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WATCH: Navy Tests Electromagnetic Rail Gun

The Navy’s new electromagnetic rail gun is seriously cool. See it in action here.

WATCH: Wisconsin Highway Shut Down by Snowy Pile-Up

Venom #TruthinJournalism Reveals The Creepy Side of Eddie Brock

WATCH: Top 10 Red Bull Flugtag Crashes Highlight Innovative Stupidity

Hot on YouTube: Astronaut Karen Nyberg ‘How I Wash My Hair in Space’

Red Bull’s Flugtag Invades Hong Kong

Red Bull’s Flugtag is crossing the Pacific and bringing the daredevil stunts to Asia!

WATCH: All the Action From Red Bull’s Flugtag Miami

Ken Block Annihilates the Russian Countryside in Crazy New Video

WATCH: Jetpack Technology Let’s You Turn Yourself Into a Dolphin

Peruvian Striker Scores After Goalkeeper Faints [VIDEO]

Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit Pulls Off World’s First Car Backflip [VIDEO]

French stuntman Guerlain Chicherit is the only person in the world who can say they successfully landed an unassisted 360-degree car backflip.

WATCH: Mouse Release Gone Wrong is a Hilariously Dark Reminder of the Law of the Wild

WATCH: Guy Nearly Gets His Face Clawed Off During Bobcat Rescue

WATCH: Firefighter Helmet Cam Supercut is Real Life ‘Rescue Me’

WATCH: The Tallest Fireworks Display from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower

WATCH: Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Up Baby, Fake or Real?

WATCH: Beer Orchestra Prank Freaks Out Shoppers

WATCH: Man Tempts Fate with Insane Cliff Swinging Stunt

The Ultimate 2012 Hot Girls Failing Compilation Video!

Meanwhile in Scandinavia… Souped-Up Tractor Racing

Now this is how you do farming, motherf**kers!

WATCH: NYPD Helicopter Makes Rooftop Rescue in Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy vs. Idiot on a Jet Ski

Drunk Girl Learns the Hard Way Not to Curse at Random Strangers

VIDEO: Phoenix Subway Ninja Breaks Up Fight

SHARK RESCUE: Man Drags Razor Toothed Beast Back to the Sea

Nothing to see here, just a dude dragging a live man-eater back into the ocean by its tail.

The 10 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

WATCH: Insane Leopard Attack Caught On Camera — Cat Body-Slams Deer

Watch a Vietnam Cop Cling to Speeding Bus ‘Die Hard’ Style

Torchnado! Fire Tornado Flames Up Aussie Outback

Girl With No Arms Puts on a Bra with Her Feet (VIDEO)

Tisha is an amazing woman, and it’s pretty cool that she lets us watch her get dressed.