11 Best Nail Extension Kits: Your Easy Buying Guide

nail extension kit

With a nail extension kit, you can have long, strong, perfectly-shaped nails right in your own home without shelling out for a salon manicure. Polygel is just one type of nail extension so check out nail builder gel products and acrylic nail kits for beginners to decide which is right for you.

What Are the Best Nail Extension Kits?

Gershion poly gel nail kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six full-size tubes
  • Includes both types of forms
  • Easy to work with
Price: $41.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Gelish polygel master kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Kit sizes to choose from
  • Trusted professional brand
  • Includes slip solution
Price: $69.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Morovan poly gel kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Perfect for French manicures
  • Color-changing shades
  • Includes slip and nail sequins
Price: $20.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Set of Gellen gel nail tubes with pink swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six colors are good for French tips
  • 100 dual forms in organizer
  • Multi-tool with brush
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Saviland glitter poly gel Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bright rainbow colors
  • Includes slip solution
  • Includes tools and file
Price: $28.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
SXC glow in the dark polygel kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Dual forms and stickers
  • Includes lots of nail art extras
  • Glow in the dark polygel
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Mobray nail extension kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • LED nail lamp
  • Includes three colors for French manicure
  • Branding is adorable
Price: $19.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
AstoundBeauty polygel nail set Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six special effect colors
  • Includes cute nail bag
  • Glow-in-the-dark, color changing, and shimmer
Price: $37.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Examples of using fiberglass for nail extensioins Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Trendy fiberglass
  • Fiberglass nails are thinner
  • Affordable
Price: $12.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Coscelia 6-Color Poly Nail Kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six colors including clear
  • Loads of nail art extras
  • Includes LED nail lamp
Price: $24.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Fiberglass nail kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fiberglass and poly gel combo
  • Fiberglass looks more natural
  • Lots of nail art tools
Price: $12.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Gershion Poly Nail Extension Kit

    • Six colors
    • Full-size tubes will last you a while
    • Includes top and base coat
    • Two types of dual forms
    • Comes with multi-tool and slip solution
    • Includes nail art rhinestones
    • Colors not varied enough for some
    • No organizer for dual forms
    • You may not be into flashy rhinestones

    Gershion gel is very cooperative and easy to work with, making it a good choice for beginners.

    You get a lot of product for the money with six one-ounce tubes. For colors, you have a nice range that’s both date and office-friendly. 

    The kit includes 50 dual forms, 50 extension forms, slip solution, a multi-tool with brush and spatula, top and base coat, rhinestones, rhinestone pen, and a nail file. 

    I love that they give you two different types of forms to try out so you can see which one you prefer. This gel has a great consistency to it and is easy to learn on.

  2. 2. Gelish PolyGel Professional Enhancement Kits

    • Several kit sizes to choose from
    • Different kit themes
    • Trusted brand in professional nail world
    • Includes slip solution
    • Does not include extension forms
    • Pricier than others
    • Tube keys are a little unnecessary

    If you’re looking for what you might find in a salon, Gelihttps://amzn.to/2KyNRUhsh is the way to go.

    They offer several different nail extension kits from covering just the basics to giving you everything you could possibly need. But first, let’s talk about the quality of their products. 

    The Gelish polygel is extremely easy to work with. It’s not runny or gummy. It’s the perfect consistency for having good control over what you’re doing. When cured it has a nice flex to it and is very hard. 

    The smallest kit is the Gelish Trial Kit which includes clear polygel solution, slip solution, multi-tool with spatula and brush, and a tube key which is designed to help you get every last drop of product from your polygel container. This specific set also includes the Gelish Terrific Trio of Foundation, pH Bond, and Top It Off top coat. This is a good choice if you’re not quite ready to jump in and commit to the Gelish system.

    The Master Kit (two-pack) comes with four polygel colors (clear, white, light pink, and cover pink), four tube keys, slip solution, multi-tool with brush, primer, pH bond, top coat, and cleanser. 

    If you don’t have a lamp or a lamp that you’re happy with, they have a Master Kit with Gelish Harmony 18G Lamp included. This is the lamp I named “best professional nail lamp” in my UV and LED nail lamp post.

    One thing to note is that these kits do not come with molds or forms for creating extensions, which seems weird for a polygel set but for the quality you’re getting here, it’s worth picking up separate dual forms or extension form guides

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  3. 3. Morovan Full Nail Extension System

    • Eight tubes of color
    • Includes slip solution
    • 60 dual forms as well as top and base coat
    • Cuticle pusher and multi-tool with brush and spatula
    • Neutrals and color-changing shades
    • Tubes are not full-size
    • No organizer for dual forms
    • Lesser known brand

    If you love a French manicure, this one might be for you. 

