Joe Biden’s Niece, Caroline, Sent to Rehab

Carolina Biden, Joe Biden's Niece in Rehab.


Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline, was sent to rehab, just after a September meltdown she had with her roommate over unpaid rent, reports The New York Post. Ira London, who represents Biden said: “She’s doing very well. She’s committed to the program.”

Joe Biden’s Niece Caroline Biden Arrested for Assault

Joe Biden's niece Caroline Biden has been arrested, but has not been charged yet. She allegedly "got physical" with police who responded to a fight. Read on.

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Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Post Says She Likes to Party

According to pals, she has a history of alcohol and pill addiction. While she was student at Georgetown, she attended rehab for Adderall and alcohol addiction.

2. She’s Not Likely to Get Jailtime

She had been due in court on December 17 but was excused by the judge due to her rehab participation. She will appear in court on February 5 but is unlikely to face any jail time related to her meltdown, reports UPI.

3. She Allegedly Took a Swing at a Cop

On September 17, NYPD were called to Biden’s swanky Tribeca pad after she angrily confronted her roommate over unpaid rent. When cops arrived, she’s alleged to have swung at a female officer and told arrested police,” I shouldn’t be handcuffed! You don’t know who you’re doing this to.” She was charged with harassment and resisting arrest.

4. She Works as an Art Dealer

Biden is a graduate of Georgetown University and works at a gallery on the Upper East Side in Manhattan called Higher Pictures. According to her LinkedIn page, she works as a dealer for the gallery.

5. She Hated the Burden That Comes With the Biden Name

Carolina Biden, Joe Biden's Niece in Rehab.


She’s the daughter of Vice President Joe Biden’s financier brother James. Biden had blamed “pressure” relating to her family name for her arrest, a friend told The New York Post.

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