Robert Creamer “Bob”: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Robert Creamer, bob creamer

Robert Creamer in a screenshot from the Project Veritas video,

Robert “Bob” Creamer is a long-time Democratic operative who is accused of being involved in alleged efforts to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies and possibly organizing voter fraud, allegations he denies.

Creamer was captured on undercover video recorded by Project Veritas. Project Veritas is spearheaded by conservative activist James O’Keefe, who has used undercover stings before to advance conservative causes, targeting organizations like ACORN, which does community organizing.

Scrutiny of Creamer has grown after Donald Trump mentioned the O’Keefe videos in the third presidential debate and as the Republican nominee continues to say the election might be rigged. In turn, Democrats and some in the media have sharply criticized Trump for the latter comments. According to USA Today, President Barack Obama said Trump had made voter fraud allegations “without a shred of evidence.”

Records revealed that Creamer, a felon, had visited the White House hundreds of times.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Creamer Is Discussed in a James O’Keefe Video on Alleged Incitement of Violence at Trump Rallies

In a video titled “Rigging the Election,” O’Keefe spoke with several Democratic officials who talked about tactics they allegedly use to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies.

The video placed the blame possibly back on a group of Democrats who are allegedly used purposefully to incite violent encounters during the rallies. O’Keefe spoke with Scott Foval, National Field Director for Americans United for Change, and Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, along with several activists.

CNN said the video showed “Creamer and other operatives purportedly discussing methods for inciting violence at rallies for the Republican nominee.”

According to NPR, the video captured Foval detailing “how he and other operatives recruit and train people to protest Trump events and to try to draw Trump supporters into physical confrontations. ‘There’s a script,’ he says. ‘Sometimes the ‘crazies’ bite … sometimes they don’t bite.'”

Foval denies the allegations, but the Wisconsin attorney general now says he’s going to review the allegations because Foval has worked in Wisconsin.

The video is edited, and O’Keefe has been accused in the past of editing footage in misleading ways, says CNN.

Trump brought up the allegations during the third presidential debate, and one of his sons also raised the video to the news media.

Project Veritas has released two videos. The Washington Times said the second allegedly showed “Foval brainstorming over ways to commit voter fraud, such as by busing people from one state to another, while appearing to indicate that it had already been done in Iowa.”

The Times alleges that the “same video shows Mr. Creamer discussing a proposal by a Project Veritas investigator to register people to vote illegally by setting up a shell corporation.”

The Times says another operative, Aaron Black, identified himself as “deputy rapid response director for the DNC for all things Trump on the ground,” and said he was with Creamer’s group, adding, “So the Chicago protest, when they shut all that, that was us. It was more [Mr. Creamer] than me…”

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2. Creamer Is Married to Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky

According to CNN, Creamer is married to a representative from Illinois, Jan Schakowski.

Schakowski is a Democrat. Creamer lives in Evanston, Illinois, said The Chicago Sun-Times.

According to Schakowski’s official bio, “Jan was elected to represent Illinois’ 9th Congressional District in 1998, after serving for eight years in the Illinois General Assembly.”

Her official biography says she is a member of House Democratic leadership.

“She is in her ninth term, serving in the House Democratic leadership as a Chief Deputy Whip and as a member of the Steering and Policy Committee,” it says. “She is a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, where she is the Ranking Democrat on the Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade

Creamer has strongly criticized Trump on social media.

Creamer’s Twitter profile says: “Robert Creamer of Democracy Partners has been an organizer and political strategist for 4 decades. Book-Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.”

Wisconsin Attorney General Reviews Project Veritas Video Voter Fraud Claims

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says he will investigate voter fraud claims against Scott Foval in the Project Veritas video.

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3. Creamer Was Helping Hillary Clinton’s Campaign but Resigned After the Videos’ Release

CNN reported that Creamer’s “organization was helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign” and added that he resigned Tuesday after the video’s release.

CNN said Creamer “was helping the Democratic National Committee with Clinton’s campaign while working for Democracy Partners, a progressive consulting group.” He also runs a group called Mobilize, which contracts with the DNC, said CNN.

Creamer told The Chicago Sun-Times “that O’Keefe’s allegations that he and his firm had a role in inciting violence at Trump events ‘are completely untrue.'” He said he was “stepping aside” anyway to avoid being a distraction “to the important task of electing Hillary Clinton and defeating Donald Trump,” said the Chicago newspaper.

Creamer is mentioned in some of the hacked WikiLeaks’ emails.

In the third presidential debate, Trump accused Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of being involved in inciting violence at his rallies.

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4. Creamer Has Visited the White House at Least 340 Times, Reports Say

robert creamer

Records from the White House visitor list.

