Alyssa Milano’s Perfect Response to Crochet Face Mask Backlash

Alyssa Milano face mask

Twitter Alyssa Milano poses with her family while wearing face masks amid coronavirus.

Alyssa Milano was trolled heavily on Twitter after posting a photo of what appeared to be her wearing a crochet face mask on Saturday afternoon with her family. At first glance, it seems like a pretty poor choice of protection against coronavirus, and she was heavily mocked by Twitter trolls.

Milano tweeted out her photo to her 3.5 million followers with the message, “Show me your masks! Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go! #WearAMask.”

Media outlets such as CryptoCoinNews published an article entitled, “Alyssa Milano’s Face Mask Is Her Crown as Queen of a Wildly Stupid Weekend,” and Mediate published a piece called, “Alyssa Milano Massively Mocked Over Coronavirus Mask Tweet: Guys, Who Wants to Tell Her?”

Over 70,000 tweets were shared about Milano and her face mask, which made her name trend nationally on Twitter. New York City Republican councilman Joe Borelli tweeted, “Her mask is knitted from yarn, with large holes by her nose. You can see there is nothing under it.” Raheem Kassam, editor of The National Pulse tweeted, “Uhhhh… @Alyssa_Milano’s mask is knitted. Not a real mask in any way. This stops NO germs in OR out. If anything she’s increasing her likelihood of catching something as it will just live on her face. Unreal.”

However, Milano’s mask did have protection underneath, and the actress let everyone online know it while using some very choice language. She also shared a screenshot of where she bought her protective fillers to put underneath her mask.

Milano tweeted, “Mask has a filter in it for f**’s sake. A carbon one. My mom makes them.” Then added, “A**holes, mask has a carbon filter in it. So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe.”

The Melrose Place star then retweeted a message that read, “What a metaphor for life…idiots judging something on the surface without knowing what lies beneath…do better people.”

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Milano, 46, also responded to the backlash via her “Sorry Not Sorry” podcast’s official Twitter page. Her team tweeted, “Alyssa Milano knows the importance of wearing cotton or filtered masks in public. Hear why it matters so much in our special coronavirus episodes with vaccine scientist @PeterHotez.”

The Controversial Topic of Requiring Face Masks In Public Place Has Caused Physical Fights Across the Nation

On April 3, the CDC recommended that Americans wear face masks when out in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a recommendation that was a reversal of their previous guidance. The reversal on the need for face masks has caused some confusion and strong debate over the past few months, causing physical fights in grocery stores and other essential businesses during the shutdown.

On May 8, California Governor Gavin Newsom said that masks will be required for customers and employees at certain retailers reopening under new social distancing guidelines. Milano lives with her husband Dave Bugliari, and two children, Milo Thomas and Elizabella Dylan, in Bell Canyon, California, where the family has eight chickens, four dogs, two bunnies, and 20 horses.

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