Forrest Timothy Hayes: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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(Twitter/Forrest Hayes Memorial)

Google exec Forrest Timothy Hayes died on his yacht under mysterious circumstances. His alleged killer, Alix Catherine Tichelman, has been arrested. Police say that Tichelman and Hayes were engaged in a “pay for sex” relationship, and that Tichelman injected Hayes with an overdose of heroin. Here’s what you need to know about Hayes and the circumstances surrounding his demise.

1. Alix Tichelman Allegedly Watched Hayes Die

alix catherine tichelman


Tichelman, pictured above, allegedly provided Hayes with heroin. Tichelman reportedly injected Hayes with the drug while the two were on Hayes’ yacht in Santa Cruz. When Hayes began to overdose, Tichelman allegedly consumed a glass of wine and left the scene without calling 911.

USA Today reports on the crime, pulling info from news stations near the Santa Cruz area:

“‘She showed no regard for the victim. She showed no attempt to even try to render aid or get aid there to assist him,’ Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Steve Clark told KXTV-TV in Sacramento.

The boat’s captain found Hayes’ body the following morning.”

Tichelman may also have been involved in the death of former boyfriend Dean Riopelle, who died just months before Hayes. The investigation into Riopelle’s death has been reopened in the wake of Tichelman’s arrest.

2. Hayes Met Tichelman Through a ‘Sugar Daddy’ Website

alix Catherine Tichelman, google exec, Alix Tichelman, Forrest Timothy Hayes, forrest hayes, forrest hayes murder, forrest hayes memorial site

(Seeking Arrangement)

Business Insider reports that Hayes and Tichelman first connected through a “sugar daddy” website called SeekingArrangement.

Seeking Arrangement bills itself as “the leading Sugar Daddy dating site where over 3 million members fuel mutually beneficial relationships on their terms.” The “About Us” section of the site notes that Seeking Arrangement features users from 139 countries. The average time it takes for a new user to make a connection is five days.

3. Forrest Hayes Had a Memorial Site

alix Catherine Tichelman, google exec, Alix Tichelman, Forrest Timothy Hayes, forrest hayes, forrest hayes murder, forrest hayes memorial site

(Forrest Hayes Memorial Site)

On a memorial site set up after his death, friends and family have shared stories about Hayes. One story shared on the site revolves around Hayes and his somewhat unorthodox approach to vacation planning:

“A few years back shortly after his twins were born, he was planning a trip to Hawaii. We had recently completed an extremely challenging manufacturing ramp for one of the Apple products and, he certainly deserved a break! While a few of us were walking down the sidewalk near IL6, Forrest casually mentioned about how he was taking the whole family and the baby sitters along for the vacation. We paused for a second and tried to clarify – did you just say sitters? Like in ..more than one? With out any hesitation, he confirmed what he just said and went on to say ‘They too work hard ..and they deserve a break as well.’ He made sure that the baby sitters would enjoy the vacation just as much as he would and went out of his way to make sure they are part of the family vacation.”

The site has since been taken down by its owner, but you can still view the site via this Google cache.

LISTEN: Alix Catherine Tichelman’s Chilling 911 Call

Listen to this chilling 911 call made by suspected murderer Alix Catherine Tichelman.

Click here to read more

4. Forrest Hayes Worked For Google & Apple

Forrest Timothy Hayes, forrest hayes google


According to the LA Times, Hayes was previously employed by big Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple, and Sun Microsystems. The Daily Mail adds that Forrest Hayes also had work experience in the auto industry. His auto industry experience pre-dated his Silicon Valley days.

The Sacramento Bee notes that Hayes was involved in a number of high-profile projects at Google, including Google Glass and the Google X innovation lab. He was described as “practical” by his work colleagues.

5. Forrest Hayes Is Survived by 5 Kids, Wife

alix catherine tichelman


Despite the fact that Hayes allegedly spent his last moments on the planet next to Alix Tichelman (pictured above,) Hayes was widely perceived to be a devoted family man.

