AHS Season 9 Episode 3 “Slashdance” Spoilers & Predictions

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American Horror Storyseason 9 episode 3, titled “Slashdance,” airs tonight at 10/9c on FX. The episode synopsis reads, “Imitation is the best form of tragedy. Coming clean can be pretty messy,” and the promos for tonight’s episode promise some gory, classic slasher bloodshed for viewers.

Last week’s episode, titled “Mr. Jingles,” saw Dr. Hopple try to warn Margaret that Mr. Jingles had escaped and was likely on his way to recreate the bloodbath he started years ago when she was attending Camp Redwood. Despite Dr. Hopple’s advice, Margaret refused to close down the camp, putting everybody else at risk.

So what’s going down on tonight’s episode of the show? What can viewers expect? Read on for our “Slashdance” spoilers and predictions, but be warned: this article will explore some light spoilers for tonight’s episode, so if you aren’t caught up to episode 3, turn back now.

Mr. Jingles is Coming for Margaret After Killing Dr. Hopple

According to the promo above, Mr. Jingles hasn’t forgotten about the only person who escaped his Camp Redwood slaughter – Margaret, who has now reopened the camp and is refusing to close it back down, despite knowing that Mr. Jingles escaped the psychiatric facility.

As mentioned earlier in this article, we expect that he will be hunting down Margaret, especially considering he already brutally murdered Dr. Hopple. The clip above shows the two reuniting after Dr. Hopple happens upon Mr. Jingles deep in the woods with a flat tire.

“I guess this is my lucky day,” Dr. Hopple says in the clip. “What are the odds of me meeting you out here?” Mr. Jingles responds “Pretty good, since you followed me here.” He then smashes out her car window as she screams in terror.

Another clip shows Dr. Hopple saying “we like to think that there’s always method behind the madness, but some people are just evil,” clearly referring to Mr. Jingles, so it looks like there was definitely some bad blood between the two after years of intense therapy sessions at the psychiatric facility (you can check out that clip in the promo below). It’s unsurprising that he attacked Dr. Hopple last week, and is definitely coming for Margaret next.

Xavier is Worried About Their ‘Karma Catching Up to Them’ & Somebody Gets Caught in a Spike Trap

Xavier is clearly worried the group is doomed, considering the clip above shows him cowering with Montana and the rest of the group in a room while Mr. Jingles is beating down the cabin door. “It’s karma coming through that door and there’s nothing we can do to stop it,” a terrified Xavier says in the promo above, likely referring to their karma for running the guy over in the first episode of the season.

It looks like there might be a few victims in the episode as well, but it’s unclear who exactly dies. The promo shows Mr. Jingles slashing his machete down on a screaming woman, while another clip shows Xavier and the group talking to somebody who fell into a pit filled with large, deadly spikes.

When Xavier asks the person in the pit what they are doing down there, he responds with a pitiful (and almost comical), “I’m dying,” so viewers can definitely expect a few deaths on tonight’s episode. Although we don’t think they will start killing off too many of the main characters this early in the show, we can’t be sure, so fans will just have to tune in tonight at 10/9c to catch American Horror Story: 1984 on FX and see how it all plays out.

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