When Is the Finale of Celebrity Big Brother 2019?

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The final episodes of Celebrity Big Brother are just around the corner, and the final five house guests are about to face off in the latest Head of Household competition, which will be followed by the last nominations ceremony of the season. CBB airs tonight, Feb. 11 on CBS at 9/8c, and will be followed by the final episode on Wednesday, Feb. 13 with a two-hour special between 8-10 p.m.

Fans have plenty to look forward to over the last two episodes, with plenty of flashback clips of the 3-week-long series, as well as the final Veto comp, PoV ceremony, and eviction vote in store for viewers, according to Big Brother Network.

Former NFL star Ricky Williams was crowned HoH this week, which puts all of the players who wanted Williams evicted weeks ago in a tight spot, since Williams is now one giant step closer to winning the game as HoH. When he first entered the house, Williams, who now practices Chinese medicine, said he would succeed in the house by “offering healing tactics and positive energy in a way to win over his fellow celebrities,” according to Newsweek.

Left in the house is Williams, Lolo Jones, Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton and Dina Lohan. Each of the women spoke with Williams to try to make a case for why they shouldn’t be eliminated, although Williams ended up putting Lohan and Burruss on the chopping block.

Former WWE fighter and reality star Natalie Eva Marie was evicted Friday in a double eviction. According to Newsweek, Marie wants to see both Burruss and Lohan evicted. “I also think she didn’t start playing until just recently,” she said of Burruss in an interview with TV Guide. “She’s just been crossing her fingers and hoping she doesn’t get voted out. Everybody has different strategies and different game tactics, but for me, I think that’s lame. I’m not saying you have to play balls to the wall or hard and crazy, but at least play a little bit!”

Former front runner Tom Green was evicted from the house last round, preceded by his good friend Kato Kaelin, who both served as outspoken, strong players in the house. Without Green, Kaelin and Marie, the fate of the rest of the houseguests is uncertain.

Who do you want to see win Celebrity Big Brother 2019? Let us know in the comments below! Tune in Monday and Wednesday at 9/8c to catch the final two episodes of the show.

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