According to The Chicago Sun Times, “White House visitor logs show Creamer has made 340 visits since Obama took office in January 2009.”

Senator Ted Cruz said at least 45 of those meetings were with President Obama and is demanding a criminal investigation.

The visitor logs are online and can be searched here.

Creamer told the Sun-Times, “The Obama White House has regular meetings of progressive organizations every week. Lots of people go, including me.”

Of the video, Creamer said, according to The Washington Times, “We regret the unprofessional and careless hypothetical conversations that were captured on hidden cameras of a temporary regional contractor for our firm, and he is no longer with us.”

The White House press secretary, Eric Schultz, said Creamer wasn’t at the White House “to meet one-on-one with Obama, although he left open the idea that they might have been in the room together,” according to Washington Examiner.

Schultz also said visitor logs sometimes show people were cleared to enter the White House but did not do so and added, “I don’t know if we’ve had the time to go back and look at every individual visit,” said the Examiner.

5. Creamer Was Sentenced to Prison in a Check-Kiting Scheme

According to The Chicago Tribune, Creamer has a criminal history; in 2006, “he was sentenced to five months in federal prison for bank fraud and a tax violation,” said the Tribune.

RedState says Creamer is a convicted felon.

The Tribune said the conviction involved a “check-kiting scheme to keep afloat an Illinois consumer group he had led. A federal prosecutor said Creamer stole money from banks…”

The Washington Times described Creamer as “a four-decade Democratic strategist who pleaded guilty in 2005 to charges of bank fraud and tax violations.”

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  1. This should be an insight into the depraved soul of a leftist radical and the heart of the Hillary Clinton campaign / DNC.
    It takes an extremely disturbed and morally bankrupt individual to knowingly and purposefully take advantage of and exploit a mentally handicapped person.
    Anyone even considering voting for a progressive is either ill informed, or embraces pure evil.

    • So what do the Democrats really think about black people ?

      they tell him we’ll give you a job now go be violent against those white people !

      Will give you a phone ! Now do as you’re told and go try to start a fights.

      Is this how they handle are international affairs ?

      Starting fights with other countries ?

      Then claiming that they are peaceful !!
      Yelling ! racism ! bigotry ! .

      Then leave thousands of blacks in poverty and laughing, and then saying, see how easy it is to fool these people, if they think you’re their friend and you’re going to help them, they’ll do anything for you.

        • Ok !black people are nice, and non-violent !

          Black people haven’t ; burned ! looted ! destroyed private property ! assaulted ! spit on peaceful protesters ! at a trump rally !

          I’m simply saying, don’t be stupid to fall for Democratic bullshit !

          For a telephone and possibly jail time !

          So, you don’t see any stupidity with that ?

    • Now there is a broader brush.. Anytime I hear “All this” or “Everyone that”, I know a person of low intellect is talking. Some of us “Radical Progressives” are voting “FOR TRUMP”. Do Try and climb out of the Troglodyte’s Marsh. You are making it hard to vote for someone of your Ilk.

  2. Creamer didn’t say anything about breaking any laws, and O’Keefe won’t release the unedited videos. O’Keefe’s record has ranged from sketchy to lawbreaking, so I’m not inclined to believe him without a lot more investigation first.

    • In response to how can I set up getting around voter registration law Creamer ” Let me put you in touch with the person running the Mexican campaign I’m sure we can help you out along those lines” Once a criminal always a criminal! You want more of an investigation even when it’s right in front of you? If only there were tapes like this from Hillary’s scandals Trump would have no opponent right now except Barnaby and that would no fight!

    • Precisely. The thing about O’Keefe & Project Veritas Action, is that it’s not until after the damage has been done, that the extent of O’Keefe’s fraudulent activities are more widely known.

  3. Why does the White House allow him access. A convicted criminal that continues to commit crimes. It makes me wonder if all of Washington officials have their arms open to evil people. Who really is running our government?

  4. He said he was “stepping aside” anyway to avoid being a distraction (COUGH COUGH, BS BS) “to the important task of electing Hillary Clinton and defeating Donald Trump,” said the Chicago newspaper. And he is turning his life around, going to go to college, and has found JESUS,

  5. This is another example of how corrupt our political system has become. Both major parties will do anything to gain and remain in power. Especially the democrats. I have one question regarding the way the democrats use the black minorities. They promise them anything and everything before each election. Then after the election everything stays the same. For example. The democrats have been in power in such major cities as Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City, Oakland, Houston, and on and on. So why is there such violence, mayhem and poverty for the minorities in these cities. The plight of the minorities and the poor whites grows worse while the political entities of these cities grows more rich and powerful. I say enough is enough we have to do something to rebuild the infrastructure of our nation and put our people back to work.

