Danica Patrick Hit in Head by Rock at Las Vegas Race

Danica Patrick

Racecar driver Danica Patrick was hit in the head by a stray rock while attending a race in Las Vegas on Thursday night, reports The Washington Post. The smack left her with sore head, but Patrick said she didn’t feel any problems.

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Patrick was at a race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway dirt track when the rogue rock struck. Fortunately, the NASCAR driver seemed to be in good spirits the next day.

“I feel like I have a concussion from last night,” she said jokingly in an interviw. “It’s really sore. It hit me straight in the head. Good thing I had a hat on, or I feel like there would have been blood.”

Patrick hasn’t been having the best week, either. She was left with a stiff neck and headache after she crashed hard in Phoenix last Sunday. The driver slammed into a wall with almost 100 laps left. Check it out:

Patrick is the most successful female racecar driver and holds the highest finish (third place) by a woman.

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