Edward Snowden Offered Asylum By Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua Offers Edward Snowden Asylum Daniel Ortega

According to Agence France-Presse, Nicaragua may be ready to offer NSA leaker Edward Snowden asylum in their country. Snowden had specifically asked 21 countries for asylum, most of whom turned him down.

According to Wikileaks, the names of the expanded countries would not be released, “due to attempted US interference.”

This comes a day after a bill was put forward in the parliament of Iceland that petitioned the government to offer citizenship to Snowden. Citizenship would be necessary to protect the whistleblower from possible extradition to United States.

Bill in Iceland Parliament Would Give Snowden Citizenship Immediately

A bill has gone before the Icelandic parliament that will grant citizenship to NSA leaker Edward Snowden immediately.

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Snowden is wanted due to his leaking of classified documents from the NSA. He is charged with theft and espionage. It’s believed that he is currently holed-up in the transit area of an airport in Moscow.

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