

Humane authorities removed 99 living cats from a woman’s home in Albany, New York. They were living in crates stacked floor to ceiling. But those are the lucky ones. The 67 dead ones were packed in plastic bags and stuffed into the freezer.

Don’t ask for a popsicle at this lady’s house! Anyway, deputies went to the house after neighbors complained about the stench of cat urine and feces. A humane official said she’d tried to help the cat hoarder before.

Charges are being considered against the woman, and all her cats are at the animal shelter.

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