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7 Best Tattoo Chairs: Compare & Save

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A high-quality tattoo chair can mean a world of difference in the professional appearance of your shop and how comfortable your clients are. We’ve gathered the best options from tattoo-specific tables to facial bed designs and massage tables. A comfortable client is a still client and that is a thing of beauty, right?

What Are the Best Tattoo Chairs?

Black electric client table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Electric and highly adjustable
  • Leg rests are separate
  • Converts to rear-facing for back work
Price: $749.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Electric treatment table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Hands-free foot pedals
  • Removable armrests
  • Dual-motor electric
Price: $1,799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black electric tattoo treatment table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Luxe feel and appearance
  • Electric adjustments
  • Handheld remote
Price: $2,369.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black massage chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Portable
  • Nice for back work
  • Adjustable
Price: $479.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black treatment chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable back and leg rest
  • Cut out for face down work
Price: $249.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black tattoo bed package with stool and tray Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Trusted brand
  • Includes a whole system
  • Hydraulic adjustment
Price: $659.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black rolling stool Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Chair for tattoo artist
  • Converts to rear-facing
  • Can also be used for clients
Price: $399.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: InkBed Electric Tattoo Bed

    • Smooth electric adjustments
    • Leg rests are independant
    • Includes removable armrests
    • Converts to rear-facing
    • Built-in power outlets with USB
    • Remote for adjustments
    • One-year warranty
    • Pricier than others
    • No weight limit given
    • Heavy

    If you’re looking for a high level of customization with smooth electric transitions the Electric InkBed may be for you. 

    Every part of this chair is designed with tattoo artists in mind with everything from the leg rests, armrests, back, footrest, and headrest being adjustable. 

    Using the included remote you can raise or lower the entire chair for your client’s comfort and to bring them up to a more ergonomic working height for you. Anything that can help you avoid working bent over is a good investment. The remote also controls the leg rests which can be raised or lowered individually or swung open and to the sides (not independently.)

    With the leg rests tucked in all the way to the sides, the InkBed becomes a great rear-facing chair for working on backs. The cobra-style backrest allows the client to comfortably straddle the chair and the leg rests are out of the way so the artist can get up close. To make this position even more comfortable for your clients, there is an armbar on the back of the seat for them to grip and an adjustable footrest on the back of the chair. 

    The headrest is adjustable in height as well as removable. The pillow portion comes away to reveal a padded cushion with a cutout for laying face down. It does recline to be completely flat as well.

    The hydraulic version of this chair doesn’t come with armrests but this one does. Each armrest is removable, adjustable in height, and on a ball-joint so you’re not limited in the type of angles you can get.

    For convenience, there is a built-in power strip on the chair with three outlets and two USB connections. What client wouldn’t be happy to have a place to charge their phone during long sessions?

    It’s on locking casters for easy moving but also comes with caps to keep the chair in place. For being on wheels it’s surprisingly stable and has lots of great cushioning foam. It comes with a one-year warranty from InkBed. 

    It also comes in a light grey color.

    • Seat height range: 24.5 to 33 inches
    • Length: 69 inches and expands to 83.5 inches
    • Weight limit: Unlisted
    • Rotation: Yes.
  2. 2. Dream In Reality Electric Tattoo Bed

    • Hands-free foot pedals
    • Electric adjustment for height and recline
    • Manual adjustment for legrest and armrests
    • Headrest adjust for face-down position
    • Choice of colors
    • No assembly
    • Professional-looking
    • Easy to clean vinyl
    • No rotation
    • Pricier than others
    • Not all adjustment is electric
    • Nothing for upright back work

    Electric adjustments are great but remotes are another source for potential cross-contamination. The DIR Tattoo Bed removes this by having its electric adjustment controlled by either a remote or foot pedals. 

    The height of the chair and angle of the backrest are powered electronically and can move from an upright seated position to entirely horizontal. There is a good range of height adjustment that can bring your clients up to a level that is more ergonomic for you.

