TERRIFYING VIDEO: Traffic Stop Shootout Wounds Cop & Kills Army Vet With 3 Kids in Car

Yesterday the Oregon State Police finally released the video of the August shootout that left a man dead and a cop shot.

The video shows State Trooper Matt Zistel, 26, making a routine traffic stop of a Cadillac around 100 miles east of Portland, Oregon. The driver of the car, 34-year-old former Army Reserve construction engineer John Van Allen.

John Van Allen (Facebook)

John Van Allen (Facebook)

Oregon police shooting

Allen immediately steps out his car, with his three children still in the back seat. The video continues as Allen approaches the police car, pulls a gun from his waistband and opens fire.

matt zistel

Zistel was shot in the side but was able to return fire before radioing for help. Allen, who returns to his car with no visible injuries, was found dead behind the wheel half-a-mile down the road, having suffered a gunshot wound to the chest.

According to Oregon Live, Zistel was released from the hospital and has been placed on administrative leave.

No motivation has yet been discovered for Allen’s actions, and relatives say the act of aggression was out of character.

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