    The Morovan Poly Gel Nail System is loaded with eight tubes of polygel, top coat, base coat, slip solution, 60 dual forms, multi-tool with brush and spatula, nail files, and two jars of nail sequins.

    You get a nice variety of neutrals for French tips and some more fun shades to play with including color changing polishes. The colors are clear, bright white, milk, pink, nude, brown, and two color-changing polishes that shift from white to pink or white to orange as the temperature changes. 

  4. 4. Gellen Poly Nail Extension Starter Set

    • Six colors including clear and French tip colors
    • Affordable
    • 100 dual forms in organizer case
    • Multi-tool with brush and spatula
    • 20 cleansing wipes to remove tacky layer
    • Top and base coat
    • Known brand
    • No slip included
    • Instructions they give aren't great
    • Tubes are on the small side

    There would be good value here if you only got six colors and 100 dual forms in an organizing case for this price, but this Gellen kit packed more in.

    The starter kit also comes with top coat, base coat, 20 cleansing wipes, two file buffers, and a multi-tool with spatula and brush. The only crucial thing not included that you really need is slip solution and you can easily substitute with alcohol. 

    It’s a nice range of colors with clear, bright white, baby pink, natural pink, light coral, and pink lemonade. You can make some nice French and American manicure styles with these colors but the darker pinks are pigmented enough to wear on their own. (Of course, you can also use gel polish over them too.)

    The nail buffers are cheap but will get the job done if you don’t have your own. I will say the instructions they provide aren’t great so be sure to watch some YouTube tutorials before you start to make sure you’ve got all the steps down. The Gellen instructions don’t mention prepping your nails by buffing them down enough that they lose their shine and then hitting them with a dehydrator like alcohol first. 

    The prep steps are the difference between whether your manicure will lift within a week or not. And lifting nails can be a germ magnet according to Mayo Clinic.

  5. 5. Saviland Poly Nail Rainbow Kit

    • Seven colors including black
    • 24 total dual form molds
    • Slip solution
    • Includes multi-tool with brush and spatula
    • Affordable
    • Comes with top and base
    • Not everyone loves bright colors
    • Included buffer isn't great
    • No pH bonder

    A good option for people who love bright colors is Saviland’s set of rainbow poly gel. 

    It comes with seven tubes of poly gel in all the colors of the rainbow as well as black, You also get slip solution, multi-tool with brush, top and base coat, two packs of reusable dual form molds, and a nail file. 

    The gel itself is a good consistency and is easy to spread without running.  

  6. 6. SCX All-In-One Glowing Polygel Nail Art Kit

    • Glow in the dark polygel
    • Dual forms and stickers
    • Multi-tool with brush and spatula
    • Six trendy pastel colors
    • Lots of glamorous nail art
    • Includes top and base coat
    • Not everyone is into glowing nails
    • No slip solution
    • No clear polygel

    For those who love to stand out this SXC Glow in the Dark Zodiac Series All-In-One Set has six pastel shades of polygel that glow in the dar. You also get three jars of glamorous, iridescent nail gems. This is a great starter set if you love that flashy look.

    It comes with six mini-tubes of poly gel, foundation, top coat, nail file, dual forms, nail stickers, nail gems, and a multi-tool with brush and spatula.

  7. 7. Mobray Extension Polygel Nail Builder Kit

    • I can't help but love the cute branding
    • Includes three colors
    • Comes multi-tool and 100 dual forms
    • LED nail lamp
    • No top or base coat
    • No slip solution
    • Directions are a little iffy due to translation

    For those on a budget and who also love cute cartoons of little monsters, Mobray has just what you need. 

    First things first, do you see the little monster faces on each gel tube? I can’t help but love this branding. It’s adorable.

    This set comes with three colors: clear, natural pink, and nude. It also includes 100 dual forms, a multi-tool with spatula and brush, and a folding LED nail lamp. 

    It’s not the most professional set you’ll ever find, but it will absolutely do the job if you’re doing your nails from home.

