Ira Curry, Mega Millions Winner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

 Ira Curry Mega millions

Ira Curry. (Facebook)

Ira Curry of Stone Mountain, Georgia, has come forward as one of the two winners of this week’s $648 million Mega Millions jackpot. The 56-year-old grandmother will split the second-biggest jackpot in Mega Millions history.

The other winning ticket was purchased in San Jose, California.

Here’s what you need to know about Ira:

1. She’s Taking the Lump Sum

Curry has elected to take the cash (lump sum) option, amounting to over $173 million. After taxes, she’ll take home about $120 million cash, which is enough money to buy 10 percent ownership of … Call us if you’re interested, Ira!

PHOTOS: Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Ira Curry

She yanked her Facebook from the Internet, but not before we grabbed these pics for your viewing pleasure.

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2. She Staying Out of the Spotlight

Or at least she’s trying to. But we at Heavy believe the people deserve to vent their jealousy, scrutinizing the arbitrary good fortune of their fellow citizens. It’s the American Way!

She and her family were not on hand for the Georgia Lottery press conference, held this afternoon and hosted by Georgia Lottery Corporation President Debbie Alford. According to Alford, the Curry family is “very excited about the win” and “in a state of shock.”

Curry was driving this morning, when she heard on the radio that the Mega Ball number was 7 and the winning ticket was sold in Georgia. She immediately called her daughter to check her numbers, and nearly veered off the road when they were confirmed. Which should be a reminder to us all, it’s never safe to drive while talking on your cellphone and winning the lottery.

3. Her Lucky Numbers Had Special Meaning

ira curry georgia

The numbers were a combination of family birthdays and the family’s lucky number, 7. She told lottery officials it was a “last-minute decision to buy” the ticket. She purchased it at a newsstand in the Buckhead financial center of Atlanta. She bought just one ticket.

The winning numbers were: 8, 14, 17, 20, 39; Mega Ball 7.

4. She Works in Insurance

ira curry linked in mega millions winner

According to this LinkedIn profile, an Ira Curry from Stone Mountain is a vice president at Aspen Re, a reinsurance firm. The company’s website lists her as a property underwriting manager.

This Facebook profile of Ira Curry shows a woman with two friends who work or worked for the same company and several more friends who work in the insurance industry.


5. According to One Report, She Once Filed for Bankruptcy

The Daily Mail reports:

Public records show that in 1994 she and her husband Talmer, now 74, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy which gives individuals three to five years to pay off their debtors. It was discharged in 1999.

PHOTOS: Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Ira Curry

She yanked her Facebook from the Internet, but not before we grabbed these pics for your viewing pleasure.

Click here to read more

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  1. Ira I’ve sent you an email explaining my interest. This is a good profile of you and your family, thanks.
    I want to thank you for your offer of $850,000.00 donation. I am involved in warning the community of a recently new drug called cheese. It consist of black-tar heroin mixed with Tylenol aspirin. This drug is in Texas and has not made it’s way to the east coast and Atlanta area. It killed over 40 middle school age kids; and some of them are elementary aged also. They sneak it into school and sprinkle it on their food at lunch time.
    I am also involved in a ministry called “Awareness Outreach” featuring teens against drugs. With this money I can really promote and warn a lot of people about this new drug and get it on the news via Brenda Woods Channel 11; also I do other positive work in the community. I saw your profile in Facebook and I am very interested in meeting you. Here is the information on me you’ve requested:
    Name: Allen Nichols
    Address: 1354 Dodson Drive SW Atlanta GA 30311
    Direct Phone: 678-705-8472
    Cell Phone: 404-956-6926 ( hope to have cell phone back on in a week)

  2. Hi my name is olonda lewis and my address is 4031 windyrush drive apt#j mobile number 4045431528 I appreciate your offer of 850,000.00 i want to do so much for the community its good that you reach out to help out other people so i will do the same thing thanks

  3. Hi Ira congratulations on your winnings! I think is great you are sharing your foetune. I would really love to meet u and thank u in person for including me in such a great opportunity

  4. there are people using your name and the fact that you have been blessed with this money to try and scam people with some BS about giving them some of your winnings. i have saved the email that they have sent me should you and any authorities want to investigate these fake scamming people.