In his obituary, Hayes is said to have five children with his wife of 17 years, Denise. Hayes is said to have “passed away unexpectedly,” with the obituary making no mention of the drugs or salacious circumstances of his death. The yacht, however, does get a mention in the obit:

“Forrest will be remembered above all as a loving husband and father. More than anything else he enjoyed spending time with his family at home and on his boat. His brilliant mind, contagious smile, and warm embrace will be missed and cherished in memories by his friends and family.”

USA Today notes that it is somewhat ironic that Hayes was described by friends as “practical,” given the circumstances surrounding his death. USA Today added “friends writing remembrances [of Hayes] almost universally recall a caring boss with a deep passion for his family.”

The Daily Mail writes that Hayes had “other liaisons” with women, in addition to Alix Tichelman.

Alix Catherine Tichelman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cops say this high-priced hooker murdered this Google exec with a heroin injection and watched him die — on camera.

Click here to read more

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  1. This man died while doing heroine with a prositute…I have absolutely NO empathy for him…Think of the embarassment he has caused his wife and 5….5! children…disgusting fat pig

  2. Perfect death for a rich married Democrat with five children. Hopefully, the wife will come to her senses, forsake her liberal friends, become a conservative, and give her kids a chance.

    • Maybe she will become a christian extremist. Puratinism and luck of reflection are not traits of conservative and they give it a bad rap. Time for a third party call the extreme Puritan front.

    • Dude, seriously? Liberals and conservatives are horrible things to be. I hope she doesn’t become one of those.

    • Let’s face it. The reason that the cheating husbands are all Democrats is because the Republicans have absolutely no sex appeal!

      • Trudy shame on you – – they have sex appeal you just missed the BREAKING NEWS Rep. Henry Hyde Broke up a family during his seven year adulterous affair!
        Mike Bowers Cheated on his wife for FIFTEEN YEARS!
        George Bush Linda Tripp says had he an affair with a woman named “Jennifer”
        Newt Gingrich Dumped his ex-wife while she was in a hospital bed suffering from cancer….
        Bob Dole Cheated on his first wife with his current wife, Elizabeth Dole.
        Former Rep. Bob Dornan Reported to have cheated on and beaten his wife.
        John Linder Has a wandering eye for his female staff members.
        Ronald Reagan Dumped Jane Wyman by cheating on her with several Hollywood starlets
        William Cohen Dumped his white wife for a new black one.
        Guy Millner Has been married three times, partly because he has sex with women he isn’t married to….
        Rush Limbaugh Fat as he may be, he cheated on two of his three wives…
        Mitch Skandalakis Hired hookers from his Las Vegas hotel room!
        Michael Deaver Was so drunk he doesn’t remember hiring hookers…
        John Warner Dumped his wife for Elizabeth Taylor…
        Bill Randall A Florida Congressional candidate and minister, he fathered an illegitimate child during his affair!
        Bill McCartney Promise Keepers founder who didn’t keep his Promise to his wife and then lied about it for 20 years!
        Rep. Dan Burton Had at least six adulterous affairs, and fathered a bastard son who, today, he ignores!!
        Rep. Bob Barr Cheated on all three of his wives – and coerced one into having an abortion – then lied about it!
        Rudolph Giuliani Boffs his assistant in Gracie Mansion while his wife stays home with the kids!
        Sen. Strom Thurmond Cheated on his fourth wife at age 88!!
        Gilbert Davis Paula Jones’ attorney, who allowed himself to be videotaped DrUnK during his adultery!
        Bob Packwood Drank huge amounts of hard liquor and then tongue-kissed his female staffers against their will!
        Gov. Kirk Fordice Got so hopped up by his mistress that he crashed his Jeep Cherokee and got himself hurt!
        Beverly Russell The Christian Coalition coordinator who molested his stepdaughter Susan Smith, who later killed her own kids.
        Marv Albert Calls himself a Republican, bites his longtime mistresses, and has sex with her while wearing women’s panties!

    • As if Democrat v. Republican has ANYTHING to do with this. Know the old saying, power corrupts and corrupts absolutely? THAT is, most likely, the guilty party. Plenty of Democrats raise honest, hard working, faithful (to God and to each other) families with strong values. Your prejudice is way, way out of line. No wonder the two parties can never work intelligent compromises, if this is how Republican constituents think.

