WATCH: United Nations Representative to Gaza Breaks Down Crying on TV

Christopher Gunness, a United Nations spokesperson working for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Palestine, has been a very visible presence during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gunness has always been able to keep his cool, that is, until today. Speaking to Al Jazeera Arabic, Gunness broke down and cried while discussing the fate of Palestinian children. You can watch the video above.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces shelled a United Nations-run school in which 3,300 civilians were seeking refuge from the perpetual bombing that’s rocked Gaza since early July. In the attack at least 19 people died and hundreds more were injured. Across Palestine, Al Jazeera estimates that 180,000 Palestinians are currently seeking refuge in 80 United Nations schools.

Israel-Gaza Conflict 2014: The Raw Videos You Need to See

Israeli sniper fire, a BBC reporter being attacked, IDF bombing of a Hamas tunnel. Gripping raw footage from the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

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  1. This is the fault of the United States, Britian, Egypt, and other countries that are backing Israel. I am more than appalled. Who ever backs Israel, your generations shall suffer ten fold.

  2. This is exactly what Hamas wants. They launched attacks from this location knowing it was a UN school harboring civilians including children, fully expecting an Israeli reprisal. Hamas is the one perpetuating the greater evil here for putting children and other civilians in harms way and forcing them to be killed!

    • Hamas isn’t the one firing the fucking rockets at the Palestineans! yes maybe they hide behind woman and children, but who’s worst, the one that hides behind the innocent or the ones that kills the innocent regardless? Hamas is considered a terrorist group because they kill innocent civilians but how is Israel any different

      • Hamas fires behind women and children, and he fires at Israeli women and children. We (Israeli) have no other way to STOP the Hamas other then firing back at the places he launches his rockets. We are sorry for it, but we will not stop. If someone fires at us from behind women and children, we will defend ourselves and shoot back. everytime. I suspect you all who sleeps good at night and does not wake up with his crying children to sound of alarms would do the same. It’s easy being right when you’re safe.

        • Except getting hundreds of millions to build missile defences, or shelters, or an early warning system. Shame on Hamas for not building that for their people eh?

          • Yes’,I’m happy we do have shelters and an early warning system. I would prefer that the palestinian people had warning system as well, and none of their cevilians was killed or injured. Shame on the Hamas that instead of using the money they have for tunnels of killing they didn’t use it to build Gaza as a good place to live in, as Abu Mazzen (Mahmud Abas) did over the west bank. If they had done this, and if they had droped their calling for the destruction of Israel from their political platform, they would not be under siege. It’s scarry living 100 km from a group that controll Gaza and calls for our destruction, even when we are not on war times.
            Israel evacuated Gaza on 2005, hopping for good times. The ‘phatah’ (the palestinian political group that governs now only the west bank now) was the government there at that time. but in 2007 The Hamas killed dozens of phatah group people and took over Gaza. A year(!) after that began war between Israel and Gaza. Hamas is an organization that calls for ‘jihad’, which means freeing all muslim lands once from not muslims regims these days. Israel is one of these lands according to them.
            We do not want wars. for a real promise for an everlasting peace most of the Israelis (70%-80%) will agree the give up many lands, and parts of Jerusalem, and help build a prosper Palestain state, a real neighbour. but no one can make this promise. and from the other side things are not the same. not because most of the palestinians doesn’t want this peace. they do. but they do not controll who their leaders are. and you have no real commitet leaders to make peace with, because they can be overthrown over night, or because some other group (Daesh, Islamic Jihad) would not agree to the peace agreemente conditions (many calls for freeing all muslim lands and they mean it) and start firing missiiles. In case of a peace agreement, Palestine border would be about 20 km from Tel Aviv (from the west bank side) and 50 km from other large cities in Isarel (from Gaza’s side). If any of these organizations
            which fights nowdays in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq would enter Palestain state and take over (they can) they would fire rockets from a very close range.
            in short, 70%-80% of Israelis are enough to promise keeping a peace agreement in case it would be signed (as Egypt and Jordan by the way which signed peace agreements with us and keep it’s terms). 70%-80% of Palestinian are not enough for that.
            I don’t expect anyone who isn’t facing these problems (and it’s good) to fully agree with me or fully understand. this is our lives at stake here and we can not take big chances with it.

  3. I recently saw photographs and video of hamas terrorists firing mortors from mosques,schools,a hospital,homes and underground tunnels. I also saw video of hamas goons peventing civilians from leaving targeted areas after being imformed by the IDF to leave the area. Mr Gunness is probably crying because weapons were found in three of the UN operated schools he is connected to. It’s tragic when you use children as shields in war. Why doesn’t this web site show the actual footage of what’s really happening in Gaza instead of selected footage. Why don’t you talk about the 150,000 Syrians that the terrorists have murdered ? Why don’t you talk about the 50 or more palestians hamas has murdered because they thought they might have been traitors? Why don’t you talk about ISIS and the thousands of their own people these terrorists murdered ? Why don’t you talk about the 60,000 or more Christians that have lost their homes,businesses or lives? Why is it OK for these terrorists to kidnap 230 or more teenage girls to use as sex slaves for these terrorist? Why is the media focusing on a small democracy trying to fight off terrorists instead of condeming the terrorists?

    • Hey Hosni, or whatever your real name is – actually I think you’re long gone and never going to read this response. People like you just trawl the websites and make this kind of baseless statements under assumed names. But just in case you do happen to come back, I’d like to put you right. You watched some videos you say, yeah, you’re the kind that sits in his easy chair watching videos all day and passing judgements based on what you see on videos by nameless people. You’ve never been to Gaza, you don’t know what it’s like to be in a war zone let alone a concentration camp that is Gaza. You have no idea what a person feels when he/she is told to leave your home you have three minutes before this property is bombed to smithereens. You wouldn’t know how a mother feels as she runs from that marked property carrying her two little babies clutching the only other treasure, a photograph of her murdered husband. You have no idea how far this mother with her two children and the photograph will get before that count down is over and the house is blown up. You don’t do you? You should Hosni, because this is not a story of a Palestinian mother, it’s a story of a Jewish mother running from the Nazis.
      As for Israel being a democracy, yeah it is a democracy, an apartheid democracy. Only Jews have votes, only Jews have rights to own property, only Jews can own businesses. Yup. It’s a democracy alright! Now go away and sit in your easy chair and watch some more videos but this time try and see if you can find something educational and truthful, if you can recognise it.

  4. fake, If you have ever cried over a loss,, the emotional aspect causes involuntary sobbing. This guy is a fake

    • Philip, You can’t stand to hear the truth. 20% of the population in Israel are Palestinians. They own property,businesses,can serve in the military, are members of the Knesset,can be and are Christians without being murdered and they have more freedom than in any Muslim country.The problem isn’t the state of Israel. The problem is the Terrorist organizations that basically control the lives of the 1,500,000,00 Muslims who control half of the world. I notice that in the half of the world controlled by muslims the bombings,murder, theft,rape ,poverty is rampant. In case you havent heard of Egypt ,Syria, Iran,Afganistan, Pakistan,Libia ,etc.,etc., you should check out what goes on and you might be surprised. I can admit to the truth, you are in agreement with terrorists and don’t care about the Muslim people just the terrorist leaders.