Chicago Rapper Billy Da Kid Murdered, 2 Men Arrested & Charged

RPD/IG The Chicago rapper known as Billy Da Kid missing since May 29, was found murdered in Rockford, Illinois. Police have charged two men in connection with the death.

Chicago rapper Billy Da Kid, born William Anderson Pickering, who had been missing since late May, is dead. Police found his body Thursday and have arrested two men and are looking for at least one other person who may be involved.

Pickering, also known as EBE Bandz, was 24.

As reported by Heavy in early June, Pickering’s manager posted on Instagram saying he “wished it was a joke” but said the MC was reportedly last seen May 26.

“This is Big C his manager. The last people I know he talked to talked to him Sunday in the early AM when he was driving home. His car was found in his garage today and his house was trashed.”

According to reports, Thursday, weeks after his disappearance, Rockford Police were investigating “suspicious activity” in the neighborhood where Pickering lived and later “located a crime scene” and found Pickering’s body in “unincorporated Winnebago County.”

Police have charged William Victor Arzate, 22, with two separate counts of first-degree murder, and one count of concealing a homicide. The two murder counts are for two separate applicable sections of the law.

Manuel G. Ramirez, 22, is charged with one count of concealing a homicide.

Bail for Arzate is $1 million and for Ramirez, $50,000. They both remain in the Winnebago County Jail.

Arzate lives in Cherry Valley and Ramirez in Rockford.

Meanwhile, police are hunting Dakota Graff, 20, in connection with the case. It’s reported police are also looking for him on outstanding warrants in different and unrelated cases.

Here’s what you need to know:

Initially, Many Thought Bandz’ Disappearance Was a Prank or Publicity Stunt For Clout But he Was Murdered & Reports on the Way he Was Killed Are Gruesome

There were lots of reports rife with rumor and speculation about what may have happened to the Rockford rapper. Earlier his month, police declined to confirm any of the reports including that he may have been a victim of a home invasion or that he was killed in retaliation for allegedly threatening a teenage girl with a weapon.

According to local media, a Rockford police spokesperson confirmed investigators were looking into his disappearance. Rumors that he was found dead were shuttered by the Winnebago County Coroner, it was reported. Police removed his car from outside his home earlier this month.

Myriad reports, none confirmed by police, say he may have been beaten to death with a bat and then had his body burned in an effort to conceal it.

For weeks fans and others have been asking for updates, fearing the worst. The rapper’s Instagram page has as its profile a confirmation that he’s not been seen since May 29.

“Yes he is missing. Yes the police are involved stop blaming people you know nothing about! Stop the fake news – email –”

His Last Post on Instagram Was on May 25

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Listen to @otftwin300 talking big shit ?????

A post shared by Billydakid (@billydakid079) on May 25, 2019 at 12:45am PDT

There are thousands of comments on myriad social media sites about the rapper and what may have become of him, many fearing the worst.

“This was ? if they did take him this was a good last song. I hope he is alright but I doubt it. Snakes everywhere should have known he was a target but you can’t be happy and always watching your back at the same time.”

Heavy had been in touch with a concerned family member who understandably was not prepared to make a statement.

Tributes & Condolences For the Young Artist Are Flooding Social

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Suspect William Arzate Appears to be a New Father Based on His Public Facebook Posts. Ramirez & Arzate & Suspect Dakota Graff Are Facebook Friends

Dakota Graff, another suspect police are looking for in connection with the murder, is from North Carolina and is friends with Ramirez and Arzate on Facebook. Graff’s last Facebook posts are from 2015.