WATCH: CNN Claims It’s Illegal for Anyone But the Media to Read Clinton WikiLeaks Emails

In a CNN segment about the current political fallout surrounding Hillary Clinton and the ongoing leaks of the Podesta emails, anchor Chris Cuomo claims that it’s illegal for anyone but the media to read WikiLeaks.

This is incorrect.

However, in previous leaks, government employees were threatened with their jobs if they did view such material. In a December 2010 leak of classified military material, The New York Times reports the Obama administration and the Department of Defense ordered federal employees and contractors to not view them unless they had the security clearance.

But for the average American, viewing the material is protected under the First Amendment.

The above video was shared on a Reddit thread dedicated to conspiracy theories. In the thread, Redditors took digs at Cuomo for spreading false information so that the mainstream media could control the narrative of the Podesta WikiLeaks.

As one Redditor agentf90 put it:

How dare you try to read them for yourself instead of digest what we feed you!”

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Reads From WikiLeaks Script During Interview With Chris Hayes

In one of the recently hacked and released WikiLeaks John Podesta emails, a script is shown in an email chain prior to Hillary Clinton calling into MSNBC, proving Clinton reads from scripts during interviews and also suggesting mainstream media collusion.

Click here to read more

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  1. Too bad scumbag hillary. Your shit will be exposed one way or another…it’s up to stupid American people if they put you in power. Maybe they’ll realize their mistakes of the last 8 years and do something about it

  2. If the media was honest and impartial, we would not resort to reading emails on WikiLeaks! Media has shown its disdain for the American public with its biased so-called journalism. I prefer WikiLeaks

  3. “It’s illegal to possess these stolen documents.” – Chris Cuomo

    “Chris Cuomo says it’s illegal for anyone but the media to read WikiLeaks.”

    Thank goodness we have reliable news sources like you that don’t have to let silly things like factually reporting what someone says to get in the way of your narrative.

    • ” it’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from us.” He’s not making a distinction between read and possess. Obviously.

  4. Well…. You will elect her and we will abide but, don’t come crying to me in a year when your asking me why you did elect her in the first place. Our country has sunk to a low I doubt we can recover from this one. Mark my words!

  5. Cuomo and the MSM are irrelevant! Wikileaks is more relevant and consequential than all the MSM outlets combined. Thats the real story here.

    • But Americans are not listening to this. Only fox news and trump are speaking about this. He has to stick to these issues during the debate and from now on. Wake up america…you were stupid for 8 years supporting our ISIS loving mooselum president who wanted to Change america. It may even be too late

  6. The MSM polls are Democratic propaganda and False. When you see Trump rallys attracting 10-20k people, with thousands more being turned away, when Clint cant even fill a 1,000 seat auditorium, you tell me who’s really ahead? Have you seen all the negative postings on HRC’s twitter page? I will believe the People before i believe the corrupt MSM that are selling only tainted party koolaid.

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  8. What an arrogant dope. He thinks being a news reader allows him greater rights than other American citizens. CNN – news for douches presented by douches

  9. Cable TV Subscribers! Write to CNN, threaten to boycott all the products of their advertisers! That will get their attention! CNN doesn’t do journalism anymore, they do sensationalism, and flash-in-the pan, biased, political theatrics. I lost respect for pretty-boy Anderson Cooper years ago. Van Jones has an eternal chip on his shoulder, and finger-pointing, hot tamale Anna Navarro’s shrill voice is a total turn-off! If one were to cross-breed my 6th grade civics teacher and Jerry Springer you basically come up with the CNN Political shills!

  10. Donald threw his socks and underpants Pass it on:

    Well, being the brat I am, I can’t resist one more knock on those ladies who wrote to call me a neanderthal because I wrote here that crude speech about sex and genitalia were neither new nor bad. Their criticism was deeper, though: by saying he could grab any woman’s pussy, Trump was condoning sexual assault on women. By saying women welcomed his advances because he was a star, was simply more egregious — misogyny at its worst. Trump’s boast that he could grab women’s pussies, encouraged assault by men against women.

    Okay, got that?

    Now, picture this: a Tom Jones concert. (For you youngsters, Tom Jones was a Welsh singer who became uber-famous.) A friend of mine attended a Jones concert. He said as soon as Jones walked on stage, the largely female audience (thousands, for he drew huge crowds) erupted in crude sexual shouts, and showered the stage with a barrage of their panties and bras — not all of them freshly laundered?

    On this particular night, the female underwear was so deep that a man came on stage with one of those big, four-foot wide brooms, to sweep them off.

    Yes, women are so, so innocent. I am waiting to hear from the first emailer who says the women are excused, because Tom Jones was a sex object. Really? And who made him a sex object? Women. And who was he a sex object for? Women, lascivious , crude, sexually aggressive misandrists. (I feel horrible even saying this about women, mainly because it’s not true — but I’m making a point, because this is what women broadcasters say about Trump — and few women media types feel anything but a deep satisfaction from plastering the same epithets on Donald.)

    If women pundits call Trump a misogynist — i.e., a woman hater — because he speaks and acts [perhaps; nothing’s proven] crudely and aggressively toward women — then these millions of female Tom Jones fans are misandrists — i.e., man haters — because they obviously relish the male body and its trappings, and are crude and aggressive about it.

    Every one of those female audience members should be castigated for sexual assault — hundreds of millions of them! They’ve obviously behaved much worse than Trump. How many times have you seen Trump (or any man) throw his underpants at anyone, in public? If during the third debate, Donald threw his socks and underpants (his Depends?) at Hillary, would he be doing anything worse than millions of women have done to poor Tom? No.

    PS: Tom Jones, like Trump, is a Gemini.

  11. It is not illegal for me to down load leaked wiki-leak e-mails that are on the internet. I have been showing them to everyone at my husbands work. Already swayed 5 people from his work to vote for Trump instead of hillery. They have even changed political parties from demo-idiot to Republican just showing the e-mails about how corrupted she is!!