Zombie Apocalypse Gets Cancelled in Quebec

The Canadian government just cancelled the zombie apocalypse–an emergency training drill for one, at least.

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The provincial government nixed Quebec’s plans for a zombie-themed emergency training exercise, reports CBC News. The exercise is a part of an annual symposium to help emergency responders prepare for a disaster. The idea is to emulate an impossible event so that officials are able to come up with new problems and solutions to an unexpected emergency.

While news of the impending zombie apocalypse excited many participants, others complained that the drill was wasteful spending. The provincial cabinet stepped in and Public Security Minister Stéphane Bergeron said in a press release that zombie invasion would be cancelled and that a new scenario will simulate a flood.

“I thought… the theme of the workshop had taken on a greater importance than its goal and that it was better to change it,” Bergeron said in the press release.

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The three day symposium brings together several hundred first responders, civil-security experts, fire-fighters and municipal officials every year as they work together in dealing with an emergency. The first day they deal with the emergency itself, then the aftermath and on the last day, the recovery. The decisions they make on one day effect the outcomes on the next.

But now, thanks to many lame and boring buzz kills out there, the emergency crews will be combating a flood instead of flesh-eating corpses.

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