‘American Idol’ Alum Charged With DUI, Cocaine Possession: Mugshot Released

Sobriety Test

Getty Police conduct a sobriety test

When 19-year-old Colby Swift first sang for the “American Idol” judges in season 17, Luke Bryan exclaimed, “I don’t know if a kid has ever walked in here and been more ‘me’ at 19.”

Charming, funny and “unpolished,” according to Bryan, the teen from Midfield, Texas, enchanted all three judges and received a golden ticket to Hollywood — eventually even earning the boots off Bryan’s feet. But now, the aspiring singer’s luck has turned as he faces serious charges after being arrested in Florida.

Swift Arrested For DUI, Suspected Cocaine Possession

Colby Swift mugshot

ABC/YouTube/Santa Rosa County JailColby Swift during “American Idol” audition, and his August 2022 mugshot

According to South Santa Rosa News, Swift was arrested early in the morning on August 28, 2022, in Navarre, Florida, on suspicion of impaired driving. Now 23, Swift agreed to perform field sobriety tests at the scene and was transported to Santa Rosa County Jail after “not performing them satisfactorily.”

The news outlet said that, according to an arrest report, after arriving at the jail, “the arresting deputy noticed a small plastic bag containing an unknown white substance in the back seat where Swift had been sitting.” In the report, the deputy claimed that Swift said, “That ain’t my coke.”

South Santa Rosa News also reported that the powder tested positive for cocaine, and that Swift’s breathalyzer tests yielded results of 0.141% BrAC and 0.133% BrAC. In Florida, it’s illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher.

Per jail records obtained by Heavy, Swift was booked at 4:23 am and charged with a first-degree misdemeanor DUI and a third-degree felony count of possession of cocaine. He was released on a $10,000 bond that afternoon.

Swift’s attorney, Keith Kilpatrick, told South Santa Rosa News that his client is not guilty of cocaine possession and that he’ll help him fight the charge.

“Mr. Colby Swift is presumed innocent, as we have filed our Notice of Appearance, Written Not Guilty, maintaining his innocence, and have requested all of the discovery and evidence in this case,” Kilpatrick said. “We have also demanded a Jury trial of his peers.”

Why Luke Bryan Gave Contestant His Boots

In addition to his vocal skills, Colby Swift impressed the judges with his resiliency. He revealed during his initial audition that his mom had left when he was seven, but that he’d always been able to lean on his dad.

During Hollywood Week of season 17, which aired in March 2019, Bryan noticed that Swift had big holes in the bottoms of his boots while he was performing. He pointed it out to Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, who wondered if they could get him some new boots.

Before telling Swift he was advancing to the next round, Bryan asked Swift to show the camera his soles and then surprised the young singer by taking off his own boots and bringing them on stage for Swift to wear and keep. Thrilled with the news he was advancing and also had brand new boots, Swift was shown dancing and skipping afterward.

Unfortunately, Swift was eliminated following the next round of competition, after forgetting lines to the song he was performing.

His “American Idol” elimination hasn’t kept the country singer from pursuing his dreams. He frequently shares covers and new material on his TikTok and Instagram accounts and has released several singles. According to his website, his next performances are in September in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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