    The leg rest and armrests are adjustable as well but must be adjusted manually. That’s a little bit of a drag on paper but not a huge deal in practice. 

    I like that the armrests are removable and the headrest also removes to reveal a face cut out and matching filler pillow. It has a nice wide base that makes for a very sturdy feeling treatment table that your clients will feel safe on.

    It’s available in black and white as well as in bulk orders. 

    • Seat height range: 24.8 to 34.6 inches
    • Length: 74.8 inches maximum.
    • Weight limit: 400 pounds
    • Rotation: No.
  3. 3. SkinAct Marco Electric Treatment Bed

    • High-end feel and look
    • Four-motor electric adjustments
    • Can adjust legs, backrest, height, and tilt
    • Pricier than many
    • Nothing for upright back work
    • No separate leg rests

    For those who provide both traditional tattooing and body art procedures like micro-blading and cosmetic tattooing, a chair that feels more like a procedure table or facial bed is a good fit. The high-end, more medical appearance is reassuring to nervous clients new to these services. 

    The Marco by SkinAct is a nice choice here. It’s stable, attractive, and has a wide range of electric adjustments. Its four motors control the height of the chair, angle of the backrest, angle of the leg rest, and angle of the entire chair itself so it can be set on a tilt if needed. 

    You’ll be able to reach the controls from nearly any spot since there is a handheld remote. The armrests and headrest can be removed and the headrest and leg rest both extend to over more length as needed. There’s a removable filler pillow in the headrest that can be removed for face-down positioning. 

    It doesn’t rotate so if that’s a feature you really want, check out the SkinAct Bents Table instead.

    • Seat height range: 24 to 35 inches
    • Length: 73 inches and expands to 81.5 inches
    • Weight limit: 450 pounds.
    • Rotation: No
  4. 4. StrongLite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair

    • Adjustable
    • Great for back work
    • Portable
    • Includes carrying bag
    • Choice of colors
    • 600 pound working weight
    • Rear-facing seating only
    • Not made for tattooing
    • A little tricky to get in and out of

    If you’re looking for something folding or portable that you can bring out specifically for back tattoos, consider the Ergo Pro II

    This portable massage chair is sturdy, folds for easy storage, and is lightweight at only 24 pounds. Despite being so light, it can really handle a lot with a working weight of 600 pounds. 

    It’s adjustable to fit a wide range of heights and angles but it’s only meant for rear-facing seating. The leg pads are removable for folks who need to keep their legs straight or can’t put pressure on their knees. It comes with offset wheels so it’s easy to move around without compromising stability.

    Working on a face-down client will cause back strain over time so an upright, rear-facing option is more ergonomic for you as an artist.  

    • Seat height range: For people four-foot-six-inches to six-foot-six-inches tall.
    • Length: Unlisted.
    • Weight limit: 600 pounds.
    • Rotation: No.
  5. 5. BarberPub Multi-Purpose Table

    • Affordable
    • Removable armrests
    • Cut out for face down work
    • 380-pound weight limit
    • Needs assembly
    • Not as luxe feeling as others
    • No height adjustments
    • Not as portable as listings imply
    • Nothing for upright back work

    If you’re on a budget, consider the BarberPub Multi-Purpose Table. It’s a good first chair that’s adjustable and isn’t overwhelmed by bells and whistles.

    This is a fairly simple chair that can adjust from a full recline to a reclined seating position. The backrest and leg rest can be manually adjusted independently of each other. It’s closer to a pool-lounger in its customization and can’t sit completely upright. 

    The armrests are removable as is the headrest which reveals a cut-out for face-down positioning. 