  6. So the AG for Wisconsin is the only official that has the cajones to take Robert Creamer’s activities serious enough to warrant an investigation. Folks, what worries me is that the liberal left, the Democrats, up to and including Barack Obama’s office, is trying to snooker the American people. Don’t let this continue. DO NOT VOTE FOR CLINTON. You may not like Trump, and I’m not saying vote for him. But what I am urging you to not do is vote for Hillary. Either vote Libertarian, Republican or don’t vote. If your conscience does not allow you to vote for Trump, no problem. Then don’t vote for the POTUS position. Hillary is bad for the US. I cannot figure out how she has fooled the American people.

    • Christian: Trump is already known for corrupt business activities. What makes you think his upcoming administration will be any different? He settled the lawsuits about his fraudulent “Trump University” operation for $25 million dollars, just to get it out of the way, and without having to admit guilt.

  7. Hilary is crooked and the democratic party. There will be a lot of scandals will follow in crooked Hilary’s presidency. She wants for her a name to be the president of America and husband was president. This will create history. For sure the country will suffer, there won’t be a strong government, there will be a scandalous government. Free student college tuition is absurd, a gimmick just to get college student’s vote. Country is waning. Russia annexed Crimea on the watch of Obama and Hilary. China building island military base in the middle of China sea. What happen to NATO coalition? Donald is right about it. Judge your vote, don’t throw it way because of listening bunch of deceiving media propaganda and Hilary’s posture.

  8. I am a left wing radical and have the patience to let things fail and the knowledge to know that we cannot force the future without suffocating freedom. The disturbances in Chicago actually helped the Trump campaign since his freedom of speech was being denied at the podium. Mr. Trump has the right to speak and to campaign. He became a victim in the eyes of many voters and his candidacy took off right after the incident. Rule number one in confrontational politics is to never ever demonize your opponent. Athletes learn that the hard way, suffering defeat after trash talking their opponents. Both of these candidates are spending too much time on nonsense. Chris Wallace deserves credit for standing up to the both of them.

  9. Tell me how he got the false ballots through the system? It’s a federal offense and a severe penalty. Each voter gets one ballot. In Ohio, drivers license with picture ID is preferred. Bill from utility or other company is acceptable. You must sign a book with your name in the book, that match. There is only one line and one signature allowed. Another person cannot sign, as they would have no line to sign on. They would also have no ID to replace you. In small towns, it would be virtually impossible to falsify a ballot. Election officials working the tables would know almost every person voting just through living in a small town. The voter marks his ballot and he himself places the ballot in the counting machine box slot. No one else touches his ballot. The sealed ballot box has a small computer for use at closing of voting. A printout sheet of each person and each ballot is made. If necessary, later ballots can be counter individually. The system works very well and is accurate.Fraudulent ballot votes would be very hard to accomplish. And the risk of federal offense is very high.

    • Ohio , Jefferson County , a stash of Ballot-Boxes with DNC straight tickets were found by workers in a Little used section of a warehouse , they stated that the boxes could be Picked up during regularly scheduled routes while going to the Official Counting Centers …

  10. You recite in your article that various sources “claim” that Creamer is a ex con convicted felon. Did you check the records to verify those claims, or just try to make people believe that it’s just allegations? Pretty dishonest reporting in my book. I read another one of your articles about Karena Virginia that failed to mention that she writes for the Huffington Post. Trump is totally right, the media is trying to rig the election, and you’re doing your part.

  11. This website seems fair and willing to allow people to express themselves. Wikl Leaks. $250 million to TCF from Muslim countries- up to $20 million from country who wants to stone homosexuals to death. Protests at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Clinton Foundation being quiet about Israel and only speaking about the country for donations. Using the mentally ill and homeless, giving them food and money to incite violent reactions at Trump rallies before entering the building. The uninformed voter will ”comply” to electing Clinton. A public servant does not have personal wealth of more than 100 million dollars. Trump on a short-list of 3 opponents Hillary said made sure were taken seriously, he was the least threat. Julian Assange. Mainstream media and the long trail of= Hillary wins. UNAMERICAN, AND she gave away ‘the button secret’ at 3rd debate, less than 4 minutes- nuke Americans faster than that. Susan Sarandon: Clinton ”more dangerous” than Trump. Voter Fraud. Deceased people’s ballots easily obtained. I’ve had messages deleted and obstructed for a week. I’m not remembering another new password- thank you,
    I wrote of this much better elsewhere. It doesn’t help. I like this website. The twitters of Roseanne Barr, Susan Sarandon and James Woods are very informative and a good place to start.
    I am afraid and also ashamed that I have ever voted democratic, which is the way that I have voted for all of my life.