AeroGarden Black Friday Deal: Save $200 on Bounty Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden black Friday Deal


There’s never been a better time to be more self-sufficient, and growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs can limit your trips to the grocery store. Not only will it save you money, your homegrown produce always tastes better than anything you can buy at the market. Right now, you can save $200 on the AeroGarden Bounty indoor hydroponic garden that lets you grow up to nine plants at a time, year-round, no matter what the weather’s doing outside.

It’s one of the most popular eco-friendly gifts for anyone on your list who values organic growing methods and loves sustainability as a life practice. Get this AeroGarden Black Friday deal while it lasts, and click here for more great Black Friday deals in every category.

Get $200 Off the AeroGarden Bounty Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden seed pods

Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit

The AeroGarden Bounty has room to grow nine plants of many varieties in a healthy hydroponic environment. This hydroponic garden basically uses a water reservoir enriched with special nutrients as the main growing medium. When enhanced by a grow light, plants germinate and grow faster than they would in the ground.

With this deal, you’ll get an heirloom salad greens kit that includes nine seed pods for a variety of gourmet lettuces like Black Seeded Simpson, Deer Tongue, Firecracker, Marvel of 4 Seasons, Rouge d’Hiver, and Parris Island. In just a few weeks you’ll be pinching fresh greens for salads and sandwiches and they’ll continue to grow and prosper over time.

The secret here is that this garden creates the perfect environment for all your plantings thanks to a full spectrum, 40-watt LED high-efficiency grow light panel that’s tuned to the specific needs of plants. It maximizes photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.

Set It and Forget It

Even family vacations and business trips can’t stop your indoor garden from prospering because the AeroGarden Bounty has an easy to use control panel that tells you exactly when to add water, and it even has a vacation mode! At night, you can dim the lights with the touch of a button, and bring them back to full power in the morning.

Alexa Enabled Gardening

The Bounty is Wi-Fi enabled and can be monitored and controlled using the AeroGarden app on your smartphone or your Amazon Echo device. Check your garden’s status or turn its lights on or off no matter where you are. Naturally, that’s especially handy if you’ve already crawled into bed without dimming the grow lights!

Newly Designed Grow Deck

The AeroGarden continues to make improvements and this new model has an improved grow deck that allows plants more room, more aeration, and more space to give you huge harvests of more flavorful foods.

Unlimited Growing Choices

The AeroGarden Bounty is seriously flexible, and there are seed pods available to grow so many things including herbs, tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and more. But if you have specialty items you’d like to grow, or at least start before transplanting to your outdoor garden, you can also get grow baskets and soil sponges that allow you to plant your own selection of favorite seeds.

Hurry and get this AeroGarden Black Friday deal before it disappears as this is one of the most requested gifts every single year so they tend to sell out fast.

Get the AeroGarden Bounty for 50% Off Now

In case this deal sells out, you can also get the basic AeroGarden Bounty for 46% off the regular price on Black Friday.

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