5th Ward Weebie’s Cause of Death: How Did the Rapper Die?

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Beloved New Orleans rapper 5th Ward Weebie passed away on January 9, as first reported by NOLA.com. He was 42 years old.

The bounce artist, who’s real name is Jerome Cosey, died of complications after undergoing surgery for a ruptured artery, NOLA.com reported.

Rapper Hot Boy Ronald asked for prayers for Weebie on Instagram yesterday. He updated fans on his health by saying “he had a successful surgery… and his blood is flowing through his body [well] and all vitals are on point. What we need are his kidneys to drain fluid from his body. This is why we are praying.”

A mere five days before Weebie died, he was showing off his new sneakers and performing his famous dances moves alongside his son on Instagram.

Best Friend Ptown Moe Said That Weebie Suffered From High Blood Pressure & Detailed What Went Wrong During Weebie’s Surgery

Weebie’s close friend Ptown Moe took to Instagram to further explain Weebie’s illness. “We’ve been close since we met in 1996. Always been a brother to each other. He was hospitalized because he had high blood pressure and was never taking medicine for that. He didn’t like pills and all that. But he wanted to change what he eats to bring the pressure down.”

Ptown said that Weebie changed for a while but soon slipped back into bad habits. “That eventually caused his artery to rupture and took his legs away from him. When he reached the hospital, the surgeries went well. But with that kind of surgeries, other parts can go wrong.”

Fighting back tears, Ptown said, “His kidneys went, and they had him on a machine to get them back working, but then his lungs went. He passed away. I don’t what sign that is for us – why God wanted him at this time, but my brother is gone, man.”

Heartfelt Tributes to 5th Ward Weebie Flooded Twitter To Honor A Career Cut Short

Mayor Latoya Cantrell released a statement on the rapper’s passing Thursday afternoon. She tweeted, “It broke my heart to learn that Jerome Cosey — our 5th Ward Weebie — has passed. Let me find out you didn’t know who he was. He was an iconic personality, a New Orleans legend, and a beloved friend. He was the Bounce King, who showed us how to move, how to love, and how to bring passion and humanity to everything we do. New Orleans has lost a cornerstone of our culture. Our City will not be the same without his voice and his spirit. May he rest in God’s perfect peace.”

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Weebie released his first full-length album, Show the World, in 1999 on Mobo Records. In 2000, he dropped Ghetto Platinum, which was on rap duo Kane & Abel’s Most Wanted Empire imprint. After Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown, he released the track “F*** Katrina,” which became the unofficial rallying cry for New Orleans in the storm’s aftermath. The song was featured in the premiere episode of HBO’s Treme.

Be warned, the video below contains explicit content.

The rapper collaborated with Lil Wayne on “Bend it Ova” and in 2014 had a huge hit with the song “Let Me Find Out,” which dominated the airwaves in New Orleans. In 2018, Weebie assisted Drake on his hit “Nice For What,” which hit No.1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. In October 2019, Weebie performed during halftime at the New Orleans Pelicans home opener at the Smoothie King Center.

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