  3. I live in Sillycon Valley and found out last year that the prick I married is just like Forrest Hayes, except unfortunately he hasn’t met the right heroin addicted whore. I agree with Tammy – despicable scumbag.

  4. He threw it all away. Had a dream job, supposedly happy family life. Chose to spend time with a hooker who sunk him to her level, shooting him up. Too bad he suffered such weakness to choose to be with her. I feel bad for him, his widow, his children, the family of the hooker. She needs to be put to death. If they put her away for life instead, hope she rehabs via methadone, finds religion, and helps others. But it will never erase the life she ended and the lives she brought such pain to. From what I see in the media, Heroin is absolutely horrible. Look at Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith. It kills young, old, rich, poor, and makes users Walking Dead. Very sad story. Instead of paying $1000 to have sex with that dirty tramp, he should have donated it to anti-drug education or programs to curb gun violence in Chicago. If you watch Drugs Inc on TV, I don’t know how you could ever ever think Heroin is a good thing.

    • sad what happened, but he’s like 80% of the men, isn’t he ? : cannot refuse a good girl…. he was just unlucky to find that one…

      • Yeah you men. A lot of businesses men live double lives. Happy family at home with no time to experiment in bed. This guy just got a bit bored with his sextile and made a very bad choice. Many of you men sitting out there with your high moral, you just didn’t get caught yet. Men with money get bored and want more more more. And you pricks out there are just jealous that you can’t afford the the lifestyle yourselves and getting a hard on by judging other people… You are miserable

      • hysterical rather, yah it was all ‘that dirty tramp”s fault
        They need to make the world safer for priviledged males, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Oh my! Imagine if she was the one who od’d. She would have been over the side of the boat and no one would ever have heard of her.

    • Common sense is not so common… 65 million years ago happened the Greatest Holocaust of Life on Earth… where the best of the planet died.

      Who inherited it? descendents of cockroaches and rats….

    • Alix Tichelman is charged with Involuntary Manslaughter.

      According to California Penal Code Sections 192. & 193.:

      “in the commission of an unlawful act, not amounting to felony; or in the commission of a lawful act which might produce death, in an unlawful manner, or without due caution and circumspection.”

      “Involuntary manslaughter is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 for two, three, or four years.”

  5. He deserved to die, going on a sugar dad website, which mean he has been there before. She should not have injected him with Heroin but she is a HIGH CLASS PROSTITUTE! and anyone who lives in the real world knows ‘those biches crazy’ money for sex? yeah more than one line has already been crossed before. And then he has 5 kids? and this article “STATES” that he was a family man come on a FAMILY man does not do this he probably had plenty of prostitutes and when does get uncovered it will be so funny!. But obviously its wrong. And I am laughing at this because well he thought by having money that would make someone not kill him, silly silly.

    • I sure wouldn’t call her high class anything. are you kidding? that broad is the ultimate in sleaze. good lord, the tattoos alone scream I have a disease! I’m a skank! she looks infected AND possessed. who in their right mind would touch some nasty looking woman like that. she looks like she’s going to kill you. and yes, the fat dad premeditated his nasty actions. I know lots of very successful men who have absolutely beautiful wives but they just love that trash – they love hookers. what a complete turnoff for any self respecting woman. in the end, it always destroys the men (reap what you sow) but they just can’t see it – and of course the family is ripped apart as well but it isn’t like these wives don’t know something is amiss – some women I know, know their husbands get with hookers and bring other women into their bed… they seem to be silently enraged but yet powerless to stop it if they want the life that comes with it. it’s pitiful. they sell their souls for what? and what is even a sadder fact is fat dad is now living in hell for an eternity. sad indeed.

  6. I am a software developer and mathematician and work for myself, even if at a lower salary than doing anything for those mammoth companies, and creating the next big thing. Not sure why each one of us should be compelled to support an inverted pyramid of 50-100 people sitting on top of what we create and sucking all the money that should be going to us. All it takes is a computer and skills and an idea to make it happen… the old days of “teams” and “corporate” BS are over… Long live functional programming and the Billionaire Artisan. And none of what we create will go to support overpriced bimbos paid for by “good caring family men” like these.

