Segway Ninebot Drift Cyber Monday Deal: Save $200

Segway Ninebot Drift Black Friday Deal


Sure, scooters are cool. But the Segway Ninebot Drift hovershoes are the evolution of transportation. These self-balancing electric skates look fantastic, they feel incredible to ride on, and they’re currently 50% off for Cyber Monday. That’ll save you a whopping $200 on an awesome set of wheels.

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Save $200 on the Segway Ninebot Drifts Here


Powerful, Safe, and Simple to Learn

There are a few solid options out there in regards to hovershoes. But there’s no doubt that the cream of the crop is the Ninebot Drifts. The e-skate’s high-powered motor and spindle-shaped tread design allow for speeds of up to 7.5-mph while still providing smooth maneuverability. Rubber tires provide superb traction and stability. And the powerful motor can even tackle hills at a grade of 10% which is pretty impressive too.

Segway’s electric skates feature self-balancing tech which ensures that folks both old and young can enjoy them and feel like a pro in no time. Their surface sports slip-resistant pads to make sure you won’t accidentally slide off. And rider safety is always considered thanks to the Ninebot Drift’s Smart Battery Management System and UL 2272 certification.


Stylish and Easy to Carry

The Segway Ninebot Drift Cyber Monday deal doesn’t just give you electric skates that are fun to use, they also look super stylish too. Their white and black design is as sleek as it gets. And they sport RGB lighting on the rear of the shoes to stand out from the crowd even further, while also adding safety for dark conditions.

The hovershoes are lightweight at just 7.7-pounds each. Yet they can impressively handle riders of up to 220-pounds. And Segway even managed to build in minimalistic elastic bands on each shoe so that they’re conveniently simple to carry around.

Built to Last

If you take advantage of the Segway Ninebot Drift sale, you can rest assured that you’re picking up a product designed to last. These hovershoes are IPX6 Splash Proof, meaning they can easily handle dirt, dust, and a bit of moisture. They each have 10mm silicon bumpers built into their design to protect them from scratches and dents. And Segway provides you with a 1-year or 180-day warranty depending on parts, to make you comfortable with your purchase.

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