Best of Netflix: Great Soundtracks

Sometimes a good movie can be made even better by a good soundtrack — and sometimes a really bad movie can be redeemed by its music. Here are a few flicks available for your instant viewing (and listening) pleasure that may sound better than they look.

Today In Music History: Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

Robert Allan Zimmerman turns 70 years old today. A seminal figure in the history of modern music, he had as many critics as he did fans. In these clips from the early 60’s (and part of a documentary) he completely flummoxes the press who are trying to force him to explain who and what he is.

Bob Dylan’s “No Direction, Period”

Bob Dylan’s had a lot of hits under his name, but few know that he’s actually responsible for EVERY hit over the last 30 yrs. ‘Toxic’ – him, ‘Baby Got Back’ – him, ‘My Hump’ – yep, that’s him too.

Full Release: Music

After last week’s over-the-top cheesefest, the record industry has seen fit to smile upon us with some actually good releases. Of course, there’s some garbage music for Moms in there too, but we can’t have everything.