Wisconsin Recount Update: Trump Loses 2 Votes; Stein Gains Most


Jill Stein. (Getty)

The first day of the Wisconsin recount is over, and, perhaps ironically (or not, depending on your perspective), it was Green Party candidate Jill Stein who gained the most votes in the updated returns.

(UPDATE: You can now see recount results for day 3 and 4 here. They show that Trump’s lead has grown slightly, now extending to a few dozen more votes.)

On December 2, according to the Wisconsin State Journal, a group of Donald Trump supporters asked a federal judge to stop the recount, saying it violates equal protection clauses because the state doesn’t have uniform standards for recounts and could miss the December 13 federal deadline for completing election results because of it. The judge ruled the recount will continue until at least a December 9 hearing.

Stein’s vote tally increased by 17 votes (she went from 7 votes to 24 in the only reporting county), according to the Wisconsin Election Commission’s day 1 spreadsheet. (The Commission is updating results each day. The day 2 results spreadsheet can be found here.

If some were hoping the recount would help Hillary Clinton and hurt Donald Trump, it didn’t on day 1 anyway. Hillary Clinton lost a grand total of one vote, and Donald Trump lost two. That means Trump lost a grand total of a net 1 vote on day 1 of the recount.

Wisconsin recount, wisconsin recount results

Tabulators work on recounting presidential ballots in Dane County (Wis.) on December 1, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Getty)

That’s not going to go very far toward flipping the state. Wisconsin has 71 more counties to go (including populous ones, like Milwaukee), and Trump leads by more than 22,000 votes. The recount is historic; it’s the first presidential recount requested by a candidate since 2000, says WTMJ-TV. Stein is also trying to force recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan; in Michigan, Trump has the ability to object to a recount, and he did so on December 1, calling it a “farce.”

wisconsin recount

Designated observes watch as tabulators work on recounting presidential ballots in Dane County (Wis.) on December 1, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Getty)

To be clear, the day 1 vote totals from Wisconsin don’t mean anything when it comes to predicting the recount’s outcome because of the recount’s snail’s pace; only one tiny Wisconsin county – Menominee – had completed its returns by the end of the day on December 1, the first day of the first 2016 presidential recount in the country. That was a county that went for Clinton. However, a smattering of other villages and towns had also completed their results, and no one was reporting much had changed. Examples:

It’s perhaps just ironic that it was Stein who pulled in the most new votes, gaining a grand total of 17 votes from Menominee County, which is the home of the Menominee Nation Indian reservation. Stein shelled out $3.5 million in donor money for the Wisconsin recount. However, it didn’t cost her very much in Menominee County. The Menominee only charged $200 for their hand recount, according to the Election Commission. In contrast, Milwaukee County is costing Stein more than half a million dollars all by itself.

This is what the Wisconsin Election Commission wrote about the day 1 returns:

“Menominee County has concluded its Recount for President, and its numbers are included in the spreadsheet. The minutes of each county board of canvassers will include an explanation of any change of 10 or more votes in a reporting unit. This is the explanation provided by the Menominee County Clerk for the differences in numbers between the canvass and the recount:

Johnson/Weld — different by 12 due to human error. Didn’t get added to our tally sheet.
Stein/Baraka — different by 17 due to human error. Wards 1,3,4,5 didn’t get added to tally sheet.”

The Excel spreadsheet itself compares the original vote totals to the recount totals. Here is what the spreadsheet said Menominee County reported. The rest of the spreadsheet was blank at the end of day 1 because, even though some other municipalities are done, no other counties as a whole are.

Original Vote Totals – Menominee County

Wards 1, 3-5

Trump :259
Clinton: 821
Stein: 0
Johnson: 0

Ward 2

Trump: 10
Clinton: 182
Stein: 7

Recount totals

Wards 1, 3-5

Trump 257
Clinton 820
Castle 3
Johnson 11
Stein 17

Ward 2

Trump 10
Clinton 182
Johnson 1
Stein 1

Read more about the Wisconsin recounts here:

Wisconsin Recount Results: Updates, Videos & Photos

Wisconsin recount results are trickling in and, on day one, Donald Trump gained a few votes against Hillary Clinton. See results, live videos, updates, photos.

Click here to read more

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  1. Well, clearly this recount isn’t going to change anything. But… It sounds kind of desperate to cheer when the only numbers reporting show Trump winning under 20%. Trump won, why you cryin’?

  2. There are only *2* out of more than 3,500 wards reporting, or 1,300 ballots counted so far out of 2,785,823. Maybe report facts better.