    • Seat height range: 28.3 inches floor to armrest
    • Length: 72 inches maximum.
    • Weight limit: 380 pounds.
    • Rotation: No.
  6. 6. InkBed Tattoo Package

    • Comes with stool, tray, and bar
    • Trusted InkBed brand
    • Each piece is highly adjustable
    • Chair has 360-degree rotation
    • Not cheap
    • Stool might be small for some
    • Not color choices

    If you’re just starting out, this Complete Tattoo Package by InkBed is a great deal for the money. It comes with an adjustable tattoo bed, adjustable arm bar, rolling stool, and rolling metal tray.

    The chair has a hydraulic base for height adjustment and a manually adjustable backrest and footrest. Like a pool-lounger, it can lay flat but not in an upright chair position. The armrests can be removed and the headrest can be extended for more length. The pillow on the headrest can be removed to reveal an opening for laying face down.

    The rolling tray is adjustable by height and the arm bar is adjustable by height as well as by angle. You also get a hydraulic rolling stool which may be a little small for some. 

    • Seat height range: 25 to 33 inches.
    • Length: 72 inches and expands to 78 inches.
    • Weight limit: 400 pounds.
    • Rotation: 360 degrees
  7. 7. InkBed Rolling Stool

    • Ergonomic tattoo artist chair
    • Converts to rear-facing
    • Adjustable
    • Can be used with clients
    • Choice of colors
    • More for artist than clients
    • Not a bed or table
    • Wheels don't lock
    • Armrests are only for rear-facing use

    If you’re looking for a tattoo artist chair, consider the InkBed Stool. It’s built to work as a forward or rear-facing chair depending on what best fits the task at hand. 

    As a professional rolling stool this one is quite adjustable. Along with the height adjustment, the backrest height has nine inches of adjustment range, the angle of the backrest can be changed, and the folding and removable armrests have 15 different angle settings. 

    The unique seat shape works for front-facing, straddle, and rear-facing seating. When used as rear-facing, the backrest becomes a chest and chin support. The upper portion of this rest can be removed for more chest room. This is a good choice for work that requires you to be bent over as it helps to take the strain off your lower back.

    The seat has six inches of comfortable memory foam making it great for reducing fatigue from being in one spot for so long.

    • Seat height range: 23 to 28 inches.
    • Length: 18 inches.
    • Weight limit: 300 pounds.
    • Rotation: Yes.

Do You Need a Tattooing Chair?

If you look at articles on how to choose a tattoo shop ( like this one from the OK State Health Department), beyond the obvious layer of finding an artist whose style you like, the repeated advice is to find someplace that looks clean and professional.

Your potential client's first impression of your reception area and your furniture play a huge role in if they believe you are running a clean and safe shop or not. Don't wait to replace ratty, old furniture and the investment will pay for itself.

They aren't just for tattooing either. These can be a good choice for people looking for an affordable but adjustable treatment table for spa treatments or to pair with a eyelash extension pillow for lash technicians. 

How Do I Choose the Right Tattoo Table for Me?

This all depends on your space, your budget, your clientele, and the type of work you do. 

What Are the Benefits of an Electric Tattoo Bed?

An electric tattoo chair is a good choice for folks who are looking to create a high-end atmosphere. These are perfect if you're doing micro-blading or other body art procedures as well. 

They tend to be highly adjustable to keep folks comfortable and nice for older populations and disabled clients who may have a harder time climbing up onto a high table. 

Some of the best examples of these options are sold as a facial bed. 

Who Should Get a Hydraulic or Manual Chair?

Hydraulic chairs are a good option for people who can't afford an electric model but still want some power to help lift the chair to an ergonomic height. 

Can You Use Massage Tables or Chairs for Tattooing?

Using a massage table or massage chair is a common route that many tattoo artists use. I've certainly spent my fair share of hours being tattoo on one of these.

It's a good first table to start out with but there are better, more ergonomic options. 

Can You Make DIY Tattoo Furniture?

Don't do it. Being able to keep your workspace clean is paramount so you want something that was designed for this type of work. Regulations insist on non-absorbant chair materials that can be sterilized. You also want something that is easy to wrap to prevent cross-contamination.