Logic-Defying EM Drive Passes NASA Peer Review

For those who aren’t familiar with the EM Drive, or Elecromagnetic Drive, it’s a project from NASA that’s been around since 1999, according to Science Alert. Basically, it’s a reaction-less drive, which means it doesn’t use any kind of fuel to generate thrust. In fact, it bounces microwaves around an a closed-off asymmetrical cavity, which according to Forbes shouldn’t actually generate thrust, but… it does, to the confusion of many scientists.

According to Forbes, the issue scientists have had with the EM Drive for the past several years is mainly that the microwaves bouncing around the cavity produce heat, which could actually create thrust. But in this new study, the EM Drive was tested in a vacuum, which eliminated the heat, and the drive still worked.

According to Science Alert, the drive could actually be so efficient that we could get to Mars from Earth in just 70 days… You know, rather than the 300 days it takes now. Seems like a good deal.

The study isn’t airtight, though, Forbes reported. There are still reasons to hold back your celebrations. But all that doubt could be quenched when the first EM Drive is launched into space, which Science Alert reports will happen in the coming months.

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  1. IT DOES NOR IGNORE NEWTON’S THIRD LAW!!! Please refrain from the inappropriate journalism – they address this in the paper with the discussion of pilot wave theory. This means that it pushes off from the vacuum, that is not a violation of the third law. This theory is a valid explation of how the drive would work.

  2. 3rd Law ignored? Honest to god, if I see one more sensationalist headline, one more obviously stupid lie from someone who purports to be a tech/science person (that would be you, dear), I think I will resurrect Schrodinger so he can go all “No.. seriously.. the cat is dead” on your ass. 3rd law ignored… what an idiot. Look up microwave cavitation, please, so you can get some science. ” was tested in a vacuum, which eliminated the heat, and the drive still worked.” What the what? Seriously? Did you actually write that? Do you understand heat? Or vacuum? Or Space?