WATCH: Video Footage of R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slaves Having Fun at His 2016 Concert Surfaces

Since the debut of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries last week, the media, general public, and his affiliates have come forward, denouncing the alleged actions of the world-renowned R&B singer-songwriter/producer. Now, with R. Kelly supposedly preparing to retaliate against and expose his accusers, video footage has surfaced of some his alleged sex slave victims from the docuseries front row at one of Kelly’s 2016 concerts. Check out the footage of the young women appearing to be in perfect health and enjoying themselves in the video provided above.

In the footage obtained by TMZ, three of R. Kelly‘s alleged victims in Joycelyn Savage, Dominique Gardner, and Azriel Clary can be seen singing along with the “Bump & Grind” singer, dancing, and having what appears to be genuinely a good time during one of his concerts in October 2016 in New Jersey.

Around the 50-second mark of the video, Azriel Clary even gets a high-five from Kelly as the woman recording the video states the following, ‘Tell your father come over here,’ insinuating that she appeared to be extremely young in comparison to the then 50-year-old R. Kelly.

According to TMZ, the woman who was recording noticed R. Kelly signal to have his security remove the woman from the premises on multiple occasions. Eventually, R. Kelly’s team was able to oblige the infamous singer as she was removed from the venue without explanation.

On the surface level of this short clip, it appears as if Savage, Garder, and Clary are there to show support for R. Kelly. But, some are saying this could possibly be an example of a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome being that there is concrete conflicting evidence of these young women supposedly being held against their will.

Where Are These Alleged Sex Slave Victims Today?

For those of you, that were able to watch the six-part docuseries in full you may be aware of the narrative for the three young women seen in the clip above.

Dominique Gardner

Dominique Gardner’s mother, Michelle Kramer, used the documentary as an opportunity to convince her daughter to flee from a Los Angeles hotel where she was staying at in May 2018. Unfortunately, Dominique returned to Kelly one last time before finally returning to be with her family and mother after living with R. Kelly for four years and being involved with the singer for a total of nine years.

Joycelyn Savage

Back in July 2017, TMZ interviewed one of R. Kelly’s alleged sex slave victims who denied the allegations that she was being held against her will and forced to participate in Kelly’s supposed sex cult. During Joycelyn’s interview with the media organization, some say that a figure in the background does a cutthroat symbol and is controlling her responses from behind the camera.

Sadly, that young woman just so happened to be Joycelyn Savage who’s parents, Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage, also appeared on the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries attempting to come in contact with their daughter after years of absence.

In May 2018, TMZ ran into Joycelyn again in the streets of Beverly Hills, where the young woman claimed she was able to operate under her own free will and was currently visiting family on the west. Ironically, according to the Joycelyn’s parents, the Savages do not have family in California.

Unfortunately, Joycelyn never came forward during the filming of the documentary and the Savage family has not seen her for multiple years as previously stated.

Azriel Clary

Azriel Clary’s parents, Angelo and Alice Clary, appeared on the Surviving R. Kelly documentary as well and informed the masses that they were present when R. Kelly had initially met Azriel. The Clary family thought that R. Kelly was going to help a very talented Azriel Clary break into the music business upon their initial introduction. Little did they know that their then 17-year-old would end up living with the now 52-year-old R. Kelly at one of his properties years later.

In the docuseries, the Savage family and the Clary family team up and can be seen at R. Kelly’s Atlanta and Chicago homes attempting to perform welfare checks accompanied by city policemen. Grievously, both families were not able to come into direct contact with their children as the authorities were unable to force their way onto R. Kelly’s property and retrieve the aspiring due to all parties being of age and being ensured that they were in no physical harm. The Clarys also approached R. Kelly’s music studio compound in Chicago, Illinois where they desperately threw rocks and yelled Azriel’s name to come forward. Azriel never came forward as well.

The Clary family has been vocal about their daughter’s absence and supposed brainwashed behavior and has not been in direct contact with Azriel for three years now. Azriel Clary is currently still living with R. Kelly to this very day.

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