A petition for a second EU Referendum has received millions of signatures. But can Britain hold a second vote?

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After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Scotland politicians suggested that another referendum for independence might happen soon.

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A video alleging to show a Brexit vote counter erasing a vote and writing a new one in has gone viral. Paul Joseph Watson shared the video on YouTube.

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Wondering how to watch live coverage of the Britain European Union Referendum? We have all the details here.

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The polls are expected to be close between voters who want to ‘Brexit’ the European Union and those who want to remain.

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The Referendum on European Union membership Thursday will determine whether Britain votes to leave or remain within the EU. Just how likely is a ‘Brexit’?

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UK voters go to the polls Thursday to decide whether to leave or remain in the European Union. Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Brexit’ EU Referendum.

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The German parliament officially recognized the massacre of millions of Armenians as genocide, angering Turkey.

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The German magazine Der Spiegel is reporting that right on the European Union border in northern Bosnia, rural towns are flying the Islamic State black flag and practicing sharia law.

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A day after the Islamic State purportedly released a new video allegedly showing the Paris attackers training for the November 13 attacks, Europol says they are planning more attacks in Europe.

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Two new videos purportedly released by the Islamic State take advantage of the European immigrant crisis. They are the third and fourth released by ISIS.

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2 new videos purportedly released by the Islamic State warn refugees fleeing from Syria about the “crusaders” and what they have in store for them in Europe.

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A Hungarian man who brought goods to stranded Syrian refugees in Hungary was practically robbed of the items by a gang of young boys before he could hand them out.

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A Greek F16 fighter jet has crashed at Albacete air base in central Spain, killing 10 people including the 2 pilots onboard.

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Google has agreed to make “significant” changes to avoid fines. Here are some fast facts about this tech giant’s EU antitrust case.

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A Reddit-user in the Russophere broke down the Ukrainian revolution in a way that even Westerners can understand—with pictures and maps!

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