Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson In The Studio With Billy Corgan

Okay, this is just weird. Bubble-headed pop starlet and Trainwreck 100 inductee Jessica Simpson has returned to the studio to start work on a new album. The weird thing? Who she’s doing it with. New boyfriend Billy Corgan. Yes, the Smashing Pumpkins guy….

The 20 Hottest Music Videos

Music videos just get dirtier and dirtier. And we like it! Here’s our picks for the 20 sexiest ever aired.

Breaking: Jessica Simpson’s Dog Eaten By Coyote

BREAKING: JESSICA SIMPSON’S DOG EATEN BY COYOTE. SEE HER HORRIFIED TWEET ABOUT IT AFTER THE BREAK. She offered a reward. For her dog. That was taken by a coyote “right in front of our eyes”. Does she think the coyote just frickin’ stashes them…