Trevor Holmes: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Trevor Holmes is one of the 23 contestants on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, a spinoff of The Bachelor that ABC is billing as a reality dating competition meets A Star Is Born because all of the cast members are both looking for love and trying to make it as professional musicians.

Here is what you need to know about Holmes, who might have found himself in a love triangle if the premiere episode description is any indication.

WARNING: if you don’t want to be spoiled about The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, only read the first four headers. The fifth header has spoilers.

1. Trevor is a 29-year-old From California

According to his Facebook page, Holmes was born on May 3, 1990, in Thousand Oaks, California. Holmes’ bio on the Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart website says that he now lives in Encino, California, and works a day job while playing gigs and writing music at night. It also says he was a semi-professional hockey player.

Holmes is close with his dad, William, from whom Holmes gets his middle name. The two of them do martial arts together and he says of his father in a tribute post, “My dad won’t see this post cuz he’s old school as hell and hates any form of social media lol, but I had to take a second to show how proud I am of him. Today he received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“Only 0.5 percent of people who start training Jiu-Jitsu will ever reach their black belt. That’s because although it’s called ‘the gentle art,’ it is still extremely grueling and brutal at times. I myself had to stop training due to injuries from the sport. My dad is nearly 60 years old. He started training at 49. For 10 years I’ve watched him pour his blood sweat and tears into this beautiful art called BJJ. He went through injuries and surgery’s along the way and he never quit. On days when I feel tired or like giving up in my career I think of my dad and I pick myself up and I go forward no matter what. Thank you for the inspiration dad. I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

Trevor is also close with his mom, Lisa, and his younger brother, Chad.

2. He Caught Katy Perry’s Eye on American Idol Season 16

KATY PERRY Falls In LOVE With Trevor Holmes On American Idol 2018 | Idols GlobalSubscribe for more Idols Global ▶︎ Katy Perry falls in Love with Trevor Holmes On American Idol 2018! Watch More American Idol here ▶︎ Subscribe for more Idols Global ▶︎ Find us on Facebook ▶︎ Fins us on Instagram ▶︎ #idols #audition2018-03-13T10:24:50.000Z

In 2018, American Idol was revived on ABC with new judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry. During the audition round, Holmes caught Perry’s eye and it became a bit of a flirtation.

When Holmes came in, Bryan commented, “Good lord, you’re a dreamboat!” and Perry chimed in, “Yeah, my eyes lit up … you’re so hot.”

Holmes told them how he supports his mom, who suffers from lupus, and he wants to be a full-time musician, but he works construction to pay the bills. He then auditioned with Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” and afterward said to Perry, “I have literally had a crush on you … I’m sorry, but you have been literally my crush forever.”

He got three yesses and his golden ticket to Hollywood. But he was eliminated before the Top 24.

3. Trevor is a Huge Dog Lover

Holmes’ Listen to Your Heart bio says his best friend is his golden retriever, Koda. It looks like he got Koda in June 2019, where he writes on Facebook, “This little ball of fur right here gives me more love and fulfillment than I ever thought possible. Like everybody else, I’ve got ups and downs, and she’s right there by my side through it all. I’m sure it’s mostly because I feed her and give her shelter and clean up her poop. But I know that at least part of her truly loves me back just cuz. Who’s coming on the next hike with us!?”

On Koda’s first birthday, he posted a tribute video to Instagram and wrote, “Can’t believe the things we’ve been through together in just a year. You’ve driven me absolutely insane sometimes. You’ve chewed through most of my personal belongings. You’ve had three scary trips to the vet. You’ve taught me to be more selfless and responsible. Having a pup ain’t easy, but it’s worth the sacrifices. You wake me up every morning with kisses and cuddle next to me every night for bed (yes, sometimes I’m little spoon). You have shown me an unconditional love like no other. My ride or die, I love you forever. Happy bday bubba.”

4. Trevor is at the Center of Controversy Early On In the Show

'American Idol' heartthrob Trevor Holmes and his girlfriend speak outHolmes and his girlfriend, Sierra Nielsen, appear live on "GMA" after Holmes' "American Idol" audition stole the show and made judge Katy Perry swoon.2018-03-14T14:09:39.000Z

At the end of the Listen to Your Heart premiere, the previews for next week show one of the new girls, Natascha Bessez, warning the other girls off of Holmes. It turns out that she’s friends with his ex-girlfriend and she wants everyone to know about his history of cheating.

A little internet research tells us that Holmes’ ex-girlfriend is Sierra Nielsen. She was interviewed alongside Holmes on Good Morning America after the infamous Katy Perry flirtation on Idol, telling the GMA anchors, “I was fully supportive of it. We all have celebrity crushes … We had so much fun and Katy and I hugged and we laughed about it and I even told her that we could share him.”

Nielsen and Bessez are friends on social media, with Nielsen referring to Bessez as “a freaking queen” on a Facebook post advertising Bessez’s debut on Listen to Your Heart.

We don’t yet know what exactly went down between Nielsen and Holmes, but Reality Steve says of Holmes, “Everything I’ve gotten about him after this cast was announced were women coming forward talking about what a dog he is. And just after tweeting last night, 4 more women emailed to tell me what a f*ck boy he is. So Jamie has no idea what she’s in for once this is all said done. He will leave her in a heartbeat when this is over. I’m in double digits now of women who’ve contacted me telling me about this guy and his playboy ways.”

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Listen to Your Heart finale.

5. He’s One of the Finalists

Reality Steve also says that Holmes and his partner, Jamie Gabrielle, are one of the final two couples. Apparently, the finale filmed in Nashville back on February 12 and since it was a performance in front of hundreds of people, the finalists quickly leaked.

Jamie and Trevor were there and so were couple Chris Watson and Bri Stauss. For the performance, Chris and Bri sang “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran plus an original song, and Trevor and Jamie sang “Speechless” by Dan + Shay plus an original song.

The judging panel — Taye Diggs, Jewel, Rita Wilson, and Bachelor franchise alums Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick — declared Chris and Bri the winners. Their prize is that they will get to record original music together and make at least one music video.

As for Jamie and Trevor, they reportedly said they were “falling in love” and were excited to see where things went after the show wrapped.

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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