  5. I have been disabled due to car accident since I was 25. I am now 64. I try to live on $700 a month & $15 in food stamps, but I sometimes have to get payday loan just to buy food. I have worked part time when younger, but have been in pain all these years. I raised 2 sons during that time, with no help from father. My mom helped when she could, but not often. I am living in a 2 room apartment w/bathroom. Basically living room/kitchen combined & open space or bed. All my personal belongings are in storage as I have no room for them here. I pay $30 month to keep items such as family photo albums, record album collection w/stereo & family heirlooms (none of value). I do not have a car & have to find rides to grocery, Dr & other places. A disabled bus ticket is $37 per week, which I can’t afford. I really do not want to continue with this life. It is extremely stressful for a disabled person to go through on a daily basis. I would love to be able to take out my photo albums just to relive my heartfelt memories, if I had room here.

  6. Our 15-year old all-volunteer fresh food ministry in NE Florida is always in need of funding. The 75 & 72-year old founders (married 50 years) are needing to be able to fund salaries for an Operations person and an Administrator when they go “emeritus” – they will never really “retire” from helping others. Check us out at Oh how I hope this is not just an idle email…….

  7. Thanks for the offer, what would do with the money is help young teen to follow the right path in life and work harder to further their education,I love helping others,cause it’s a great feeling and God willing,thanks again from your friend Tha Kan and have a blessed day 😇

  8. I lost my job 1yr. And 8 month ago and could use a break I’m nit asking for a hand out just a hand up if you can help I can pay it back if it takes me the rest of my life thank you Terry

  9. Congratulations on your many blessings! Thank you for wanting to share your blessing with others! I would use the money on my daughter and grand baby ( on the way)! We have went without food, electricity, water and I don’t want the baby to go without! I would also like to buy a vacant building to use as apartments for people to live rent free for 6 moths to a yeAr to get back on their feet! Thank you so much!

  10. Thanks for following your instints about me. I have been victimed by my ex-husband (an ordained pastor whom I remained married fatefully to for 30 years. I sat under his ministry he pastored and supported the church by tithing, offerings, and time invested for fundraising, etc.) abandoned me in our new home we just purchased April 2006 in June 2007 stating “I ain’t gonna pay where I don’t stay”. He would not cooperate to sell or short sell our new home to prevent forclosure, and he remarried 30 days after the divorce was final March 2008. Thoughout the 30-year marriage to him he had committed numerous adulterous affairs, which I believed God had me to forgive them all and turned the other cheek every time. He earned the highest salary between the both of us, leaving me earning $34 thousand annually and with the obligation of all the bills accummulated between us both. I lost the house to foreclosure. To make a long story short, I felt like God had abandoned because I shouldered
    the financial responsibility, and what seems like all his sins until this present day. Every door I sought to open for assistance was closed. I now live in apartments I have been broken into 2 times out of 2 years of residency. I pray you are the answer to my prayers finally after 6 years and that the saying, What the enemy has stolen God shall replace 7 folds”, and God shall send me husband I was meant to be with– a man that loves his wife as Christ so loved the church, and gave himself for it (EPH 5:25). I’m still waiting, but confidence weakens more and more.

  11. Hi and thank you for your donation of 600,000. I was speechless when I read your email to me. I have always wanted to open a center for woman in crisis, and this donation would go a long way in helping those women. and their children. You can reach me at if you would like to further this discussion. God Bless you and yours, always, Terry L Sandifer.

