Big spoiler on the “True Blood” finale as Sookie kills her first love Bill with a stake through the heart. RIP Bill.

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true blood finale

True Blood debuted its series finale on August 24. Here’s what happened as we bid farewell to the residents of Bon Temps.

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As the finale of True Blood is upon us, let’s remember Bill and Sookie through the loves, the deaths, and the memories.

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Here are all the spoilers, predictions, and video clips from the series finale of True Blood for all you fans to sink your teeth into …

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vergara butt

Sophia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are the newest Hollywood It couple. Here’s what you need to know about how they met and where they’ve been spotted lately.

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Joe Manganiello Death, True Blood Death Scene, Alcide's Death Scene, Alcide Dies, Alcide Killed, Alcide Dies

True Blood had a shocking death on tonight’s episode. Watch the “killer” scene of Alcide Herveaux right here.

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lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan plays sex researcher Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex. As the show enters its second season, let’s look at the 31-year-old’s career history.

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True Blood Tara Thornton, True Blood Premiere Season 7, True Blood Premiere Deaths, True Blood Season 7 Deaths

Of course the premiere of “True Blood” had to kick things off with a major death …

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Twitter is abuzz with tweets to celebrate the final premiere of “True Blood.”

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true blood season 7, joe Manganiello shirtless

Joe Manganiello’s back in Season 7 of True Blood, bringing his good looks and six pack to the role of Alcide. In the premiere, he has a hot scene with Sookie.

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