• Nichelle Nichols, Uhura From ‘Star Trek,’ Dead at 89

    Nichelle Nichols, famous for her role as the communications officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, has died at the age of 90, according to her official website.

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    On this day in history, March 2, 1972, NASA launched Pioneer 10 for its mission to Jupiter. The mission was initially slated as a 21-month mission, and instead lasted 25 years.

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    Bruce McCandless marked this day in history with the first untethered space walk on February 7, 1968. He spent much of his life in Houston.

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    Everyone has one now, and we’ve all been told that this device was inspired by Captain Kirk on The Original Series. This is not true…

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    NASA sent its rover, Perseverance, on a mission to Mars on July 31 to search for microbial life and explore whether the planet could be habitable for humans.