North Carolina GOP HQ Firebombing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

north carolina gop

The damage to the North Carolina Orange County GOP HQ. (North Carolina GOP)

A North Carolina Orange County Republican Party headquarters building was firebombed and vandalized in an incident the governor called an “attack on our Democracy.”

Hillsborough police are investigating the incident “involving arson and graffiti” that occurred overnight and was discovered around 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, October 16, according to a statement from the Town of Hillsborough.

A GOP official called the attack an act of “political terrorism.”

The attack comes as the contentious presidential election reaches its final weeks, with North Carolina being a critical swing state where polls are very tight.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Vandals Painted a Swastika on a Building & Referred to ‘Nazi Republicans’

The Hillsborough news release said that the building, located at 347 Ja-Max Drive in the Shops at Daniel Boone, “was struck overnight with graffiti and with a flammable material thrown through a front window of the headquarters.”

north carolina gop

Damage to the building. (North Carolina GOP)

“Words cannot describe the emotions you feel when you see something like this today,” said Dallas Woodhouse, the North Carolina GOP’s executive director, in a press conference. “There is a sign there that says freedom speaks. And that is where a significant Molotov cocktail, bomb, some kind of device went in. This is a horrific, horrific act of political terrorism. One we will not succumb to, and one we will answer. When people try to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, you must come back with more speech and aggressively defend your rights.”

Watch the GOP’s press conference here:

North Carolina Republican officials said in a news conference that they have been called Nazis and other names before because they are a small political minority in Orange County.

According to the news release, the graffiti — which included a swastika and the words “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” — “was spray-painted in black on the side of an adjacent building, Balloons Above Orange, 353 Ja-Max Drive.”

2. A Bottle Containing a ‘Flammable Substance’ Was Thrown at the Building

North Carolina GOP

More damage to the Orange County GOP building. (North Carolina GOP)

The flammable substance “appears to have ignited inside the building, burned some furniture and damaged the building’s interior before going out,” says the Hillsborough release.

The release added that the substance “was housed in a bottle thrown through one of the building’s front windows. No damage estimates are available yet.” The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has joined Hillsborough police in the investigation.

No one was there at the time, but the bomb went in under a couch where people frequently sit and rest after campaigning long hours, Woodhouse said. “We are just so lucky no one was killed.”

The party asked all of its county and district offices to close Sunday to give the party a few hours to assess the situation.

The officials said they weren’t going to let the Nazi Republicans get out or else graffiti intimidate them. “Or else what? Because we aren’t going anywhere,” said Woodhouse.

3. The Attack Was Criticized for Undermining ‘Integrity in Civic Participation’ & Democracy

north carolina gop

The office was a total loss, the GOP says. (North Carolina GOP)

Gov. Pat McCrory described the bombing as “an attack on our democracy,” said The Charlotte Observer.

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens released a statement that said the “highly disturbing act goes far beyond vandalizing property; it willfully threatens our community’s safety via fire, and its hateful message undermines decency, respect and integrity in civic participation.”

Stevens added: “I believe I speak for the overwhelming majority of people who make Hillsborough their home: Acts like this have no place in our community. Our law enforcement officials are responding quickly and thoroughly to investigate this reprehensible act and prosecute the perpetrators.”

Democrats created a GoFundMe account that crowdfunded enough money to fix the building.

4. Donald Trump Called the Attackers ‘Animals’ & Hillary Clinton Called the Attack Horrific & Unacceptable

north carolina gop

The Orange County Republican Headquarters building in North Carolina. (Town of Hillsborough)

Republican nominee Donald Trump had harsh words for the attackers on Twitter.

He also tweeted to North Carolinians: “Now we have to win.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton condemned the attack via Twitter on Sunday.

The North Carolina GOP tweeted back to Clinton, thanking her for the comment. In a response to Trump, the GOP said it was praying for the attackers.

According to CNN, the North Carolina GOP says the office is a total loss.

5. The Polls in North Carolina Are Very Tight

north carolina gop

The interior of the damaged building. (North Carolina GOP)

Hillary Clinton is ahead 2.9 percent in recent North Carolina polling averages, according to RealClearPolitics.

However, that is essentially in the margin for error of most polls, meaning the race in North Carolina is neck-and-neck. The tightness of the contest makes it a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election.

