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  • Subway Murderer Charged With Hate Crime

    According to the New York Times, the subway pusher is being charged with a hate crime.

  • Woman in Custody for Subway Murder

  • Lawyer Trying to Sue Connecticut for $100M Over Sandy Hook Massacre

  • Two Rocket Launchers Turned in at Los Angeles Gun Buyback

  • Japanese Porn Star Collects Twitter’s Semen

  • WATCH: Charlie the Unicorn 4 Blows Up the Moon

    Charlie the Unicorn returns doing pretty much the same stuff as the last time we saw him .... being hilarious and getting blowed up.

  • PHOTO: Best Business Card Of All Time

  • Xavier to Auction Sandy Hook Jerseys for Newtown Charity

  • US Ambassador to Finland’s Christmas Card Kicks Major Ass

  • The Netherlands is Very Confusing and Not Holland

  • Gangnam Style Hit One Billion Views, The Internet Has Eaten Itself

    Gangnam Style has conquered the Internet ... next? THE WORLD! MUWAHAHAHA!

  • New York Post NRA Cover Tipping Point for Gun Control

  • Ghostbusters-Inception Mash-Up is Why the Internet was Created

  • Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Sandy Hook Elementary

  • Sandy Hook Massacre: Children Were Shot up to 11 Times Each

  • Sandy Hook Massacre Could Have Been Worse, RIP Heroes

  • Israel Arrests Women for Praying in a Way Reserved for Men

  • Sandy Hook Massacre: The Police Dispatch Audio

  • CHART: Most Mass Shooters Obtain Guns Legally

  • Vladimir Putin Sends Condolences to Obama Over Sandy Hook Massacre

    Even to a man like Vladimir Putin, the Sandy Hook Massacre is a tragedy on an unimaginable scale.

  • Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

  • Lexus Australia Pulls Ads from 2Day FM Over Royal Prank

  • WATCH: Breaking Bad as a Lifetime Original Series

  • WATCH: 2012 Movie Trailer Mash-up is Frikken Badass

  • The Original Royal Prank From 1995

    Yo! The Queen totally got Punk'd, y'all! ... I apologize, I don't know what came over me there, but yeah, Queen Elizabeth totally got pranked in 1995.

  • 2Day FM Refuses to Fire Mel Greig and Michael Christian for Royal Prank

  • Martin Luther King Jr Portrait Made Out of 4200 Rubik’s Cubes

  • Islamophobic Ads Going Up In NYC Subways December 17th

  • OPINION: Don’t Blame the DJs for Jacintha Saldanha’s Suicide!

  • PHOTOS: Joe Biden’s Funniest VP Moments

    Joe Biden is America's drunken uncle. Let us celebrate him in all his splendor. It is Thanksgiving, the holiday of drunk uncles everywhere, after all.