    The dude probably had no clue about programming yet shames our profession.

  7. Bwahahahahahaha oh tech industry, please keep churning out these pinnacles of nobility. No wonder you look down on the unwashed masses.

    Hooker + yacht + heroin = permanent vacation.

  8. “Hayes was widely perceived to be a devoted family man.” The key word here is “perceived” — which shows how good he was living a life of duplicity…as many try to do. As a person of history shared about trying to have your cake and eat it to. In many ways, this man abused his wife and children, leaving them a legacy, a memory, tainted with egomaniac tendencies. Power, money all lead to excess if one believes his own press releases. History is filled with people like him….who wither on the vine of success; and die in a shameful septic tank. For all the good reported he did, there will never be a time where the memory of his death will not haunt or overpower the memory of his good will. Something for all of us to think about.

  9. “When Hayes began to overdose, Tichelman allegedly consumed a glass of wine and left the scene without calling 911. ”

    Yeah, stick around and get arrested for heroin possession. No thanks, war on drugs.

  10. So what did it actually take to make this guy happy?…. Not success, a loving wife and family…..or 50 ft yaght….oh wait, a whore and heroin will do it….. Be careful what you ask for

    • The bible summed this up over 2000 years ago. Its funny how we are still struggling with the same issues.

      Romans 6:23 – The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus our Lord.

      • love the inevitable out of context Biblical quote. The preceding line in the original Bible (not the King James rewrite) calls one a “slave to God” in exchange for escaping the path of sin. Hmmm, slavery to a fictional representation of the universe? No thanks! Slaves obey their masters, who in this case are OTHER MALE HUMANS purporting to know the mind of a mystical man monster in the sky.

  11. Mother Fucker Executive…. How many good men do not have a good jobs and this asshole with a good job and beautiful family doing this things…
    How many CEO in google, apple, microsoft and etc companies have a similar life…
    Shame on you CEOs

  12. I can’t even begin to fathom when a man like him would want to engage with a woman like her. Perhaps the money just gets to their heads and they start thinking they are invincible.

  13. Family man? Loving husband? Sure, you can pack anything in obituaries/eulogies. He never thought of the pain, shame and disgrace he would bring to his family. His kids will soon ask or find out how their daddy died. Do you have a friend or a loved one involved in any of these scourges? For the world it is his/her problem, for God you will be held accountable. Ezekiel 33:8 “When I say to the wicked, ‘You wicked person, you will surely die,’ and you do not speak out to dissuade them from their ways, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood”

  14. I am more wondering how exactly a constant incoming sh#*t load of heroin is making its way into Santa Cruz County. It’s a virtual bonanza hitting the schools big time. The harbor may harbor more than boats. Would be easy to smuggle drugs in and out especially by boats coming in late at night under the guise of well, “I had to stay out longer than expected bringing up my crab pots.

    • Really now? Most drugs are not made or grown in US it is very hard to do. The demand for drugs is huge in US, more than people assume. And trust me i have met all income types from the local crackhead to a CEO a well known non-profit. But since Weed is now legal in most states that the weed was coming from farmers from other cpuntries have stopped growing weed and instead have replaced it with poppies. And then before the cartels send it to the states they started mixing it with fentanyl, for those not aware fentanyl is 40-100’s stronger than street heroin. They did it and no one was aware East coast and midwest have a higher use of heroin so it hit there first a few months ago. ODs have been happening a lot for obvious reasons it atarted hitting Bay Area a few weeks ago.

  15. Family Man? So typical to say that cuz he was rich. Family men don’t buy prostitues. His actions RUINED 6 lives. What a joke – these men think they’re so cool when they pull this crap and put their families at risk for STD’s and god knows what else. He got exactly what he asked for and the only ones suffering are a WIFE (geez guess marriage vows mean zilch) and 5 INNOCENT KIDS. What a loser.

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