Lavigne and Marilyn Manson, what does Chad Kroger have to say about this?

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Celebrate Friday the 13th with a few celebrity ghost stories. Hear spooky first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters from Joan Rivers, Marilyn Manson, and others!

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Paris Jackson’s uncle, Jermaine Jackson, comments on her suicide attempt claiming “she needs discipline.”

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Marilyn Manson reaches out to Paris Jackson with kind words after she attempts to commit suicide. Details and video coverage here.

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Marilyn Mason where have you been? Other than some recent gossip that he’s now dating Lana Del Rey, there hasn’t been much news about Brian Warner. Perhaps because he’s been working on new album Born Villan. If this lead single is any indication, sounds like Mr. Manson has left the industrial days behind in favor of hard, glammy rock. Not bad.

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Think you know funny? Come up with the best caption for this ridiculous picture and we’ll give you fifty bucks.

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