  8. 8. AstoundBeauty Glow-in-the-Dark & Color Change Poly Nail Extension Kit

    • Six shades with neat effects
    • 50 dual forms
    • Includes top coat, base coat, and multi-tool
    • Comes with cute mermaid storage bag
    • Tubes aren't full-size
    • No slip solution
    • No sticker nail forms

    If you love nails with special effects, you’ll be all over this AstoundBeauty Polygel Kit. The set comes with six mini-sized tubes of polygel with three different effects. You get one color changing thermal shade, two glow-in-the-dark shades, and three shimmer polygel shades. 

    You also get 50 dual forms, top and base coat, multi-tool with brush and spatula, nail file, glow-in-the-dark nail rhinestones, instructions, and this adorable mermaid storage bag.

  9. 9. LilyCute Fiberglass Nail Kit

    • Affordable
    • Trendy fiberglass nails look more natural
    • Includes top coat, base coat, and builder gel
    • Comes with all the tools and gel you need
    • Slow shipping
    • Doesn't include lamp
    • Fiberglass isn't as long-lasting

    This affordable kit from LilyCute comes with 10 pieces of fiberglass and a jar of loose fiberglass, top coat, base coat, clear builder gel, two nail files, tweezers, orange sticks, nail brush and shaping clips. 

    For the price, it’s hard to say no to experimenting with fiberglass. 

  10. 10. Coscelia 6-Color Poly Nail Kit

    • Six colors including clear
    • Comes with an LED nail lamp
    • 50 dual forms
    • Includes slip solution and multi-tool
    • Rhinestones and nail stickers
    • Top and base coat included
    • All pink colors
    • Might not need lamp
    • Not many forms

    For those of us into nail art, the Coscelia Poly Nail Kit includes an LED lamp, rhinestones, striping tape, and nail stickers to play with.

    This one comes with almost everything you can ask for including six colors (clear and a range of pinks), 36W LED nail lamp, slip solution, glass for slip solution, top coat, base coat, multi-tool with brush and spatula, two nail files, nail clippers, cuticle fork, slanted tweezers for nail art, 10 nail polish remover wipes, 10 cleansing wipes, 50 dual forms, two sets of nail art rhinestones, nail stickers, five rolls of striping tape, and a cuticle oil pen. 

    A set like this is a steal for the lamp alone.

  11. 11. Poly Gel & Fiberglass Nail Kit

    • Fiberglass nails are trendy and look natural
    • Thinner than gel extensions
    • Includes both fiberglass and poly gel
    • Many tools including nail lamp
    • Lots of nail art goodies
    • Won't last as long as polygel
    • A little trick when you're getting started
    • No top or base coat

    For those looking for options to impress with their nail skills, check out Lilycute Fiberglass Extension Kit.

    It comes with everything you need for fiberglass nail extensions except for a nail lamp.

    Fiberglass nails require a couple more steps than polygel but the benefit to fiberglass is that you can get thinner enhancements so they look more natural than the plumper gel look. Thinner also means lighter. The negative for fiberglass is that they don’t tend to last as long as gel extensions so you have to weigh your preferences.

    Watch this YouTube tutorial to see fiberglass nails application step-by-step. If nothing else, for this price it’s worth trying it out. 

    This kit comes with fiberglass, nail files, nail brush, slanted nail art tweezers, builder gel, top and base coat, orange sticks, and clips.

Can you do gel nail extensions at home?

Yup, you definitely can. It takes a little practice but many kits come with everything you need to do your own poly gel nails. 

I know it looks intimidating, but after watching a couple of good YouTube tutorials, you'll see it's not as hard as it seems. That said, it wouldn't hurt to practice a couple on some swatch sticks before applying to your natural nails. (Just give the swatch stick a quick buff to rough up the surface first or the gel might not stick.)

How do you remove polygel nails?

Unlike gel nail polish, you don't soak polygel extensions off. They need to be filed off. This is easiest and quickest with a nail drill machine but can also be done with a manual nail file if that's what you have.

You'll want to snip off what length you can just to save you time and then use your drill to gently file off the gel while still leaving a very thin layer. You don't want to get too close to your natural nail because you could accidentally file into it and damage your nails. 

Keep in mind nail drills kick up dust which gets everywhere and isn't great to breathe in which is why I always recommend you use a nail dust collector to vacuum up the dust as it's created so it never gets into the air.

Once you're down to a thin layer, you can either file the rest off with a manual file followed by a buffer or soak the final layer off with pure acetone. If your last layer is thin enough, you should be able to gently scrape it off after a good soak. Then hit your nails with a gentle buffing and you should be good to go.

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