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  1. These are the same tactics used in Europe! These are the tactics,to use fear ,and intimidation against the Otherside! While these violent activities are occurring, they claim racism, as they have done in their new country Europe! Using the media to promote their agenda, this type activity is well documented in European news paper. President Obama has neglected his responsibility to the country and the American people !!
    President Obama,is refusing to ask, the American people for all of our assistance, and help with and cooperating with the police!
    President Obama sits idly silent, not concerned with public ,civil unrest. But! concern to save his legacy !!
    President Obama, has failed the American people ,by not asking for our assistance and cooperating with police! So that way, the police know ,we are ,not a threat to society.
    America is being attacked by terrorists, or ,is everyone not aware? Also, that police officers are being shot!
    President Obama, sits idly silent, but continues to attack the Constitution.
    America has been betrayed, by those, who are not ,concern of her values,and her freedoms.
    The Obama and Clinton administration, have turned their backs, on Republicans and Democrats alike !!
    The justice department is corrupt !! Branches of the White House are corrupt !! Hillary Clinton, believe she was under gunfire, on a Tarmac, but little girls, actually were handing her ,flowers! It’s not that Hillary Clinton lies ! She,believes that this actually happened !!!
    So,how do we all ,stop this betrayal, to our country !!
    How do we stop the Pirates at the helm ? We stop them, by voting for Donald J Trump.
    We have a contract with United States ! We are responsible for part of that debt ! We are also responsible, of choosing the one ,that will, get us out of that debt.
    Democrats and Republicans are suffering the same fate !!!
    This is very important,that we make, the right decision, our economic future depends ,on our decision !!
    The debt we owe, depends on our decision, in who, sits in the Oval Office.

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  2. “The Nazi Republican was left by near here,” so! ? the ISS terrorists were too close by him to attack people. more security needed for candidates. Corrupted democrats also need to engage on positive way rather than looking for negative feedback from elsewhere and focused on smear attacks to the presidency. people want to hear clear agendas and strategies not insulting.

    • I’m a Viet Nam Vet trained killer if one of you pussy Democrats touch my car cause I have an anti Hillary sticker,be prepared to get your stinking heads bashed in or better shot retards

      • So you’re a Killer ? That’s not something to be proud of, I know Vietnam Veterans who to this day who are traumatized by the things they saw & did these are Men of Honor they are repentant for what they did, you seem to think calling people pussys & retards makes you a Man but it makes you a fool, is your car worth a life, a car can be repair as good as new, a life can never be repair no matter if the wounds heal, I sure you have your own demons, do you really want another over a car ?

    • GOP had never played dirty tricks like Demonstrate goons . the failed president and the faild secretary state , both are to blame for the Rise of ISS around the globe . no strategy whatsoever on ISS like the president once said it .

    • A lot of us in town also think so. The whole thing smells bad. Hoping FBI finds out who did it — before the election.

  3. What would they do if we started bombing the Democratic organization here in corrupt Democratic Chicago I guess we aren’t that hateful and prejudice

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  5. Corporate media and establishment are waging psychological warfare together over trump supporters 24/7. Some idiots also went a little further by throwing firebombs .

  6. Look how that redneck republican applied ash like war paint. Totally fake. Like fire bombers really write a note as long as war and peace pathetic inside job

  7. Democratic protesters, have spit, damage private property ,assaulted Trump supporters.
    They have sead horrible, racial slurs! to peaceful people at Republican assemblies. The police have made several arrests concerning these issues.
    A two billion dollar lawsuit was filed against Obama and others, for their involvement in motivated comments, for civil unrest and rioting ,and violence against police officers.
    The Democratic party, has continued their verbal and physical assaults are peaceful people.
    But !! all along the Democrats have been screaming and racism !!
    Now they are claiming that the Republicans are the violent ones ?

  8. It’s good to know everyone is safe. Not taking the time to read the message, nor taking a review of every comment when the message has been with imminent danger involved, is unwise. People could possibly be PTSD over the carnage in South Carolina, not too long ago. The vehement tone of the campaign for the Office of Administering the Affairs of U.S.A. 2017 going forward; has been a retrograde igniting of dormant racism. From every corner of America we’ve seen carnage unprecedented. Blaming one party for the action, without investigating, is a dangerous presumptive conclusion. Just as wrong as the unknown perpetrator. You’re not leveling any type of resolution via a continuance of commentary that doesn’t diffuse a worry of an electoral process without fear or harm, to self or others that have a different opinion of who can govern the affairs of America.

  9. The North Carolina GOP HQ Firebombing may have been a inside job to raise sympathy for Donald Trump who is falling in the polls in NC, investigator say