  12. First i would like to congradulate on winning and would like to thank u for this oppertunity and i will pay it forward thank u

  13. Hey,
    Somebody sent me an email that you have selected me as one of beneficiary of your gift to uplift mankind.I want to know whether its correct or a hoax or One of -Nigeria”s Code 419

  14. I am a certified Social Worker and has over 25 years experience working with homeless and mentally ill populations. Major challenges in my work include working through the barriers of lack of affordable housing, education and mental health issues of the clients I serve. I am employed with The Community Partnership For The Prevention of Homelessness and based at DC General Family Emergency Shelter in Washington, D.C. I live in Rockville, Maryland but has also worked in homeless shelters and outreach efforts throughout the county. Your donation would be a tremendous blessing for me to assist clients with their educational, mental health, employment and any need to mobilize them to becoming self sufficient.
    Mary E. Johnson
    12207 Braxfield Court #3
    Rockville, MD 20852
    H- 240-242-3609
    C- 301-996-4710

  15. Ira,
    I have received An offer and a share of Your Win.What is surprising,The hoax want me to pay for Delivery From India.
    I would appreciate to know directly from you.Whether,Its true or am been cheated?
    All the same I wish you and your entirely family all the best from me in Kenya.
    And if your offer is genuine I will be more Than happy to uplift my projects here in Kenya.

  16. Dear Ira, I want to sincerely Congratulate you and your family on your good fortune on winning the powerball jackpot. I also want to send my Sincere Thanks for your kind and generous donation of $600,000.00. Being disabled and living on a low income with a lot of doctors bills makes it hard to manage from day to day. My sincerest Thanks again for your kind heart and sharing a small portion of your good fortune with others. God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Matthew C Curto

  17. Is this for real or hoax . If real are there fees to get money cuz not waste ur time I don’t have money im on SSI and I still try to help ppl never to get it back . I would help ppl that need it but I don’t deal with ppl well I would help others threw others .

  18. If this is for real I would help others ernestina guerrero im 51 live at 414 E MICHIGAN DR TUCSON ARIZ 85714 PH# 5203427904 GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY

  19. Hello I’m Oleg and I really appreciate your offer of $600,000.00. I want to do so much for people. It’s great that you reach helping to people. I will do the same thing. Thanks a lot

  20. thanks alot for selecting me, i was really in need of funds and wants to support my family and region, i will work for the welfare of needy people………..
    Name: Aqsa Shabbir
    Address: Mohallah Faroqia block no. 8, jhang city, jhang Punjab Pakistan
    Contact no. 03336744897. 03366258303

  21. I’m who you need to donate. Its hard to talk about but I’m 32 when I was 30 my mom committed suicide , long story short my family blames me I can explain more if your interested. Brandon. Email me if ya want to help PS my moms name was Brenda Kay Borel you can see I’m not Lynn

  22. Iran Mando meu dado como você pede
    1 Nome completo: Mara Denise Ferreira Pereira
    2 Endereço onde você gostaria que o pacote entregue: Avenida Bacaxá, 370 casa 02 – Cosmo – Rio de Janeiro, CEP: 23066-451 – Brasil
    3 Número de Telefone / Fax. Não tenho Fax nem Celular só convencional 21-3404-4560

    Moro numa comunidade simples aqui no Rio de Janeiro, Temos um programa para ajudar a comunidade Bença do Senhor e é um deses projeto que pretendo ajuda não só esse mas outro.

    Entrei em contato com James Collins pelo em-mail enviado. Pois só por e-mail que posso entrar em contato pois meu telefone esta desligado não posso ligar só receber.

