Bear Chases Skier Down Ski Slope: VIDEO

bear chases skier down ski slope

YouTube/Adrian Stoica A bear chases a skier down ski slope

A viral video captured a bear chasing a skier down a ski slope. It happened in Romania, and it’s the second time since January, 2020.

Here’s the most recent video. It shows the bear chasing the skier, a ski instructor, who keeps just ahead of the large animal. Eventually the bear gives up and goes in the woods, never catching up to the skier.

Bear Chases Skier Down SlopesTheir interaction started out innocent enough, but when a skier took off down the slopes, a bear was on his tail. It happened in Central Romania. It must have been difficult to ski and record the bear at the same time, but this man pulls it off. The bear was in hot pursuit for quite…2021-03-11T19:25:57Z

According to ABC News, the most recent incident occurred at the Predeal Ski Resort in the Transylvanian mountains of Romania. It was the second time since January that a bear was captured on video chasing Romanian skiers at that resort, and it’s believed that the two bears doing the chasing are brothers.

Romanian Environment Minister Barna Tánczos told UPI that officials may relocate the bear. He said that the country has a high population of bears and the country is trying to find a solution. The ski resort is located in central Romania.

Here’s what you need to know:

The January Bear Chase Was Also Captured on Dramatic Video

Bear chases skier down mountain in Romania | ABC NewsA skier in Romania had a lucky escape when he was chased by a brown bear down the slopes this week with onlookers saying the skier's quick thinking probably saved his life. Full story:

Another video captured a different bear chase from a distance in January, 2020. The skier in that chase threw down his backpack, which may have distracted the bear and allowed him to escape.

According to UPI, the January bear video was filmed by skiers who were sitting on a chair lift when the chase occurred.

“He did a pretty cool move, which is a really safe one when you want to get away from the bear,” Angel Somicu told ABC News. “He dropped his bag off, and, well, the bear was dragged towards the bag.”

Skiers ran when they learned a bear was chasing a skier. “Ski patrol stopped us told us there was a bear at the bottom of the slope,” Jenei said. “All the people that were down there threw their skis down and ran from the slope,” ABC reported.

“The skier did the right thing,” Ion Zaharia, a police spokesperson in Brasov, Romania, told ABC News. “The bear was distracted by things inside his backpack. We are considering to relocate the bear, who should be hibernating now, anyway, but in recent years, we have more bears confronting skiers in the winter.”

A Ski Instructor Filmed the Most Recent Video

According to ABC News, Ski instructor Adrian Stoica filmed the most recent video. He told the network that he was checking ski slope conditions when the bear came out of the woods and began chasing him down the ski slope.

“As I was skiing down the mountain, a bear suddenly appeared on the slope and a group of at least 15 skiers was trapped on the spot,” he said to the network. “I told them to try to chase the bear away by making noise and shouting. It did not work.”

He added, “I slowly waved my arms, slowly moved out of the group and made the bear come after me as he was really close to the group,” he said. “I was just hoping that the bear would get tired and would go back to the forest.

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