    • that number is actually impossible to suddenly appear unless a entire case of Trump ballots disappeared being strangely replaced with a case of Clinton ballots. Then again, they didn’t ask for this recount costing tax payers and contributors so much money needlessly so in my opinion something is up. Notice already in Menominee alone, Stein on first count and recount had 0 votes and now on this recount alone suddenly 17 ballots show up in her favor…. hmmmmm That’s an impossible number for so few people/voters then the counts to be off by that much TWICE.

  3. president trump sounds great to you,electoral college and the very few people who voted for him,will soon be tired of him.SORE WIN.

    • AMERICA voted for him! I can’t even understand how anybody voted for Clinton unless you love illegals and terrorists and have no love for your family and well being, it makes no sense to me? Americans are your family do you understand that? Think about your kids!

      • Less than half did. Seeing as how we’re all illegals and terrorists. Seeing as how we support our families and think that they all deserve respect, not just the white males, that’s maybe where you lose the “sense” of it all. Americans are my family, that’s why I voted for Hillary, the president who would leave something better for my kids.

        • Do the research on Hillary. You’re suggesting you voted for Hillary because you didn’t like trump. Dumb reason. Hillary voters are totally clueless or dumb to be honest. She has dementia, parkinsons, she is a bully for her husband when he gets in hot water with a woman. People wind up dead. She is lazy, corrupt, and part of the reason minorities have gotten POOEER under Obama. What a joke.

        • Less than half did…AND? That’s not the way our system works. Our system is made to let the nation as a whole decide, not some groups in the most populated cities. If that was the case, presidential nominees could just campaign in the big cities and not even care about all the people on the outlying counties.
          Let me ask you this….its about illegals. Every day illegals come into this country. Who pays for them? We do. Our taxes go up, our healthcare goes up, insurances go up, our crime goes up, more and more people tax our system.
          Go next door to your neighbor and tell him you’re going to pay him $50 every two weeks. If that seems stupid, then so does you and I going to work every day, working hard, earning something only to have someone else take it.
          Why don’t we all just get on the system? Eventually, the system folds.
          I don’t agree with the process to become a citizen, it shouldn’t take as long as it does…but people that don’t ARE BREAKING THE LAW.

  4. Laughing at the electoral college product comment.
    The fact that our forefathers had the brains to create such a brilliant system just goes to show how dumb people are today.

  5. What Jill Stein and democrats are up to? They know there’s nothing wrong with the results. I think someone (probably Soros) is behind this, giving this green party candidate millions of dollars to expose herself as a con woman (at least she will have a lot of green bills in her bank account.) At the end, their objetive is to delay the recount and refrain the state from reporting the results by December 13 federal deadline.

    • “They know there’s nothing wrong with the results.”

      But apparently there is something wrong with your reading comprehension, as Jill and the other minor party candidates already seem to have initially been cheated out of some votes and most of the state has yet to be recounted. Re-read the article again, assuming you actually read it in the first place and you’re not here to ignorantly bash what you view as the opposing side (elections/the future of our country ARE NOT a football game).

    • Very true. she may not be after the alleged lost votes for her but rather to remove the whole state of Wisconsin out of the whole process. I will not be surprised to see efforts to stall the recount for the state to miss the Federal deadline. like saying: If i cant have this state, no one will.

  6. will it not baffle all of you including trump that after vomitting nonsense and talking trash,hillary will emerge the next occupant of the white house come jan 20,do you want to think it cant happen,just get ready to be shocked.anything can actually warned.

    • The simple fact that you would want that racist, corrupt woman anywhere near a position of leadership means you didn’t research anything.

      • The fact that you think one is corrupt and not the other doesn’t make sense to me. They are both very corrupt, and prejudice. Trump is already doing illegal shit, things that are strictly forbidden in the constitution and he has not even be inaugurated yet. He has backed out of a bunch of his promises. He is in the white house to make money- just like her. She is just better at hiding it. The only people who stood to win in this election was whoever won the presidency, their masters, and people like them. They do not give a shit about you, or your families- other then how much revenue that can be brought in. That is it.

  7. I wonder how many more minor party votes were disappeared in the initial vote count? Keep the recounts going, let’s salvage some integrity in our country’s electoral process, even though the comments below me seem to portray an electorate that treats an election more like a football game instead of the important process to determine our country’s future that it is.

  8. Appears to be about a 2% error (difference of ~20 votes out of over 1000 total, error apparently “lost” Stein votes in Ward 2) over the total number of ballots cast in that small sample of 5 wards. If that translates statewide, we could be in for a bumpy ride. Already worth every penny.

  9. to shaner,everyone knows who the rascit is,so donot mock yourself,if you have being researching you would know by now how many hate crimes perpetuated in his name,i already told you people to get ready to be shocked in a world that anything can happen.