    Por favor Ira gostaria que você me manda-se um e-mail confirmando que esse fato e verdade, me encontro necessitando de uma ajuda, até a quantia e muito mas vou conseguir ajudar muito outras pessoa a minha volta e na minha igreja. Posso ter um retorno pelo meu e-mail de você. Muito obrigado por fazer parte de seu projeto de ajudar alguem para esse alguém ajudar outros alguém . Gostaria muito de lhe conhecer aguardo sua resposta. Mara Denise

    • This is a bunch of Scandales, Envyous, jealous sorry broke people trying to come upon a hard working woman and her family. I’m going to see you all go bye bye you donated us liners,

  23. Ira recebi isso aqui e verdade:
    Elite Courier Express Service Limited 24 horas de serviço.
    Endereço: No. 365 Erekere Puram Lay Out,
    Bannerghatta Estrada Índia Pin -560013.
    Telefone: +91 8801602978
    DATA: 3/9/2014

    Prezado Cliente

    Você está convidado a Elite Expresso Limited. Serviço de Correio Expresso Elite aqui na Índia premier expressar provedor de logística. Estamos orgulhosos de manter a frota de correio que mais cresce no país o que nos permite atender a nossa crescente leque de clientes, incluindo as principais instituições financeiras, companhias blue chip, organizações do setor público, os partidos políticos e usuários pessoais.

    Sua parcela de conter o seu check ligado, cópias originais do certificado de segurança e documentos foram pego de escritório Mrs Ira Curry e está pronto para envio.

    Agora você pode começar a etapa final do processo de reivindicações, que é a transferência de seu prêmio em dinheiro para você através de um cheque certificado para a melodia do valor doado para você. Com relação a isso, existem duas opções abertas para você, você é obrigado a escolher o mais conveniente dos dois e imediatamente voltar para nós para a instrução adequada
    Iran pode me enviar um e-mail me contactando por favor

  24. Am Francis executive director of a community organisation called Kalambi community outreach project. it a non profit organisation with orphans and other vulnerable children found in central Uganda. I recieved a message teling me how we recieved $600,000. but am still wondering if it true. I need more clarification please.

    Thanks for hrlping

  25. O don’t know what to say accept, I pray this is legit. Both of my parents past a couple of years ago. They were pastors as well as foster parents. Their house has fallen into disrepair, but I would love to save it from foreclosure & restore it. It will’s make an excellent group home for transitioning foster children, from teen into adult living. Especially teen mothers. Hope u can help. Thanks!

  26. I recieved an email purportedly from Ira regarding a large cash donation, ($600,000.00). As much as I would love to believe it is real, I have researched and found there is a scam originating in India which is using this poor woman’s name and public winnings as a cover. This is too bad because I thought my prayers had been answered due to recent tragedies in my life and med bills which I will never be able to pay as well as losing my job and having a great deal of trouble finding anything to replace it. I wish these winners blessings and peace and I want to let anyone else who gets this scam letter/email to know about it. Unfortunately, there are people out there phishing for those of us in desperate situations with the intention of stealing what little we have. For the rest of you good people out there, keep your faith in the goodness in all of us and we will find a way through this. Love and peaceful blessings to you all. May the higher power that watches over us all find the ways and means to answer our prayers. Blessed Be. -JJP

    • Thanks Jay. I just got one two had two anuryersms one took my life then left me in a coma never expected to live walk or talk the second just as ba . Major Brian damage lost everything. Struggling to pay to rehabiltiate my Brian seizure disorder so many doctors six Brian surgiers in 5 years getting ready to lose my house need a car SSSI is nothing to live on. Was so hopefull . Thanks for saving me the disappointment 😇😇Joanna Kennedy find anything real please share.

  27. I have also received the email saying you would like to help less fortunate in my area….my husband and I both have lost our jobs and have now had to take menial and lesser paying ones to just have some kind of money coming in…and we have 3 yr old who we are struggling to take care of….my husband and I have been together since the 9th grade and will have been married for 10yrs in January….we have been through so much together, good and bad, and this email has made me think that there are people who truly want to help others….and one day when I am in a position to do so I will help young people who are honest and deserving… I hope this is real and you will be helping my family…I hope this is the correct place to contact you….I am asking for some more concrete proof of the validity of these claims before I give you my name address and phone humber, bc if you are in fact telling the truth you should be neither insulted or unable to answer my questions….thank you in advance!!!

