How Long Is ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 Premiere Tonight?

The Bachelor 2020 Cast

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The Bachelor Season 24 premieres tonight, January 6, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST on ABC. The first episode will run for three hours, ending at 11 p.m. EST/10 p.m. CST, so fans have plenty to look forward to for tonight’s big premiere. Season 24 of the popular reality dating series features 28-year-old pilot and former Bachelorette contestant Peter Weber, who was Hannah Brown‘s second runner-up during the show’s 15th season.

The description for the premiere episode reads, “Airline pilot Peter Weber begins his search for love, meeting 30 accomplished women eager to catch his eye; on the first group date, nine women get flight training; Hannah Brown returns to host the second group date.”

Here’s what you need to know about the Season 24 premiere (Warning: some major spoilers ahead):

Hannah Brown Features in Tonight’s Premiere Episode

By now fans of the show have already seen promos for the upcoming season, and know that Hannah Brown makes an appearance at some point. The description for tonight’s episode promises Brown’s return for the big Season 24 premiere (she helps plan the second ground date), and the clip above sees Weber asking Brown what she would think if he asked her to join the cast for this season.

“Hannah Brown,” Weber says as the two cuddle up intimately on a couch. “What would you say if I ask you to come be part of the house?” he asks, as the two giggle and flirt and the rest of the Bachelor contestants scream in the background.

So what actually happens with Brown and Weber this season? Does Brown join the cast vying for Weber’s heart, or is she just there to help the ladies through a group date? According to Reality Steve, Brown shows up during tonight’s cocktail party in her own limo to “give [Weber] his wings back.” (Warning: major Bachelor spoilers ahead!)

When he gives his toast inside, he tells the women that some just saw Hannah outside and she’s a friend and came to give his wings back, but while he’s saying this you can hear his voice crack and him getting a little choked up. This sets the stage for what happens later,” Steve wrote on Twitter. 

Steve continues to break down the first episode of the season, giving detailed explanations of the conversations he had with each of the women during the cocktail party, the impressions they made on him, who received the first roses and who was eliminated by the end of the night. He then goes into detail about the second group date and Hannah’s reappearance during the premiere.

“The last 10 minutes or so of the show ends is just Hannah and Peter’s conversation that they’ve teased since promos started. It’s a lot more intense and emotional than I think any of us expected. Yes, we know Hannah was never a contestant on Peter’s season and never shows up again because she was filming DWTS at the time, but, this conversation really brought out some unresolved feelings, not just for Peter, but for Hannah.” You can check out some highlights of this conversation below, courtesy of Reality Steve:

-Once the 9 women split up to think of their story, they show Hannah on stage talking to a producer who asks her if she’s ok. She says no.

-Peter then walks in on Hannah by herself crying saying “Hey birthday girl. What’s wrong?” (Remember, this was filmed back on Sept 24th, which is Hannah’s bday). Hannah basically tells him, “I’m happy for you, but, this is a lot…”

-He asks her how it was for her seeing him on the first night limo entrances and she says “terrible.”

-She says, “I question what I should’ve done. I question a lot.”

-Peter brings up Hannah asking Tyler out on the ATFR.

Peter: “Did it ever cross your mind to ever ask me or not?”

Hannah’s answer leans towards yes. Believe she tells him she hadn’t heard from him, she knew he wanted to be the Bachelor, etc.

-Peter says he heard she’d moved 20 minutes from where he was living, he thought that he wasn’t confused, but now he doesn’t know. “WTF am I doing right now?”
This is all happening while both of them are sitting next to each other and Hannah has clumps of mascara under her eyes from crying so much.

-Peter then says, “What would you say if I asked you to come be a part of that house? Hannah replies, “Maybe…that’s a lot…” and gets up and walks to the other side of the room.

-Peter asks her, “Do you regret sending me home in Greece?” Hannah replies, “Yeah Peter, I question it all the time.”

-Peter says he never had any doubt that she was going to say his name at that rose ceremony. Even after she said Jed’s name, he was sure his name was next. Hannah replies, “There was no doubt it was going to be you and Jed.” Peter says, “You never told me that.” She replies, “Yes I did.” Peter, “No you didn’t.” But she never gives a reason as to why it she didn’t choose Peter over Tyler.

-Peter says he was watching the ATFR at his aunt’s house and watching everything go down with Jed and said he told his aunt, “If she wants to try this again, I’m 100% in. My heart sank when you asked Tyler out.”

-Hannah reiterates then that she didn’t reach out to Peter, Peter didn’t reach out to her, she didn’t think there’d be that much spark, etc.

-Peter says that when she showed up the first night, “I did kinda want you to come back on. I don’t know what to do about it now, I’m so confused.”

Weber is Ready to Find His Soulmate, Despite His Unresolved Feelings Toward Brown

The ABC description of Season 24 reads, “Airline pilot Peter Weber caught the attention of Bachelorette Hannah Brown and all of America the first night they met, stepping out of the limo and expressing his desire for a co-pilot in life. While Peter seemed sweet at first glance, it became clear this charming man in uniform could bring the heat.”

The description continues, “The passion between Hannah and Peter was undeniable. After expressing his love to her and spending a memorable night in a windmill together, all of America was left shocked and heartbroken with Hannah’s decision to end the relationship. Returning home from Greece, Peter was forced to confront his pain and pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Now, Peter is back to take his search for true love to new heights on the 24th season of ABC’s hit romance reality series The Bachelor, premiering in January 2020.”

Tune in Monday, January 6 at 8 p.m. EST to catch the three-hour premiere of The Bachelor on ABC. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for all of your reality TV coverage and entertainment news!

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