  28. Mrs Ira Curry ( is this your real email address? it was sent to me from Gerstel, Marc J ( , saying the same thing you want to donate money to me. plz respond and tell me if its legit

  29. Mrs Ira Curry ( is this your real email address? it was sent to me from Gerstel, Marc J ( , saying the same thing you want to donate money to me. plz respond and tell me if its legit

  30. It’s hi how u doing?ok I hope fine as for when u get this letter of mine I don’t know if it’s true or not but I JUST received this email message today at 5:17p.m.from saying to reply with my occupation name and age and contact number and address the message said My wife and I{Ira curry are donating 600,000.00 to you. If it’s true or not please contact me and let me know Ira cause if it is true I could really use some help and help out a lot of people that’s sick and my mom for Christmas

  31. My name is shameccaware i got your email bout the donations. My address is 1431 Washington pike knoxville Tn.37917. My number is 865) 455-5876 or 865) 963-7889.. thank you may god bless i will use it
    for school.. help bless others..

  32. People please use some of the common sense god gave us. She’s a millionaire now and if she wanted to donate to any of us, do you honestly think she would be silly to make us pay for money that’s being given to us? If that’s the case if its 600,000 or 800,000 and the fee is lets say 500 why not deduct that from the donated money?? Come on people think…… Btw I got the same email.

  33. Ira Curry, recebi um emeio seu ou com seu nome me doando um valor de 3 milhões endereçado a mim no Brasil. Isso só pode ser falso. Estão usando seu nome pra aplicar esse golpe ou trote??


  35. Não apareceu ninguém aqui nos comentários pra dizer QUE JÁ RECEBEU O DINHEIRO SUPOSTAMENTE MANDADO POR IRA CURRY. Isso é mais uma prova que tudo isso é GOLPE PURO.

  36. É lógico que a senhora Ira Curry deve saber dos comentários das pessoas aqui neste site e em outros da interneti sobre as FALSAS doações dela, através de emails, pra essas pessoas. ISSO TUDO É GOLPE de bandidos que enganam e roubam o dinheiro dessas pessoas fazendo elas depositarem 260 USD numa conta bancária do Reserve Bank da Índia, que já alertou contra esse golpe em seu Facebook. Eu recebi os FALSOS emails de Ira Curry mas não cai no golpe ou farsa. As pessoas, muitas delas necessitadas e com problemas sérios, são enganadas, não recebem nenhum dinheiro e ficam tristes e decepcionadas por caírem no golpe dos bandidos que fazem isso. Até instituições de caridade caem nesse golpe. Por isso e por ter o seu nome e de sua família usados por bandidos pra enganar as pessoas a senhora Ira Curry deveria publicar um aviso na interneti esclarecendo que essa história de doação dela é GOLPE E MENTIRA pra roubar as pessoas. Até o Facebook dela está roubando as pessoas e pedindo 13 reais (dinheiro do Brasil) pra enviar emails pra caixa principal de emails dela. É um dever dela AVISAR as pessoas sobre isso na internéti, já que ela não pretende aparecer em público e agora tem muito dinheiro e tempo pra isso. Deixar as pessoas serem enganadas e tristes num golpe pelo uso do seu nome é maldade.

  37. Se a senhora Ira Curry NÃO se manifestar na internéti AVISANDO AS PESSOAS que receberam e mails falsos de bandidos doando falsamente dinheiro a elas e usando o nome dela ira Curry pra DAR ESSE GOLPE FINANCEIRO pra tirar dinheiro delas eu acho que a justiça dos EUA deveria condenar Ira Curry a pagar uma multa de 10 mil dólares pra cada pessoa e 30 mil dólares pra instituição de caridade que receberam esses e mails falsos com falsa doação deixando essas pessoas na esperança e depois na decepção por não receber a doação de Ira Curry. É evidente que Ira Curry sabe dessas falsas doações usando o nome dela e não deveria deixar as pessoas serem enganadas. Pagar 10 mil dólares pra cada pessoa que recebeu esses e mails falso não é nada pra Ira Curry que recebeu 125 milhões.